Stacey Dash Apologizes To Rape Victims


Stacey Dash jumped on social media to apologize for saying on the Fox television show, Outnumbered, that rape victims are bad girls who like to be naughty.

Here’s what Dash wrote on Facebook:

After a failed attempt at humor about ‘good girls’ and ‘naughty girls,’ during my recent appearance on Outnumbered, I transitioned to the very serious issue of men blaming alcohol for their vile behavior.

LET ME BE CLEAR: I am a victim of physical and sexual abuse. My point was that there IS NO EXCUSE for a man taking advantage of women under any circumstances. I believe that these universities focusing on alcohol consumption as a means to stop evil behavior takes the focus off the real issue of the objectification of women and how that can be prevented.

I apologize to anyone who believed I was blaming the victims of these horrible acts.”


  1. I see Stacey Dash. and Porsha Williams are interchangeable in the intelligence department.

  2. Off topi: did you all hear what President Obama said about religion? Nobody is paying attention. but that was a major shot across the bow.

    • In an old UN charter from the sixties you will find ambiguous verbiage regarding religion. I can’t remember verbatim, but it was something like religion may exist as long as it does not cause problems .

      Ther is so much more I could relate but auto refresh won’t let me.

    • Yeah I like the Namaste head bow. Wonder if he will offer his country up at Geneva for crimes against humanity in the name of freedom and anti terrorism since he is on this morality kick? Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gitmo just to name a few…

      • You are right.. But it is odd for an American President to point out religion’s misdeeds publicly. I “feel” this is a precursor to a worldwide attack on religion.
        That is just me though. I am sure someone else had a different interpretation .

        • The story is in the religious section of the Huffington post, or just google President Obama High Horse. Right wing news outlets are going crazy about it.

    • Strange. This is the only thing Obama has said that I actually somewhat agree with. I’m tired of everyone, especially our government pushing their religious values and agendas on others.

      Back to Stacey: She is gross.

      • Stacey is a lost girl of 9 and 49 years.

        But yeah Obama did tell the truth, but this speech is groundbreaking for an American President.

  3. wonder are they trying to bring in the antichrist.

    you got all these folks mainly isis and hook baram killing people like crazy.

    these radcicals worship isis or the original queen mother semiramis who had all her servsants kill people.

    also kali is another name for isis or the death goddess.

    and beyonce was doing the kali dance and beyonce’s followers in Atlanta have a cult and all male members must give up their sexuality and serve beyonce.

    sounds familiar to how cybEle’s male servants castrated themselves centuries aGO AND BECAME WOMEN TO SERVE THE MOTHER GODDESS.



    • There is a lot going on with religion and no one is paying attention.

      I saw a story about a conference that disestablished Israel. Then they said it meant nothing and it was only a formality.

      The you have Kevin Annett saying themCatholic Church is disestablished.

      Also think about this…we are in a worldwide depression. All nations are broke. I can see the political elements going after the money of all religions.

      I personally feel this is just the beginning. I could be wrong though.

    • Oh yeah Chris, when I saw Beyonce start that dance I was going. She sure can be creepy at times.

    • Chris, ISIS doesn’t worship the goddess Isis. ISIS is just an abbreviation of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. You’re kidding right?

      • know what isis stands for but that is the origin of their name plus they are killing folks and creating a new religion and codes since other muslims consider them to extreme.

        all paganistic religions go to Babylon or semiramis the great mother of harlots and queen of the universe.

        there have een many deathcults over time.

        all the murders isis are doing are occult related.

        yes they are serving the goddess whether they realize it or not.

        George Clinton said back in 78 one with real eyes realize.

    • But Kali’s dance has been misinterpreted. Her dance is only done when she kills DEMONS not mortals. I know people of this faith and they say its been perverted like all other religions.

  4. Because FauxNews has anointed her “the” spokesman for conservative blacks.


  5. yes isis or the people wwho worship her is killing everybody inh her name who don’t accept whatever religion a muslim I taslk too says they are not doing the path but making their own doctrines and codes and morals.

    these guys are inventing another religion and bet the usa is funding them.

    so Obama is gonna destroy isis in a few years well he has 2 years left and how is isis bragging they got millions of dolllars guess they been trained and the usa are gonna let them kill a few million before they destroy isis completely.

    putin’s trying to rebuild the soviet union can we say gog and magog here.

    and odd thing is putin is heavily influenced by 2pac’s music well pac did say hes gonna influence the mind that changes the world.

  6. This tramp is always putting her foot in her mouth. Some bitches really should be seen and not heard. A few months ago she made some ugly remarks about Blacks. Why don’t she just be quiet?

    • Debra that is too much like right. She really needs a good therapist to work out her color issues.


    • This is me Stacey. And you guys are just hating on me because I am pretty, and I have green eyes, and Bill O’Reilly comes over my house for fried chicken dinners.
      I don’t care about your nasty old comments so there!

  8. Hey Freddy slow down… I,am not really Stacey Dash.. It was a joke.

  9. Stacy shut your fake wanna be white bitch ass up trick, don’t nobody care what you think bitch, that’s why your stank fake ass ain’t shit in Hollywood, you next job after flop’en in your last so called sitcom (single ladies) wasn’t shit and lisa Raye best that ass GOOD FOR HER!yayyyy fake bitch she should have, don’t Nobody like your funky fake wanna be ass bitch, so don’t try to come with this sarrow ass made up so called story,try’en ta get sympathy bitch we heard your the first time slut,now you wanna try to sugar coat shit sorry trick yo getto pass been revolted and you can take your tired fake ass on bout your business we not try’en ta hear you bitch NOBODY LIKES YOU!because you fake and extremely transparent,this was a publicity stunt you were trying to be recognized but ta down rate the African American people to do it bitch f*ck you slut you ain’t shit and will never be shit but what you are a field nigga,kissen massa’s ass and you still ain’t a star but you are a silly brain washed stupid tramp bitch

  10. Message to all black women who choose to kiss the white man’s ass; massa will never respect you. The white man will see you the same way Billy Bob Thornton saw Halle Berry. You will never have white privilege, you will always be the sex slave.

  11. let them find out.

    halle got what she wanted a damn Oscar or Osiris idol whatever the hell it originjated from.

    come on who else wants a damn idol all you have to do take youtr clothes off, show your ass phukk white guys and diss your own kind.

    too short said it best all the white guys you had sex with they wasn’t big shots they was nothing but tricks.

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    • Um so grateful and so excited to have been chosen to be nomination for this award.

      I am so grateful that I took the challenge to post sophisticated questions and credit B. with leading by example. She came up with a great and insightful posts to get people motivated to make better choices. All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can. I am excited to be partner nominated with her.

      Black Enga asks ‘overwhelmed’ as she breaks down in tears, staring towards the heavens ‘Why did God give me this life?’

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        • *Not wishing to plagiarize oneself, I must say that these quotes were taken from the Bee Keeper herself as I wouldn’t begin to know how to construct a body of work with such articulation, creativity and depth…..

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        I for one prefer Black Enga’s thoughtful and earthy comments to Bella’s humblebrags any day.

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    • Accepting the awards for this ladies is Stacey Dash.

      Ladies and gentlemen. As I, Stacey Dash look out at you with my green eyes, I feel so proud to accept these awards for the ladies. And even though I don’t want to be black, and I work at Fox News , with the really important people, I would not have missed this for the world.
      Thank you.


  17. stacey is the classic example of why some black women are a danger to black men, black women need to stop with this notion that white men are superhero’s because most white men aren’t good some of them can be bad

    a lot of black women run to the “white man” when they have a problem with black men, a lot
    of black women bad mouth black man in front of white men, secretly white men like hearing it

    white men aren’t perfecty

    • Yep, and bm do the same to bw. A couple of my white girlfriends from the past who only date black men tried to clown on black women a few times. Acting like they got something over on us because they had been with so many black men. Most of the shit they perceived came directly from their black boyfriends. I had to delete them hos from my life because they and their black men were toxic to my self esteem.

  18. Yep, and bm do the same to bw. A couple of my white girlfriends from the past who only date black men tried to clown on black women a few times. Acting like they got something over on us because they had been with so many black men. Most of the shit they perceived came directly from their black boyfriends. I had to delete them hos from my life because they and their black men were toxic to my self esteem.

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