Stacey Dash is Working Hard For Slave Masters At Fox News

As you see, according to Fox News commentator, Stacey Dash, Maxine Waters’ Black Girls Rock acceptance speech , “is how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes” OUCH!!!

Black Girls Rock Acceptance Speech: Auntie Maxine Waters Did Not Come to Play! “If You Come For Me, I’m Coming For You”

If you missed it, watch the video below:


  1. I don’t understand this 50 year old bitch. Fox News fired her, hollywood won’t hire her, but she continues to kiss the white man’s ass and insult black people. I don’t see how her kids put up with her. I don’t see how black men deal with her. Stacey Dash has a severe case of self hatred and mental illness.

  2. Queen Maxine has educated, enlightened and strengthened the black community for over 40 years. Stacey Dash posed for Playboy and did a disgusting soft core porn movie called Illegal In Blue. You tell me who is more valuable to the black community. Black fathers who would you want your daughters to be like, Queen Maxine or Stacey Dash?

    • comparing Apples to Oranges? Stacey Dash is a hybrid (NOT A BLACK PERSON) – yall can keep trying to fit a square peg into a triangle hole and wonder why you stay confounded. Hybrids are NOT Black – Hybridization : Genetics 101

      • Is Barack Obama black? What about Tia and Tamera Mowry? Or better yet Colin Kaepernick, is he black?

        • None of them are black…they are hybrids, what did you not understand?

          Outside of the fact you are one of the main ones on here always trying to point out who is “mixed” when it suits your needs…

          You only claim people as black, particularly women, when you want to point out some foul shit they have done,,,you fucking hypocrite!

  3. NEWSFLASH: Stacey Dash is HALF slave master…. Get the book “Black Slave Owners” You will find that the so called “Black Slave Owners” were MULATTOS!

    • I didn’t know bajan, black and Mexican was considered Mulatto.
      But answer me this , if mulattos were so evil are you saying this about Fredrick Douglass also? Please tell me

    • Yeah because she is one of those you want and can’t have and you hate her for that.

      You are garbage.

  4. What does Stacy Dash have to do with this speech? And Maxine need to fix up south central before she go worrying about Trump.

  5. That part!!! @lovely lady.. The surrounding area where her school is at is horrible… U need to take care of home first maxine!!!… And as for stacy dash coon ass.. Some one should put her on blast like how she tries to with the black community… What would b funny.. If a white democrate asked her ” have u looked in the mirror lately “

  6. Very disrespectful & unnecessary. Stacey Dash should drop dead already. Phony ass, & who is she to try to crack on anyone’s age? She’s an old by Hollyweird’s standards whore & what does she have to show for it? Successful career, happy relationship, financial security? NO. If she wants to date anyone’s age, pull up an old episode of Good Times. The heiffer looks quite different. She was darker & had DARK BROWN eyes. Color contact ho. Illuminati I give my approval to go ahead & sacrifice this bitch. Useless, washed up whore. Keep f’ing old white men for $$$$ Stacey cuz you have no other talent or intelligence!

  7. We all have limitations but to call out an elder like this serves no purpose other than to be relevant at a time when it wasn’t her turn to shine.

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