Bobby V and Transgender Accuser Will Face Off In Court

bobby valentino transgender court

After getting caught on camera trying to flee from a transgender woman without paying for her services, Bobby Valentino and Reima Houston will now face off in court on August 25th.

The singer says he’s being extorted while Reima says she thought Bobby could help her with her career. But when he tried to make sexual advances toward her instead that’s when she decided to film their interaction as she kicked him out of her apartment.


  1. the judge is going to throw them both out of court or fine them for wasting his time.

    • The trans rendered services then demanded payment as promised or else. How is that extortion.

  2. All these promises to make someone a star from somebody whose own star power has long been extinguished. IDK how these folks fall for this bs all the time.

    • The minute they say: before we start on this journey but get on your knees first, is the moment you know to run. You should know way before that. Business on private property and after hours, nah.

  3. I hope Bobby smashes that Bobble headed bitch- in a non sexual way of course). This motherfucker is just trying to extort dude out of his money at this point, and even had the nerve to try and throw up sexual assault. This disgusting ass tranny is just lucky he isn’t fucking with some of the bigger dogs in the industry, or else his ass would have been found “mysteriously unresponsive”, or suicided in somebodies hotel room.

  4. He promised to pay for sex then renamed after completing the act. Did he not see this other person’s genitals. Good luck to both. Poor judge and shame on the lawyers.

  5. All bobby had to do was pay the tranny really I mean bavkpage girls are just 50 dollars

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