Blac Chyna Gets Put On Blast For Cheating On Tyga!


The baby momma of one of Young Money’s very own proves to be a woman who’s not gonna take her man’s creepin’ sitting down.

“Imma put a bomb on my babyfava blow his dumb ass up”

Fat Trel’s baby moms just put Blac Chyna on blast for secretly smashing her dude, taking to Twitter to let Tyga know that it went down while the son he shares with Blac Chyna, King Cairo, was sleeping in the next room!

But that could be the least of Fat Trel’s worries. Because Miss V is spilling a hell of a lot more!

Peep the Tweets:

tyga-blast miss-v-blasts-tyga


  1. What Does He Expect He Married A Stripper Who’s Best Friends With The No.1 Slut Kim K!!!

    Men Have To Do Better ….Black Men Do Better!!

  2. Is that black chyna I never seen her before she is not ugly but the way people was talking about her I was thinking she was on Beyonce level of looks like a bombshell beauty are something but ok.

  3. The Blonde Wig Is Barbie Programming!!!

    It Ruin’s Black Women’s Brains

    • Chyna’s blond wig is part of the Illuminati. Chyna herself is a BOOM KAT BOOM KAT BOOM BOOM BOOM sex slave.

  4. I think she does porn. Either way, can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

    Why would she have a baby w a simp like Tyga when she really likes killers and thugs?

  5. Blak Chyna?
    I gotta neighbor we call White Mike.. wonder if they are related…

  6. The f*ck is a ‘baby fava’ though? How hard is it to refer to your child’s mother or father as:

    My husband?
    My wife?
    My fiancé?
    My fiancée?
    My son’s father?
    My daughter’s father?
    My son’s mother?
    My daughter’s mother?

    It seems like a lot of these young (80s, 90s, and 00s) Black adults and/or teenagers love to glamorize ignorance through violence, over-sexualization, lack of respect for their culture/community, and a degradation of basic education and higher education.

    • We born in the 60’s and 70’s aren’t setting a great example..

      We started that nasty “baby daddy ” mess , with the Ricki Lake and the HoodRat Programming they did to us in the 90’s… “you go girl!”

      We remember that stupid song “just my baby daddy “, and the “step daddy “.. all that nonsense.

      No such thing as a husband or child’s father nowadays. Sperm donor, bae fava is the new terms.. Geez, no wonder there are so many single mothers…

    • In all fairness fava, muva and murrland are typical DMV terms and grade A foolishness. And he is the baby’s father, not like they(miss v and fat nasty dude) are married and judging by the twitter rant in a committed relationship.

      Youngsters keep it real. There is no title deserved for children created out of lust and no union.

      Im rooting for Chyna to break those generational cycles in her fam, everyone strips or hooks. Dont want her to end up like her mother. Cute girl without the blonde weave and surgery. The babys mom looks foolish and thirsty. Can understand why she cheated, tyga looks like a weak pipe layer

  7. The dude with the dreads is doomed….all the way ugly. Money isn’t the secret word to my cooch….sorry.

  8. Yet another black chick being handed by the Kartrashians.

    Bet Kris is rubbing her hands together trying to figure out how she can profit.

  9. Tyga Needs Revenge Sex….Have Sex With One Of Blac Hyena’S Best Friend Or A Family Member

  10. Fat Trel Looks Like A British Bull Dog!!!! Blac Fat Hyena Is Sexing Wild less Animals

  11. There’s all kinds of rumors these two have STDS… Id be careful either way. Kim K has that herpes sore lip pic, birds ofa feather….

  12. There is something very strange about tyga! I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well, middle finger says f@cc them all.

  13. She needs to shut her trap talkin bout murders.. Whether she lyin and ramblin
    Or speakin facts .she can get the boy jammed up for real.. No statue
    Of limitations on murder..

    • Yanno she is really out of pocket. Trust NO bytch. There are things that were shared with me post orgasm that I will take to the grave tht not even the Russian FSB could get hold of. All of these bc he allegedly cheated, they are not married.

      • This is why u tell bitches what they need to know!
        Ole tender zipper ass niggas bust a nut and tell a bitch
        They life story.. Dem drugs have niggas emotional and confessional.

  14. This is why you dont pillowtalk .. A woman scorned can f*ck a nigga
    World around

  15. I am from e st. Where fat trell is not from but it is what he claims. if he killed anybody around here he didn’t do it his self and he better hope it’s not someone who plottin on his head right now its one of those type of neighborhoods u cant even trust the people u hang around if she f*cked his dirty ass all the rappers must really be broke. Trell got more fame then money my money longer then that nigga…damm chyna

  16. The website is fine to me. It’s probably your browser….. Zoom your browser down to 90%.

  17. Niggas need to get they baby mommas in check!
    Loose lips sink ships!
    Bitch mad trel f*cked her and she didnt get a chance to eat
    Chynas p*ssy..

  18. Trel baby muvva look pretty but she a hoodrat bitch
    Never be fooled by a pretty face !
    Bitch just want some fame .. These hoes be confused.. Bitch wanna
    Be rhianna

    • Shes not cute, shes just petite with straight hair. She looks like a monkey and has a horrible grill.

  19. Baby muvva?? That’s how ya’ll spelling it now?? I swear the wrong type of people is getting big money and this is what they’re promoting.Money is more important than knowledge to these disease infested bitches and niggas.I hope they dumb asses know that money can’t buy health.

  20. Chyna blac is not cute she looks straight up like a postutite wit that horrible blonde an her booty recenty collasped her ass look like kim k deformed ass diaper booty wit shit in it these bitches an there fake ass diaper booty a sloppy mess

  21. okay you mad cause a dude cheat one thing but she confessing about people he killed.

    all because he phukked a prostitute.

    tyga’s fault for getting involved with a porn star anyway what did he expect then tyga works for wayne and baby 2 of the indiusdtrys biggest whoremongers.

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