Knowles’ Knowledge Of Mathew’s Baby Momma-Branscomb Confirmed! Just ask Solange.


HSK Exclusive – TaQoya Branscomb’s recent surfacing from the shadows was sketchy from the beginning. Know why? Because her newly launched paternity suit comes nearly four-years AFTER she says Mathew fathered her daughter… who would be about three-years-old today.

With recent reports revealing Solange and TaQoya were once besties, what could be one of the Knowles’ biggest kept secrets is quickly unfolding. Add this new news to the fact that 2010 was the same year that Tina Knowles flied for divorce — which is probably the same time when Solange’s friendship with TaQoya ended — and it’s obvious that the puzzle is coming together. Don’t you agree?

Here’s the latest:

“TaQoya met Solange in 2008 through a stylist. They hung out together on multiple occasions in nightclubs and bars in Houston.

Mathew knew his daughter was hanging out with TaQoya… But Solange was in the dark.”


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  2. Lawwwddd…. this ish is gettin SUPER ugly! Geez can you keep it in ya pants matty?!!!

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  5. Blame It On Sex!!…………Damn Damn Damn Sexing Your Friends Father Ain’t A Good…..Solange Had To Kick That Friendship To The Curb

  6. There are more out here. Matthew is married to another woman a couple of years ago. He still cats around

  7. When people start dropping like flies due to std’s maybe then all these johnny Appleseed’s will learn how to wrap it up!

  8. Mat Sat On A Cat And Got 2 Bytches Pregnant While He Was Still Married To That Wtich Looking Women Tina

    Matthew ummmm Come On Your Old!!! Yes Old Men Do Wear Condoms

  9. Hell I’m laffing at the fact he out here being himself! Lmao.. Yall know them old men be horny as hell! Lmao! Well at least this baby mama got a job!

  10. Why wait four years to do the paternity test? I wonder was Mathew paying her hush money on the low.

    • I think they might had a good relationship or friendship until now. Something must have happened for her to wait until now to get child support. the paternity test is part of the process if he’s not on birth certificate. we know he’s running out of money so she’s not after his money she just want him to take care of what’s his.

    • When you got money you can look as good as brad Pitt how you think Rick Ross do it.

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  12. Who gives a damn? At this point I want to see a DNA test that says he is Beyonce’s father. She cut him off like she didn’t even know him. That’s the real question. Jacky get us the answers to that, please?

  13. That’s messed up, Juelz and Blue have an uncle and aunt younger than they are – smh.

    • They named him after the bodyguard! Damn! And in that pic Solo is a DEAD ON baby Beyonce! Way more than Blue Ivy could ever hope to be… Kelly keep your head up !

      • So true. I thought it was Beyonce at first. That’s the best Solo has ever looked.

  14. NEVA SHOULDA GAVE U NIGGAS MONEY!!! (Dave Chappelle voice)….wow Matty is a messy dude…yah, Beyonce & da’ crew gonna need a blood sacrifice & at this point Matty seems like a good choice…too much fallout behind him bussin a nutt…

  15. Even though Matthew is a sick bastard I am shedding a tear since his ex wife, and mother of the children he sired with are at least regular black females full spectrum.

    Cant believe he dates his kids friends and backup dancers. Reminds me of one of my friends’ creepy dads.

  16. matthew likes rough sex between the sheets do’t pretend you do’t like sex we are all human. there’s nothing like a quick thrust
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    so your saying matt can’t have sex before he’s old??? that’s f*ck’d up!!


  18. @TRUISM: I knew Latavia wanted out bad for some reason. He messed that girl up bad. She may never recover. And, yes Matty will holla at anybody. The girls at the University he teaches at say he done slept with many of them and got at least one pregnant.

  19. All the time I thought Letoya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson were sisters. And please spill the tea is Kelly Rowland really Bey’s half sister?

    • theres a pic of Kelly’s real father with her check it out.

      unless you believe that matt’s kellys real dad.

      no doubt matthew sexed all the dc girls.

      don’t put nothing past anybody in holluwood.

      joe simpson talked about his daughter jessicas tits like he was sucking them on the regular wouldn’t put it past him.

      • What’s most disturbing is he actually referred to them as “suckers”. And commented to their large size. Joe Simpson is a total freak.

    • From what I am told they are too much work and many are high maintenance. Darker girls are easier, put up with more but often had attitude problems. Then again this information comes self absorbed men.

  20. SO this is the woman that broke up their parents marriage.
    Is it the other woman?

    This one is a bit more trecherous….how you gonna sleep with Solanges BFF?


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