Homeless Woman: “Tell Shawn Corey Carter I said ‘F*ck him!”


The homeless woman whose gained NYC media attention, after her recent arrest on child abandonment charges, has used the news coverage on her case to deliver a message to Jay Z.

“Is that rolling? Tell Shawn Corey Carter I said ‘F*ck him. Piece of sh*t”

Sources say… Frankea Aleasha Dabbs delivered her message to Jigga from inside of a Manhattan Criminal Court courtroom — after she turned to a television camera during her arraignment on Tuesday (July 8th). That’s one day after Dabbs was arrested on Monday (July 7th) — ” after leaving her seven-month-old daughter on a subway platform at the 59th Street and Columbus Circle station.” Cops say Dabbs arrived in NYC a few days before her arrest — after “the father of her child, Milini Edmonds was murdered in California.”

Here’s what’s been reported:

“Dabbs is charged with child abandonment and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17. She is considered a flight risk , according to prosecutors, due to her not having any friends or relatives in New York City.

Police released a statement shortly after her arrest explaining her actions… She came to New York City on July 2nd. She felt she couldn’t take care of the baby and thought she was leaving her in a safe public space.”


  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After the Murder of her boyfriend, and the stress of life.

    this lady needs help not a jail cell.

      • Agreed, the story in itself is very questionable..am not buying this media story (propaganda) for one damn minute. First of all what happened to protecting the interest of the child??? it’s one thing to splash the mother’s face on television and newspapers but the child??? it’s only because she Black, if that would have been a white child we would have only seen the mother not the child..SMFH

  2. According to the NY Daily News…

    Relatives said Dabbs — who has long battled mental health issues — left North Carolina for New York last week with her daughter.
    The young mother told police that she abandoned her daughter because she could no longer take care of the child.

  3. Damn Bytch Wearing A Shower Cap To Court…….Making Black People Look Bad

      • She’s Making Black People Look Bad!!!…..She Representing The Black Race In Court Wearing A Shower Cap Ain’t Giving Black People No Favor

        When You Go Out Shopping/Work/School/College/ Your Representing The Black Race

        • When you abandon your child.. you are representing the _____ race?

          The shower cap is a bad look. Whites who don’t know many blacks WILL think that black women wear shower caps to their child abuse hearings.

          • I’m black and live in Alaska. Why do most blacks care so much about what white people think. News flash they think negative anyway. Not all. ( no shade)

          • You guys do realize Willy Jones Jr. Was being hella sarcastic right? Smdh…

            and might I add, funny as hell. LMAO

        • First of all the woman is homeless, that’s why she’s wearing a slumber cap. It’s better for her to have left the baby than to have killed it like the white mf do….instead of criticizing this girl, reach out but u hood bitches wanna join in with the whites.

          • @Ami Go Suck On A 18 Inch Sub You Ignorant Bytch!!!

            Wearing A Shower Cap To Court Ain’t A Good Look (Your Dumbass Should Know That

            • Tell yo mama go suck on 1, the bytch look like she could use it….if she’s homeless wut is she going to be wearing, a suit…..u ever been homeless

            • Loooooooooooool out loud at @action Jackson on di shower cap thing, I couldn’t help laughing but you are so right blacks just should t do that but think about it her hair prob look so much WORSE

          • What whites? Are only white ppl persecuting/ prosecuting this women?
            or is it the state.. not just made up of one race…?

            And she’s not homeless.. she slept in jail last night.

            There are SAFE PLACES to drop off a kid you don’t want. In fact, the whole state of Nebraska takes in unwanted kids up to age 18. She brought herself to NY, so its possible she could have made it out there.

            Social services takes kids. ANYTHING but leaving them at the train.

            First amendment says I can say what I want about a stranger I read about on the Internet.

            • And yeah AMI, boo boo. I been homeless. And I ain’t never wear no shower cap. What’s your point?

            • Why get dressed up for court. Fuck court. I’ve worn flip flops to court. It’s not a fashion parade. Sitting getting judged by and unjust system. Fuck I might even wear a shower cap next time.

          • And I see your point @Ami this woman is mentally ill, and yes she could have killed that child thank god she didn’t she let her go as she was prob scared of what she could do to the child and that shower cps she mad so her hair must look bad and she prob don’t have a hat in a hurry not what we would do but she has issues mentally so expected or worse

          • Cosign. Being from Alaska and black the mentality is so different. I didn’t realize blacks are so worried about being accepted.

            • We aren’t. At least Americans aren’t, not so much. The black British on here are .and anyway its ham, not the most accurate reflection of we as a people, esp not with jj gone.

        • You only represent yourself . No one else . We are not all connected. White people want us to believe the hype. Some other races will help faster than so called black people that consider us to be unified. We are not. If we were we would have more power on this earth

    • That’s a silk cap not a shower cap. I’m wearing the exact one as I speak! I’m wearing mines because I am going natural.

      • @DaRadiant1 – what do you mean your going natural? I have always wondered why people wear them outside. I get conditioner , but I think it means more ? do tell

        • @Happy, I am growing my relaxer out to going back to my natural hair texture.The young lady on the pic is wearing a silk hat on her hair. It helps your hair from breakage due to chemicals, heat, climate damage done on your hair.

          • DaRa1 Today I saw Eva Mendes on Wendy Williams and she was wearing a turban in a pic with her new baby daddy Ryan Gosling and everybody was saying how great she looked. Now you know there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between a silk cap and a turban.
            I suppose if you’re a glamorous movie star it’s FASHION. If you’re a defendant in court it’s a ghetto shower cap. smh

    • Cb attacks first. Don’t no nothing bout nothing and jumps in feet first to call someone a coon. Cb you r the ultimate dumbass coon. And everybody knows it. Your the laughing stock.

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        • Which anonymous are you talking about, forget it as it doesn’t matter with that attitude and foulmouthed rant, who really cares take a seat and chill out you obviously have serious issues lighten up ignoring you now too

  4. Plain unnatural what she did to her 7 month old baby. She can’t be all there. Help is needed

  5. LMAO umm she sound like the PEOPLE that post on here, regarding pretty much everything …..ITS THE FAULT OF THE CARTERS

    • Well, yeah, because Bey is the Devil and Jay is Satan.

      And everything in the world revolves around them.

  6. Babies And Toddlers Are Not Toys….These Young Girls Get Pregnant Because They Want Somebody To Love…Most Shocking Some Parents Ain’t Loving
    Specially In The Black Community Saying A Simply “I Love You” And “A Kiss And A Hug” Wouldn’t Go A Miss

  7. She look like Jay to me. Probably a disgruntled relative or even a child. Jay’s old enough.

    • You have a point. Shaniya was a cutie and I am pissed the father and his family didnt take that child from her crazy mom before that happened. North Carolina women tend to be ratchet as hell, like Fantasia. Guess a legacy of stretchmark riddled, Newport smoking, snuff dipping tobacco farming liquor house working grannies.

      This woman was supposedly a prostitute as well. Guess her family didnt want to step in until she abadoned the baby.

      • From what I remember, Shaniyas dad was white and had no input on her life. How her dad & mom got together is beyond me.. I think she was conceived during a cash transaction, if you get my drift…

        Ratchet ain’t the word for these fools..

    • RIP Shaniya Davis I nearly cried my eyes out reading just now what was done to that beautiful pretty child. What is with ppl these days end is near pity

  8. Some people shouldnt be allowed to have children. She’s homeless and cant support herself let alone a baby. I hope they find a good loving home for this precious baby.

  9. People need to take mental illness seriously. This woman is crying out for help.

  10. Jay Z couldn’t be her dad because they interviewed her dad in NC. On the news.

  11. I see Willie Jones post and it makes me think of the dudes where I am. Killing these girls like nothing. Two girls killed by their kids father it’s something in the water with these guys imma stay single thank you

  12. she’s crying out to the god hova to save her.

    maybe if she sacrifices a ram and a bull and a goat to hova and bey they’ll respond her.

  13. What the hell is with names come on people I know they are your kid but the names you are giving them are like wtf were you on .

  14. Mental illness is really prevalent amongst homeless populations. I wonder if she is from San Diego? Far too many outreach programs/shelters for her to hop across country with her child. Back in the day people used to take in their crazy relatives now families are so fragmented and the economy is so bad that people dont want to deal with the bs.

    Everyone has that adult relative who never left the house, cant hold a job, cant pay rent, or take care of their kids, lives with gram or auntie…

  15. First thing you’ve got right. 60,70 no racial tension. If you don’t know don’t say shit. If you do know scream it from the hills. Smart people listen, wanna b smart flap them gums when ever they get the chance. You got a long way to go. Don’t give up.

  16. So action Jackson is gettin jacked. U don’t have to man, she makes herself look like an idiot.

    • Too much sicko’s on here going good then contradicting themselves and cursing out, now I see why ppl call you names, proper crazy fool

  17. Stupid bitch what j z have 2 do with her leaving a lil baby @ subway station slut is crazy been crazy just didnt happen over nite

    • Is Jay the babies father… sorry I meant baby fava?

      No. Jay likes white/light(ened) women. So sad.

      • Foxy was dark skinned and really attractive when very young. She looks hard now but she was doll faced before. This woman looks hardened too, but maybe she cleans up well?

        • She was also like 15. Being underage (and a virgin, as she claims) trumps skin color.

  18. Ya’ll missing the point…Jay and these other vampires have killed an entire generation of black males by promoting street life knowing the deadly consequences of their lyrics. She should be angry, sistas losing their lives, children, husbands, boyfriends, etc. As always, we’d rather focus on stupid ish more often than not.

    • I hear you tyrone. I would like to hear her whole agenda before she is perhaps silenced.

    • You said it Tyrone. This is the aftermath. People be crazy as f*ck, but many of these crazy mofos go some insight. Remember the baby’s father was killed in CA

    • agreed tyrone. boyfriend/baby daddy was probably “bout that life” and caught up. i mean someone coming in with a mask on and killing her dude while she hid under the bed. that sounds execution style to me. furthermore, she may have left NC because she knows who killed him and did not want to be the next victim nor have her child around it. she probably went off the grid for safety.

      its unlikely that jigga will say anything in his defense against this chick since he said nothing to basement baby. its also unlikely that even if they are related that the carters will break bread to help her or the baby out since matthews baby mama is somewhere looking very unsponsored.

      i hope she and her child and all those caught up in the system get help. mental illness continues to be the dirty little secret in the african american community.

    • Exactly fam , those are demons not mental illness!!! That why you shouldn’t be reciting those lyrics they have a deeper darker meaning you ppl dun azz can’t deal with !

      • I realized that when I listened real close to the lyrics of the New York song Camel had out w Alicia Keys….the lyrics….Jesus can’t save you, life starts when church ends. He’s straight satanic and he puts it there in all his music

  19. Did Jay hold a gun to anyone’s head in the last 20 yrs and FORCE them to listen to the music and try to lead the lifestyle?

    Maybe a few ppl.. but my point is jay promotes free speech. Yeah he’s awful and he Is Satan.. I know all about him..

    She can turn off the radio, TV, don’t buy his music etc.. he didn’t force her into anything, right? Now that’s a real story..

    This was a big fight in the 80s.. rock bands promoting suicides in their music.. Cases didn’t hold up.. first amendment .

    The real problem is this child generation blaming everyone and everything on why they can’t get right.

    Don’t Jay have enough problems?
    Prob another plot from’Nati & ’em…

  20. Tell Camel Joe I still want my free pack of cigarettes! Camel looking muddafugga!

  21. She needs mental help, yes. But I’m glad she tried to “save” her baby (even if it doesn’t make sense to us) than kill her baby.

  22. Maybe she’s Jays sister or linked to baby daddy killer? Kinda freaks me out that the abandoned baby and Blue look alike. Could this girl be the Bey Bey surrogate?

  23. If you was ilrelevant in the 90’s u wouldn’t understand u had a whole decade of males period mislead by the messages in the music coming from broken homes and the violence in there communties jayz done went from kill your brother to put on a suit and tie I don’t just blame him I blame corp america. I blame us for beliving everyone who can relate to our lives in this music they are not our friends or have our best intrist at heart. Like a lot of people said mental disorders are real especialy if u had a tramatic experience in your life some people are stronger then others but everyones brain got a breakin point. Whoever said she not homless no more she in jail your a asshole and wish you two could switch places it aint no joke being homeless but I don’t wish jail on none of my enemies the right to come and go as u please is priceless she needs meds that the govt won’t even probaly give her until she was incarcerated…

    • Do you mean “was I grown in the 90s”?
      The misspelling and incorrect use of the word “”irrelevant” confused me..

      Yeah boo boo, I was grown in the 90s. Graduated high school & college in the 90s. And I listened to Jay Z. “Can I Live” is my ish.. so pls check who you talkin to.. I ain’t no chap.

      I been in jail. I been homeless. Robbed, beaten, stabbed, shot at 3 times, and I never left my kid to be taken by a stranger and blamed a rapper!

      According to mainstream media, the woman had family (whom she pissed off). She wasn’t completely alone. Adoption is an option. Her child will surely be adopted out now if the family doesn’t take her . Why her family didn’t intervene is beyond me. They knew she had problems. Wearing shades all day even to sleep.

      Like I said before, no one MADE her listen, buy, feed into the bullcrap the music industry fed to us .. and as an American Jay (etc) and their speech is protected by the first amendment. After seeing the video, I’m unsure why she called out Jay. Its just weird.

      I think Jay and TPTB aren’t getting along

      Sorry about being rude. I’m not an ahole. I just get mad at these mothers. Its upsetting.

  24. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was trafficking the kid for sacrifice….ud be surprised. She just showed up in NYC, no money, no anything…weird how she brought up Jay-Z in court b/c them ppl down south are into the ole’ black freemasonry, u never know Jay-Z & the Elite may have wanted the child for their ritual or something & she may have just left the child b/c she may have had an idea of what was about to go down…around june-july many sacrifices happen…something was up w/the death of the baby “fava”…

    • When you said that I was thinking about that lady last year Marheam Cary I don’t know if I said her name right but she drove to DC and said Obama was in her head a want to take her daughter away from her and they killed her do you no any thing about that?

  25. Why didn’t she just leave the baby with family in NC? Why is she angry with Jay? I don’t get the connection toJay?

  26. Yall think she brought this kid to NYC for Jay? What does he need with another kid? For a sacrifice? I heard he had a gang of outside kids. This is strange.

  27. She is Jayz sister! But she’s under that illuminati”gag order” she pissed cause jay let her be homeless….they look just alike

  28. Whats sad is, we think so poorly of Jay Z, that most of us wouldn’t be surprised if she is a close relative. That’s his real problem. Would you trust a snake like him? Bey is less trustworthy by association

  29. She’s mentally ill but even she still sees this character for wHat he really is… What is the excuse of the supposed sane? Lol

  30. Seriously? I feel honoured to be hacked. Waste of time since no one really cares for my font anyway. *kanye shrug*

      • Is that my louisiana boo? Girl, ignore these muggs. Come back and play its getting so WEIRD here,lol

        • Is this my Lake Erie sista from another mista who is Cavalier about the Rock n Roll capital?

          If not, please ignore my foolishness! 😉

  31. Please stop putting this apparently mentally challenged young woman down,is there no decency in our people at all! Were there no home training,or manners,or pride taught to some of you? My God,how can you be so unfeeling about this young woman,don’t you have relatives,who might have some problems like this young woman? Meaness does not look good on none of you! Who taught you to be so ugly in your thoughts?

  32. This is just an example of what happens on a regular basis to white celebrities. Unbalanced folk develop delusional “relationships” with the rich ans famous.
    At first they are in love with them, or they think the singer is singing to them in a secret code, or in extreme cases they may even believe that they are “spiritually married” to the celebrity. Then something happens, such as the failure of the worshiped celebrity to respond to a letter from the unbalanced fan, and they suddenly blow up and their love/adoration turns to hate and sometimes violence.

    Anyone familiar with Eminem’s “Stan”?

    I’m not saying that I’m absolutely certain that’s the case here, but just keep it in mind that there is precedence for this. The poor baby was probably just collateral damage to the mama’s psychosis.

  33. um-m-m-m-m-m So much more to this story – drugs, fatherhood, siblings, and ?????? endless could bes. Jay’s messes are slowly coming out ….. and no one around to shove them under the rug.

  34. I do believe there is a connection to dead boyfriend and Jay…Biggs was hustling during the Roc….Jay was hustling in MD and North Carolina ….Just be ause Jay is famous doesnf wash away the fact that he has a PAST AND SECRETS IN HIS CLOSET

  35. How dos a mentally challenged homeless person know, remember and use his full name appropriately in court?

    • I thought the same thing. I k ow his name is Shawn Carter but I would never have known his middle name….it does make you wonder. I dont mean to sound like the typical HSK conspiracy theorist , but I have been reading and researching a lot about mind co from and the mentally ill. Some are basically handled by their therapists for research purposes and sometimes they completely destabilize. I’m not saying that’s what happened here but I do believe this woman has some connection to Carter, however brief and attenuated. Also ,its odd that she is wearing a shower cap to court. Offenders are typically not allowed to cover their heads both for security and respect reasons. I’ve seen judges make young men and women remove head scarves and baseball caps. Usually you have to qualify for a religious exemption to keep your head covered.


    • Thank you! Talking about a shower cap. Her whole head would be soak if it was a shower cap.

  37. She grew up with Jay, went to school with him or something and thinks he should have helped her/them out. Or she thinks Jay had something to do with dude’s murder. Either way, her mental capacity is such that it really doesn’t matter what she thinks. Very unfortunate.

  38. An associate of mine who knows one of relatives explained that Dabbs witnessed the shooting of her boyfriend/childs father, hiding under a bed covering the babys mouth as not to alert the assailants with the crying, After then poor girl wasnt the same and went through depression from trauma. They still dont understand why she fled to NY with the baby. That is sad. Teaches me not to judge people. Small world. Never know what can trigger people to snap

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