Cissy Houston Set To Inherit Bobbi Kristina’s Fortune


Whitney Houston’s 81-year-old mother, Cissy, and two brothers stand to inherit the majority of her $20 million fortune when Bobbi Kristina passes away.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The singer left her fortune to her daughter to inherit 10 per cent – around $2 million,
when she turned 21 last year. She would inherit another 15 per cent at age 25 before
receiving the remainder at 30.

But if Bobbi Kristina, who is in a coma after being found face down in a bathtub in
her Georgia home on Saturday, passes away before she inherits the full amount,
it would go to Cissy Houston and her two sons, Michael and Gary.


  1. Yes! That’s what I said two days ago on the other thread and no one believed me. It’s all outlined in the Whitney Houston Trust.

    Now can anyone please explain why Nick or Bobby Brown would have caused or hastened her death since they both knew that they wouldn’t get jack?

    • U are right No matter what anyone says Bobby and Nick are the good guys in this situation

    • @Anon 12:10, I’m not one of the usual crackpots on here who thinks every celebrity death is a sacrifice, ritualistic or demons, BUT IF, IF Bobbi Kristina was murdered for her MONEY, then I would be inclined to believe Nick’s dumb ass would’ve had something to do with it, thinking nobody would find out they were never married to begin with.

      • How about this Brandi: IF Nick is so money driven as some thinks he is, why wouldn’t he have moved heaven and earth to marry BK LEGALLY??? Then there would be no question at all that he and only he would inherit the entire WH Trust??
        Nope, I believe that Nick was not a part of this. He may be a loathsome creature, but to me the fact that he gets nada, pretty much absolves him of being any kind of a suspect. You know that “they who benefit most from a death” are always at the top of the list of suspects. I watch enough ID channel to know
        Seriously, Nik may not be the brightest bulb, but even he had to know that a team of attys would investigate the “marriage” and it would be discovered pretty quickly that there was no license.
        I believe with every bone in my body that NO ONE actually killed BK. But as I said on another thread, I believe that 5 people have blood on their hands for willful neglect.

        • U are 1 of the most smartest posters on here
          The rest are a bunch of dummies 🙂

          • for you to put down everyone else opinion your dumb. Just because everyone has different views does not mean their dumb. Grown up ass kisser!

        • Nick is being framed. They tried to kill Bobbi Kristina the day before they killed Whitney remember? They found her face down in the bathtub and got her out just in time, dont believe me? GOOGLE it. Whitney made a deal w the devil and they meant to claim it. Nick is in some shit but he didn’t do it. Bobbi Kristina knew they were coming just like her mother knew and Cissy knows.

        • Some people don’t kill for money, some people kill cuz their dysfunctional or their just sick phucks i think Nick was always jealous BK was who she was. No mmuch power he tried to flex to manipulate and exploit her, he could never be more powerful then what Whitney AND Bobby did 4 music and thi

          • I agree with you. Just hanging with Krissy benefits Nick more than it’s going to if she dies. I believe he was pressuring her to marry him so he could be sure to have $$$ all of his life. That’s probably what the fights were about. Pat is happy as hell and the two dope-head brothers getting ready to smoke some boulders.

            • I knew this brother was jealous. It’s been revealed that he and Bobbi used to get into physical altercations because he was jealous of who she was. I called this isht already. Seems he had a problem, (get ready for this one everybody) with the fact that Bobbi got more attention than he did, being that he was “also Whitney’s child”. Somebody tell this boy to go kill himself PLEEEEEEEZE…if he really thinks that his birth right is in ANY way the same as Bobbi’s. What a loser!!! They offered them both a chance to do a TV show, he turned it down because Bobbi was going to get paid more than him…DUH!!!! She is actually, genetically, DNA of Whitney and Bobby…not someone who was taken in because their family couldn’t handle them (NICK!).

        • BK ain’t stupid. She had way too much money and I believe she may have been heart broken and depressed but not stupid.

    • wow, Cissy look like the devil herself – lets see, both almost died when Whitney did die, now bk dead, she inherits it all; she was a singer that had no fame, was she jealous of her own daughter and killed her own daughter and granddaughter for money….Whitney brothers got her own drugs, cissy blamed bobby, all along the one that blamed everyone else is the devil herself orchestrating it all…well looky looky here.

      • You are referring to an 81 year old woman wearing no make up and no plastic surgery. Just wait and see what you look like at that age. I can’t imagine the hell that woman went through with a crackhead daughter, son and granddaughter.
        I’m not saying she’s a saint but I highly doubt Cissy hatched some devious plan to take out her own daughter and granddaughter.
        Both Whitney and Bobbi are responsible for their own self destruction.

        • I cosign with you there. This nut and these sacrificial theories need the stop.

          • I am in complete agreement with you. I absolutely hate that people accuse you of being a sheeple because you choose to use your mind and good sense instead of concocting these harebrained schemes which make everyone a bloodsucking villain.
            Sad to say, but when an autopsy is done, and the Trust is made public, I think it will show that none of the family(or Nick) are complicit in any way. People commit suicide every day in this country from depression. Just because you are the child of privilege and your mother also died young does not change the fact that BK has been a tragedy waiting to happen for three years.
            If you go back and read over the BK/Nick threads here, people were predicting a bad ending over a year ago.

            • If the shoe fits wear it. If you’re thinking like the masses 9 times out of ten u don’t have your mind most of the masses think everythings a conspiracy theory. No u just need to raise your conscious and vibrations.

            • Its funny to me how folk think its harebrained to see what’s right in front of them.Keep thinking this poor girl
              and her mother drowning the same way , at almost the same time, is a coincidence. I really don’t bother trying to enlighten folks. People predicted a bad end for BK mostly because she almost drowned even before her mother did. And many of the same vultures surround her . And she has the same drug demons. Nothing here is an accident or co incidence. It’s just a shame that so many people still don’t get demonic the entertainment industry is.

        • Cheese, I am an atty but I am in now ay connected to this case. It is well known that Cissy is the hero here, because it was she who went to great lengths to restructure the payout so that BK only received 1-2 million in the first installment of the disbursement of the Trust. This is also what caused Nick to go postal and threaten Pat(which lead to Pat getting the restraining order against him.) The change did not benefit Cissy or Pat in any way. Cissy wisely did not think that BK was mature or wise enough to suddenly find herself in possession of 5 million dollars. And I think it’s safe to say, she feared what Nick might have in mind to do with the money.

          • Thank You, I appreciate getting information from people who actually know what they are talking about. My mom and I were discussing her life insurance policy last night.
            Is it possible could she have made Nick the beneficiary to that? If so, Nick would get a pay out right?

          • Cissy & Pat filed in court for restructuring, but in Oct. 2012, it was settled amongst the parties. The will stood as written.

          • This quest is for the attorney. My father in law, who is also a lawyer explained it differently. He said that dead hand control is not legal , although this is not exactly that, how is it that Whitneys will is still controlling ? Technically Bobbi Kris already inherited her mothers estate , its just being held in trust. Would Whitney’s will only be controlling if BK died before she inherited? Does anyone know if BK has a last will and testament of her own? My father in law says its up to the parties involved but its likely to disintegrate into a family fight because there is a lot of gray area in this case. And Cissy is not BK next of Kin. Her father Bobby Brown is. ‘

        • Totes closing, SayCheese. She looks just like my grandma did. My grandma had to bury her fave daughter—my aunt had quit taking her insulin and died a grotesque death from diabetes. It was horrid to watch–I won’t go into all the details, but it traumatized me (I was 12 at the time.) my grand,a became so depressed afterwards she quit eating and my mom had to have her put in a home for while, something my grandma never forgave her for. I never got to have kids (and why God gives some kids to some people I have no idea) but at least I never have to go thru what my grandma and Cissy went thru. I’d rather not have any kids at all then to outlive just one of them. That’s not the devil you’re seeing on Cissy’s face, that’s trauma and pain and horrendous heartache.

          • I’m sorry about your aunt and your grandmother, no parent wants to bury their children. I didn’t even think about her pain causing the expression on Cissy’s face but you are right. That poor woman can’t even relax and enjoy her twilight years in peace.

        • Agreed w the Cissy Houston comment, left off the part that she is in distress and grieving.

          • Yes she is no different then any one else who lost a love one. We are no one is better than the other. That was the point.

            • I could never image what she is going through but we as humans must be careful not to think that we are better than any one us because we may need the person whom we feel that we are better than. This is how life works-

      • @Teaspeill and Say Cheese

        May God continue to bless Cissy. The only thing about her is her Haughty, Arrogant Attitude. No one is better than the next person. She didn’t want Whitney to marry Bobby and that’s her right but too think that Whitney was too good for Bobby is where the issue is. Bobby is still living. All three of Cissy kids were crack head. If you saw the wife of Cissy 1st son who said that was one of the reasons she divorce him before he married Pat.

        Miss Cissy who is Miss Holier then thou 1st born was not of her husband but put her nose in the air about Bobbie’s children out of wed lock. I don’t understand that. Please some one help me understand.

        She judged Bobby and her own flesh and blood introduce Whitney to drugs. I just cant’ for the life of me understand why a big brother will introduce their baby sister to drugs?. Why

        Miss Cissy Up in the nose attitude is what I don’t like about her. A women who apparently is just a church goer because we all know that God is love and we all are precious in his sight.

        When you judged another be prepared to eat every word. If BK transition part of her inheritance will go to the brother who introduce her to drugs.

        Now aint that some BULL. Bobby may not be an angel but he didn’t introduce her to drugs.

        Now this is when we see money is not everything. No amount of money could take the place of a deceased love one.

        • I agree…funny how life is. She didn’t care for Bobby, but w/o Bobby, there would be no BK. Hmmph, funny how life do….now Cissy has nothing left of Whitney, sad. Moral, appreciatappreciate it ALL, even the isht you don’t understand or don’t agree with, cuz it seem like, when the thin you didn’t appreciate are gone forever, you not approving of it is all of a sudden, not so important. R.I.P. BK

        • To keep her influence away from her daughter. I don’t know how many times I must say this. Her own children were the bad influences- Bobby did not introduce Whitney to drugs. If you watch her bio- Whitney was on drugs as a teen-ager before she made it big. In fact she introduce Bobby to some hard stuff- If it’s a lie he told it. It saddens me to know that you have miss the point here. Everyone wants the best for their child. Bobby wasn’t an angel and neither was Whitney. Cissy have every right to want the best for her child but no right to think another human being is better than her daughter.

          That is what eats me ALIVE!!!. Her wisdom and forsight should be respected but it went out the window when she forgot to look in her own home. Wisdom 101- Check your own household first. Everyone wants to blame everyone Whitney Houston killed her self. That’s hurts and it’s awful but it’s the truth. Her drug addiction was stronger than her love for her self and her child.

          It’s nice to have a dialogue with out dissing one another- I respect what you are saying but I don’t agree.


      • ….then Pat’s counting down on Cissy’s years so she ends up with Whitney’s money after all.

    • Hold up. Bobby is in the will and he.does get a part. I download that 19 page iron clad will. It stated if she passed on first, her parents, her brothers and Bobby get equal shares. Krissy get exactly what is mention above.

      • I read that too Radiant…Bobby and the Houstons were all included.

        Now it’s coming out that foul play is suspected and Nick is the #1 target. Conspiracy theories aside (I watch alot of ID Channel too), I believe this was a domestic violence case gone wrong. Meaning, Nick possibly whipped on BK and tried to cover up the evidence and panicked by staging this suicide. The authorities found suspicious injuries on her….and NO drugs in her system….so now they are looking at Nick as someone who might have placed her in that tub after a violent incident. It wasn’t done for money…because he didn’t stand to inherit anything. He might have knocked her out in a fight and panicked and tried to cover it up. Remember there was a 911 call placed byher a few days before she was found in a tub, suggesting he was putting his hands on her or threatening her.

        • My main question is why? Somebody knows why they want Krissy out the way and it damn sure is about money too. Hey I am still down to the same suspects. Something ain’t right and something else is going to go down besides this as well. Imma go with Cheese about that insurance policy. Shot ain’t no telling with Nick.crazy ass.

          • Now that would actually make sense. And it’s not a crazy conspiracy theory. I had not heard that the police were investigating the “Nick as the perp” angle, since he was not at the scene, but I wonder IF this in any way ties into Nancy Grace saying that someone was seen jumping the
            wall of the gated community and the cops were canvassing the surrounding local businesses for surveillance videos? Perhaps IF your scenario was true, Nick did the deed and then hopped the fence out of the complex property. He would do that so his exit did not show up on the property’s own video at the gate.

            • SMH. I don’t know how accurate the stories are but it’s been reported elsewhere the police are investigating Nick and there was blood at that scene. This story gets crazier and more depressing everyday.

          • I saw this blind item on Crazy Days & Nights. Maybe it will shed some light. I’ll paste the link and the words below:

            Blind Items Revealed
            March 28, 2014

            For the past few months things have been getting worse. What was always a volatile relationship has turned more violent than volatile. Family members have tried to help this C list reality star offspring of this former A+ list entertainer(singer). From people I have spoken to who have been inside the home of our C lister, things are bad. There are drugs everywhere. There is cash everywhere. It is like watching Scarface. The significant other of our C lister thinks he is the next Scarface. The thing is he sucks at business. He just uses the money of our C lister to make it seem like he is making millions of dollars. Instead he is spending every cent she gets in the second it comes in and has made her sign all types of documents which have basically cost her most of her future income for the next few years. When he doesn’t keep her drugged up he beats her. He has all kinds of recordings of her doing anything he can think of just to keep her in line. He says he will release it all if she tries to leave him. She is scared of him and loves him at the same time. When he is wasted the beatings can be rough and there have been shots fired more than once. Everyone knows he is going to end up killing her one night. She will try and leave and he won’t like that and will shoot her and kill her. The family hopes she can escape, but she has no place to go that she would accept help from.

            Nick Gordon/Bobbi Kristina

    • I’m surprised Raffles van Exel
      hasn’t been lurking around the Houston family,
      looking for a new angle on how to scam
      money out of them in their time of despair.

    • Estate Law:

      If, if, if, Whit did not stipulate upon BK making her 1st payout but does not live to receive remaining installments the order of preference is…
      Order of Preference

      Generally, intestacy statutes maintain preferences for near relatives in determining the order of preference for doling out assets. A common statutory pattern provides for the following line of succession:
      1.Surviving spouse
      4. Brothers and sisters and their lineal descendents
      5. Grandparents and their lineal descendents
      6.Next of kin
      7. If no next of kin, then escheat to the state
      Note, Cissy is 5th on the list. Bobby’s first, because she had no husband/kids.

    • Oh boy – so we all just going to ignore that both bk and wh almost died one day apart, but then only wh died and now bk is dead in the SAME manner – IF and that is a big IF bk bro/husband had anything to do with it, IT WAS ALL orchestrated by that she devil Cissy. Never trust someone trying to control you and not happy with any of your moves, she was jealous of wh from birth. Citizen arrest that lion color shedevil.

  2. What amazes me is that there is so little money left behind. A powerhouse such as Whitney should have been worth @ $90M at least! I guess she should have learned how to write…

    This money seems cursed –

    • This has been said many times. An entertainer, even one of the highest order, who only performs does not get super rich. You must own the music to become mega-wealthy. Hell, Michael Jackson wrote the book on that. Not only did he own his own music, he was smart enough to buy everyone else’s too. We all know he owns a lot of the Beatles stuff, but you cannot believe how many artists’ catalogs he purchased. It could have been any genre of music…he knew that was where the money was. And if MJ didn’t spend $$ like a drunken sailor, he would have amassed a fortune of well over a billion and a half.
      No disrespect, but Whitney was truly just a glorified cabaret performer, albeit on a stadium sized stage. She didn’t have a lot of side projects and endorsements like Beyonce and Jessica Simpson(I’m only using her as an example because she is a horrible singer who is worth nearly a billion because of her uber successful side projects.) The truth is, for a singer w/o ownership, Whitney is worth quite a lot(if you add in the money she blew on drugs.) It’s weird that Kandi Burress is worth more than Whitney. Kandi wasn’t 1/20th of the performer, but she OWNS major music rights.

      • @CRAZYCHRIS; I know I shouldn’t. But that made my night. LOOOOOOOOOOIL

      • Hell Chris,I threw on some sweats and a shirt and walked my ass to DG(Dollar General) and hurried up and got me two tub mats! Oh no! I got a clear one for my son and a blue one for me!I am not no Boo Boo The Damn Fool for the tub accident! Shit me!

      • LMAO why you playing the mom cissy is the mastermind behind whitney and her granddaughterd death……the grammys were a ritual and bobbi will pass the same day as her mother to complete the ritual …these people are ALL in on it ..this is how this industry works…cissy sold her daughter to Clive years ago and knew the contract would expire before whitney turned 50 and Bobbi challenged her grandmother and had to pay the price ..that little girl knew to much …this whole family are DEVILS

        • Woooooow anon, your comment rings true.

          Plus Idk how anyone could doubt what’s really going on in this business after that Grammy ritual. Those devils are just making fun of us now.

  3. its a shame when ppl kill they own FAM over money it just don’t sound rite this the second time they found her in a tub matter a fact a day before her mothers death

  4. (Per CNN)

    Houston, 48, had an estate worth an estimated $12 million to $20 million.

    According to her will, which she signed about a month before Bobbi Kristina Brown’s 1993 birth, her daughter was the sole heir to her estate.

    If she had no children, the will said, the money was to be split among her mother, father (now deceased), two brothers and Bobby Brown. She filed an amendment to the will in 2000 but only changed the executor and one of the trustees. The heirs remained the same.

    It was widely reported that when Bobbi Kristina Brown turned 21 in March 2014, she received the first installment from her trust, one-tenth of her mother’s estate.

    Bobbi Kristina Brown is scheduled to receive one-sixth of the jestate in 2018 and the remaining balance in 2023.

      • DaRa, sorry but that info is correct EXCEPT that Bobby is no longer in the WH Trust group. This will be made clear soon.

        • Idk 19:33 maybe she did that for him not to f*ck up the money right then and there. He and the rest might have to go through the hoops and hurdles and get it in installments like Krissy.

  5. I don’t understand why this is good news about who gets the money? The money won’t bring her daughter or her granddaughter back.

  6. See that’s why I couldn’t understand why folk were going hard on Bobby Brown. He already knows he ain’t getting jacked. Cissy is not doin g too well herself so we already know that her dopehead sons and shady auntie pat will blow the rest with white lines.

    • Pat Houston is the devil herself, I don’t trust that woman at all, the look on her face shows, she was outright jealous.. Her husband Gary can barely hold a note, and they were jealous of Whitneys talent and her personally.. I hope Cissy is holding up as well as she can, she old and tired…

  7. Golly gee willikers! What happened to Cissy Houston? She looks three thousand years and a day old!

        • Just Me,,,, what an ignorant piece of shyt you are. This woman is in her 80’s for Christ sake and she’s lost her daughter and now granddaughter and all you can comment on is how she looks. How you look? How yo mama look? Your heart should be going out to this woman.

          • Stfu you are”Just Me “you f*cking troll bitch ! Still arguing and talking to yourself Witch ???

            • Hey Anon 14:05

              Don’t confuse me with the person above. I am not a troll, and I’ allow others their feelings without calling them out of their names.
              But I may start calling people out of their names. Time will tell.

          • It was all in fun. I did not mean to offend anybody.
            But it is so amazing to me, how brave people get behind a keyboard.
            I just can’t see you being this crass to my face.

            • Just Me,,,,”Golly gee willikers! What happened to Cissy Houston? She looks three thousand years and a day old”

              “Naw boo! This is beyond cracked. This is disintegrate”

              And you callin somebody crass? I wouldn’t have a problem telling you how ignorant you sound if you made those statements about this elderly, heartbroken lady. How old are you?

            • @ Sancheza. I doubt very seriously you would call me a piece of shit to my face. Besides I am grown you don’t run me. Besides that….Cissy is that you?

          • Hey there Sancheza,

            I live in North Florida. Where do you live! If it is any place between Atlanta to Orlando perhaps we can meet, and then we an discuss what a piece of shit I am over coffee.

            Does that sound like a plan? Let me know because I will give you my email address and we can set that up.

            Does that sound like a plan?

            • *****buying a Greyhound ticket, popcorn, and waits for the details of the meeting*****

            • LMAO @ You Me, what you wanna do, fight me? shoot me? You’re as ignorant and dumb as your comments on this board. I live in California. Figures you’re from bum fuk, garbage ass Florida. Florida needs to succeed from the US, that’s how triflin and useless Florida is, Lol.
              **Rolling Eyes**** You got me shivering in my boots, I’m scared of you, like really scared, Lol. You just stay on here bum nig. Keep making fun of an elderly, grieving woman trick. I’m headed off to bead, Mmmmmm the feel of 1200 thread count sheets against my soft, beautiful body.

            • Sancheza you live in Compton. Don’t front. Take your mind out of the ghetto boxing ring. I offered to discuss with you face to face me a being a piece of shit over coffee. How did you get fight and shoot from that?
              I mean you are so intelligent and brave and tough. Surely we could meet as ladies and discuss my personality flaws.

              How you got fight and shoot out of coffe is a mystery to me.
              Oh well what ever… I was really Loki g forward to meeting you.
              Oh well..just another keyboard gangstress making talking shit via the keyboard.

  8. every last one of them are in on it why won’t you guys understand it wasn’t a accident

    • Party of one, Stephen, your new tin hat is ready!

      C’mon man, are you even paying attention or are you so paranoid that you have lost all reason? If there was ever a depressed, miserable lost child, she was it. I mean, to want to go the same way as her mom just speaks volumes in itself!! And NO ONE who wanted to murder her would ever have picked that method, because it would be so over the top.
      With her photographed and witnessed drug use history, any number of people could have killed her with a hot dose. Easy peasy and the autopsy would be the end of it.
      Nope. You should seriously think about how deeply sad and alone this child felt, and instead of pointing fingers, use it as a lesson as to how fortunate most of us are not to have pain of that level in our own lives.

      • i stay with a tin hat and i love it dude come man they found whitney the same in a bathtub don’t you find kind of strange she died the same way this is all about money bobby brown can finally release those bobby and whitney show on dvd he is going to make money and clive davis is the biggest moneymaker of them all

        • lets not forget they were enabling her as well i know my tin hat is too “tight’ for people but the family knows her death was no accident i mean no disrespect that girl never had a chance she should have left the country with the money and forget about her family

        • U ar right @Stephen, The media NEVER tell lies and if they say it was an accident then hell, it was an accident
          ita with u @stephen, the media would NEVER ever lie to us

          • she was still upset about her passing i give you that but..why was she found in the tub like her mother. the houston family knew the entertainment industry was evil. they know about the blood sacrifices, rituals, etc they know the business. just like aaliyah family but i’m not going there cause you won’t getit. my tin hat is “tight” again i’m going to take it off.
            i mean no disrespect to this girl her whole is full of bullshit

            • so it was cool for aaliyah to get phukked by a grown man as long she got the famr right.

              kind of ironic that aalyash was going to play the lead in sparkle which was whit’s last filmrole.

              aaliyah was going to be in the matrix as well.

        • Stephen… YES!! It is extremely sad and strange that BK was found in a bathtub just like her mom.
          But unlike you, I choose to think that was BK crying out in her loneliness and depression and saying to the world “I haven’t had a happy moment since my mother was found in that tub, and I have decided I want to join her in heaven.” I have gone through some fairly serious bouts of depression, and while I was never drawn to carry out a momentary desire to end it all, I can see why some people just don’t feel like there is hope for their future.
          Having said that, I know that if BK herself was to send you a spirit message that she did it herself, you would probably still doubt it.And that’s the beauty of a discussion like this. We all have our opinions. I admire you over some of the nuttier folks here because at least you have a sense of humor about your conspiracy theory 🙂 But don’t let that hat get too tight.

          • whit said she was going home to jesus to sing with the angels right before she died.

            she said it was going to be lovely and wonderful.

            the occult believes in suicide rituals.

            you can read many ancient myths in aLL KINDS OF MYTHOLOGY ABOUT FAmilies killing eachother sons killing moms, and people killing themselves for whatever reason.

            before jesus rose folks from the dead Asclepius did the same thing.

            Asclepius father was Apollo the sun god and Asclepius died and was reincarnated into a god.

      • Hi there Anon.

        Instead of calling teasing about tin foil hats, why not cite references and disprove it?
        I am not being funny, or nasty. I am for real. I would be very interested in what you have to say.

    • Stephen a few of us have stated that on previous threads. It is just so obvious.

  9. yes its easy to kill a drug addict anmd say they overdosed.

    and folks still blame ray j.

    ray j is a drug dealer how else can you explain the reason he was hanging with a freal like tom green.

    tom green kissed his co star years ago, he rubbed his ass on dudes and humped a guy wearing a moose costume and ray j wants to call him a friend.

    if I hung around white dudes who kiss men yeah I can expect gay rumors too and ray wonder why everybody was calling him gay.

    if ray j phukked clive I’d do drugs too you got to phukk crusty ass white men in the ass for money.

    • There’s no doubt that if this was 1970, all of HSK would have believed that Jimi Hendrix was killed by a envious Eric Clapton. smh









  10. I blame Dionne warwick for all this why didn’t she tell us all this years agho I thought she was a psychic.

    Dionne broke her ankle I thought she knew future events.

    starting to believe that Dionne never has psychic powers.

    • that whole family and the entertainment industry is into the occult and satanism. they rooms in their that private and they pray to satan when they say god they are talking about babylon gods and they practice hinduism. whiheny houston was satanic as well she played the game well like everyone else

      • when they get tired of being satanic and drinking blood and molesting children they want to expose it. sorry again man my tin hat is too “tight” again why oh why? bobbie kristina grew up into that world

        • Stephen the children are who I feel sorry for. When parents sell their soul it should only be between the parents and the Devol. Not the children.
          I feel so sorry for the children of celebrities. It is awful. They do not respect their babyhood or childhood at all.

          • Celebrities tend to be narcissists of the highest order. They view their children much like they view their 10K Chanel bags…they’re lovely accessories.

  11. My feelings/opinion… BK was too much of a rebel for the Houston family. It seems just like her fire of a mamma she they type to tell dem kiss my ass and cut them off. Then she linked with hothead Nick who threatened the family adding gasoline to the situation and help her blow through $2Million in less than 2 years. So course the Houston family got jumpy… Hel no they ain’t having a “Bobby/ Whitney” situation happen to them again. So Pat, Gary and Granny got together to discuss how what to do. Why not get rid of BK and implicate Nick. Kill two birds (literally) with one drowning. This shit will be on the ID channel soon. Just watch

          • Off topic Girl I aint tryn to be funny but did you hear all the different stories that popped off down to the W hotel?

            They said that bobby’s sister Tina got into an argument with her son Shayne over a valet ticket. She supposedly spit in his face and hit him in the head with a glass bottle after he called her a crack head. This situation is turning into a
            circus, smh.

            Bobby’s people are out of control, what are they going to do if they let er go?

  12. I feel bad for Cissy and some are throwing dirt on her name. She lost her daughter and now her granddaughter is fighting for her life. I hope a miracle happens.

    • Ciissy never gave Bobby his respect and acknowledgement. Instead she stood by and watch his get dragged. Karma is a bitch so even if she is innocent…. She getting lumped in with conniving Pat, Gary an em

      • Since when does Bobby Brown deserve respect? He may not have gotten Whitney hooked on drugs but he’s still a piece of trash alcoholic who spread his seed before, during and after their marriage while paying little to no child support.
        Not to mention he was a piece of shit husband who took advantage of and lived extravagantly off his drug addicted wife’s fortune. He’s no better than Nick.

        • I have to admit that I lost a bit of respect for Bobby when I read that last night he went straight from BK’s deathbed to a restaurant with @10 friends and family members to celebrate his birthday(and a fight broke out at the party. Bobby’s sister hit her son over the head with something from the dinner table and then all hell broke loose.) Even though I know the man has to eat, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have a celebratory dinner while his little girl is dying.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the mood was somber, but it just doesn’t seem quite right.
          I’m sure that some will defend it as an Irish wake kind of deal where family talks about family memories and celebrates the life of the deceased, but it seems to be premature. I don’t mean there’s still hope, but I think it would be more appropriate after the death is official.
          The street in ATL is reporting that Bobby’s new wife is a piece of work. Expect very showy hair, makeup and clothing at the funeral. She seems to be loving the spotlight.

          • Yeah that story had me feeling some kind of way too. I know everyone is different but when my father was in the hospital with a 50/50 chance of making it the last thing on our minds was going out to dinner to eat. It was vending machines and hospital cafeteria’s for one whole week. There is no way I would ever leave my baby daughters side if she was laying up in the hospital brain dead. I want to know who’s paying for those dinners and the family’s hotel stay? We all know Bobby doesn’t have any money.

            • Cheese Tyler Perry?? He seems to be Bobby’s benefactor thus far. I don’t know if he’s footing the whole bill, but he may have arranged some kind of very favorable rate at the hotel. With his clout in ATL, and he may house his actors at the W while they are in town shooting at his studios, the W may be allowing them a very reduced rate in order to please TP and also for the publicity.
              Although a Brown Family fight in your restaurant isn’t exactly the look the W is going for.

            • I forgot all about Tyler, that’s who it is. I bet he’s regretting that decision.

        • He doesn’t but Greedy Pat and the drug addicted uncle Gay and that child molester Michael her brothers does? He as her husband.. Her choice and her mother needed to respect that fact. Bobby is no saint but he could not be worst than those leaches.

        • Sorry but any woman who would bust it open raw for bobby brown deserves whatever comes her way and she’s nastier than him.

      • Why should Bobby a Brown get respect ma’am? He should get respect for spitting in Whitney’s face or respect because she paid his child support? I am just asking.

  13. @anon19:29; I understand ur viewpoint. But I don’t see anything wrong. Maybe his family was just trying to cheer him up a bit.

    From the pics I’ve seen of BB; he is taking this pretty hard.

    Not sure abt his current wife. Time will reveal..

  14. I read something very very sad on another site just now. At first I thought it was purely mean, but then I got to thinking honestly, and there may be a grain of truth to it. The person was lamenting the fact that poor BK got none of Whitney’s beauty; and looks 100% Brown. They said that if she had been a little mini-Whitney, TPTB in showbiz would likely have showered her with opportunities and all kinds of (faux)love which might have been the sort of attention which would have at least kept her busy and engaged in the years following her mom’s death. And then I thought about the Angela Bassett biopic, and I realized that BK probably realized that she wasn’t pretty enough to play her mom even if she were the right age(late 20s so she could play 15-40.) That had to hurt to know that many people were thinking “what happened?” when it came to her looks.
    Then that person took a really big leap and said, “if Whitney would have had a baby with Kevin Costner, she would have been absolutely breath taking.” I wonder if they ever had a little fling? He’s already out making statements again, and I bet he will be a part of her home going.

    • @anon21:08, some ppl are just ignorant. BK wasn’t/isn’t a bad looking girl.

      Sometimes some of things she said made her unattractive. But physically she was not ugly.

    • Anon 21:08. I never felt Bobbi K was ugly. To me she was cute. She was not winning a door prize for her beauty, but she was cute and I loved her complexion. Boy I tell you…18th century blacks rode a time machine to 21st century and started spreading self hate.

    • Beauty is subjective and the fact that some people think that she isn’t attractive is nothing more or less than an opinion. Different looks appeal to different people. No one is everyone’s type. She does look more like her dad than her mom but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful. She just has her own type of beauty! Some of the very insensitive things said about young black women are what drive them to pursue cosmetic surgery to do what they feel is perfecting a perceived imperfection.. trying to appeal to others by altering their looks. She’s not Whitney,and doesn’t have to be her. She needs to love herself for who she is and what God blessed her with.

  15. Bobbie Kristina had a huge some awfully big shoes to fill being the child of Whitney Houston I felt the same way about Chasity Bono and Rumer Willis. They couldn’t help that they took after their fathers but like you said that’s Hollywood for you, sitting and waiting to exploit based on their parents talents and looks. I wonder what in the world is going to happen to Shilo?

    There is so much that I didn’t know about BK until recently, this is turning out to such a sad story. I hope that she finds peace.

    • Blue is in the same predicament. She’s cute now but she bears a strong resemblance to her father and very little of her mother’s beauty. Add to that a narcissistic mother, color struck, vain grandmother and a crazy aunt…it’s a recipe for disaster.
      North West is another one in a bad situation with her whore mother and gay father. (that was mean of me but true)
      I keep telling people that money and fame is not worth it.

      • No Cheese, U are not being mean. If anything U told the damn truth and I totally agree with U on that! Do not apologize for telling truth. Some folks need to hear the truth. And folks know it is the truth. Cheese, Well said on your comment.

        • It is worse than people think. I about died the second death when I saw a picture of Blue Ivy at the beach with her mom, and she had on a leopard print swimsuit.
          Leopard print is a symbol for Beta programming in the industry.

          • It hard to wrap your head around I know, haven’t been the same since I read Cathy O’brian’s story, smh

          • So are you saying no one will sell it to you without a note from the illuminati ? It is some truly stupid motherf*ckers on this site.

          • @anon 15:15 I saw what you saw too and they start them babies young with the Beta programming.

      • OMG Cheeses you pulled these thoughts right from brain chile! Stop reading my mind! I promise you we had identical thoughts.

        • Thanks @14:13 & DaR1
          I don’t want give the impression that I’m wishing anything on those children, it’s just we keep witnessing this cycle repeat itself and the outcome is rarely different. Those 2 sets of parents place their children in the some of the most inappropriate situations just like BK when she was their age. Children should not be out all hours of the night, backstage at concert venues or sitting in the audience at award and fashion shows. It’s just too much.

      • If I had to lay money on which child is going to have the best shot at normalcy and success in life(and I am not talking about beauty or going into “the industry”) I would put it on Blue.
        She has the smartest parent of the foursome, although that’s not saying a lot hehe.
        But seriously, no matter what may be said here re: Jay Z, the man is shrewd and a proven winner. We won’t get into his methods and personal ethics. As someone said in a different thread, Jigga is the ONLY black record label mogul whose label is making money and whose artists are doing well. He may not have an MBA, but I am convinced that he has an innate sense of what works and what doesn’t. And he seems to do well with all his side projects, which shows a level of discernment as opposed to Kanye who is a dreamer and throws his money into artistic follies. Blue won’t be a great beauty, but I see her as going to the best schools and becoming another Ivanka Trump to Jay Z’s Donald. I think she will eschew any and all things Beyonce in an effort to be taken seriously. She could be like Christie Hefner, who has run Playboy Enterprises for the last 25 years, and head up Jay’s label and management firm eventually.

        • Lol ! I wont say Jay z is all that, but i do believe he love and will try to protect Blu
          Hell he would put Beyonce on a stroll or limb b4 he will allow the industry turn Blu out

  16. whitney gave ALOT of herself to be a NUMBER 1 SUPERSTAR! it’s HARD WORK! so she rewarded herself with the TOP NOTCH drugs of her choice. I STAY thanking the Lord i didn’t go into the music business FULL THROTTLE like was gonna do (im GLAD my daddy put some things on my mind and made me look BEFORE i made that leap cause i go HARD when i do anything) it’s ALOT of work and sacrifice she just got overwhelmed with the constant availability of drugs, bobbi was IMPRESSED by whitney so whitney does NO WRONG in bobbi’s eyes i know cause i have a babygirl who pretty much worships ME the same way BUT i teach her she and i are two DIFFERENT people though we have many similar features AND bests believe i have to repeat that through out the years so she STAYS free to be who SHE wants to be, she don’t have to try to be me! WHATEVER went down it’s gonna come out, i think nick ran into a situation where bobbi was threatening to do stuff to herself IF he didn’t succumb to her wishes AFTER awhile that gets sickening sooo we’ll see what REALLY happened. May the Lord Watch Over AND Bless your Soul Bobbi Kristina.

  17. Singers Re deliberately placed on drugs. If they are in a constant drugged out state it is easier to steal their money and cheat them out of everything.
    Also the business is so dark and evil some get on drugs to escape what they have done to get on top.

  18. I can’t speak for my sisters from other races but…as black women we can surely find something else to do with our money. We like to buy our shoes and bags, and get our hair done, by our favorite perfume and boxes and boxes of MAC makeup…and…surprise establish for or five bank accounts and save money.
    Oh yes…when black women have disposable income you best believe they are doing heavy saving. I just gave away a big secret.

    • So what I am saying is there is just too much to do instead of purchasing drugs and ruining a stellar career.

    • @4:01, Shhhh….Huresh chile, don’t tell them where we hide the rest. Got me nervous a lil bit.

    • I swear something must be wrong with me because I don’t buy any of that stuff, I’m too cheap…LOL! I do have my stash of cash though.
      Is MAC makeup rally that good?

  19. This is sad truly sad wow I just can’t believe people are all ready counting the money, sad like vultures no mercy

  20. First she has not passed yet and hopefully she won’t so can we stop trying to put her in a grave before its her time. Next this whole ordeal is under investigation so maybe we should stop assuming and allow the the individuals investigating to do their job! While Nick Gordon’s relationship with Bobby Kristina has always been questionable we don’t know that he is in anyway involved in her death! We don’t really know exactly what happened other than what the media, blogs ,and websites have been putting out, which may or may not be accurate.We know that foul play is possible but not necessarily the actual cause of this tragedy. We only know that she was found , face down in a tub of water,which is eerily similar to the way in which her mom the late Whitney Houston was found.With the upcoming anniversary pf her mothers death, and whatever else this young lady was going through we don’t what her state of mind was leading up to her being found. I’m hoping that she does recover. She certainly wouldn’t be the only person to ever come out of a “supposedly irreversible vegetative comatose condition.

    • Actually she would be the first person to come out of a persistent vegetative state. It has never happened. Google it.
      But I do agree with you that we are all playing armchair detective right now. I blame myself for watching too damn much ID channel and The First 48. I am addicted to those shows! And after all, there’s no real harm in us comparing ideas and other bits of info we get from sites that not all of us follow. For instance, I don’t read CDAN regularly, and that BI that someone posted above is downright eerie. It sure sounds like somebody knew that BK was in danger from Nick.
      The main thing that is keeping me from mentally convicting Nick at this point is MOTIVE. What in the hell was his motive to want her dead? He wasn’t getting any money from Whit’s trust, and while BK was alive, he was at least living at a higher standard than he would be were she out of the picture. There is still a piece of the puzzle missing…so until that piece is revealed, I am not convinced that Nick willfully murdered her.

  21. so glad cissy will get da $ dat bitch pat don’t need shit but 2 get a real damn job spending whitney damn $

    • cissy ain’t gonna enjoy it longt what she gonna do with it.

      remember when whit’s brother sang at her memorial I’m like dude please go back to smoking crack.

      we all have a talent but singing wasn’t his.

  22. Nick is being framed. They tried to kill Bobni Kristina the day before they killed Whitney remember? They found her face down in the bathtub and got her out just in time, dont believe me? GOOGLE it. Whitney made a deal w the devil and they meant to claim it. Nick is in some shit but he didn’t do it. Bobbi Kristina knew they were coming just like her mother knew and Cissy knows.

    • yea the sheeple can’t put two and two together they think everything is a conspiracy theory. Well prove us that we’re wrong. And the lame stream is controlled by the occultist, so you’ll never get the truth from them.

      • The flaw in your argument is that you assume that anyone not buying into your paranoia is a victim of the “lamestream media.” That is an erroneous assumption. Clear thinking bright people read all points of view before coming to their own conclusions. You are basically saying that one is either a FauxNews viewer or a raving truther/birther. There is a great deal of gray in this world. Seldom is anything simply black or white.

        • Stfu idiot, all the news media is controlled by occultist. U are a dumb f*ck if you can’t under,over,inner and outer stand that. And that’s a fact! the truth can’t be debated whether u real eyes/realize it or not.

    • Does the devil accept paypal? Fly a Delta? Actually the sheeple are the ones who watch awards shows and love celebrities

  23. I’m taking a bath tonight hope I don’t drown.

    don’t wanna be found face up better make sure I’m sober better make sure ain’t no houstons around me.










  26. Don’t blame Bobby for not letting go & pulling the plug. Yes he has more kids than a cat has nine lives LOL but that’s still his daughter. What would you do in his situation??

    The other fam is all about the money while Bobby is still holding on to hope BK will pull through and recover. The only one who is grieving is Bobby.

  27. I can’t believe that with all the record sales and movie ticket sales WH has to her credit she only left 20 million behind. This fame crap is not all it is made out to be.

    • She blew alot of her fortune on drugs…that’s why only 20 million was left.

  28. Y’all watching these Grammys? Imma see if they are going to say” Lets keep Bobbi Kristina and The Houston Family in prayer during their time of need.” Or some crazy clues.

    • When I found out last night that they were going to let Beyonce sing Precious Lord I was through, Smh.

      Cant never let nobody shine….

        • I’m not watching but my daughter is, she said she didn’t see it yet they might be saving it for last.

          People are upset because they asked her and not the original artist Ledisi to sing it. Which seems suspect to me.

            • But for who I wonder? I just watched the 6 minute video of Madonna’s performance , with the volume turned off cuz um scary like that,lol. After they lifted her body up (sacrificial like) they panned the cam to Taylor then to Ledisi in the audience. Creepy

            • I think Bobbi K was the 1st, Bruce Jenner had an accident and killed someone
              We will see I guess @Black Enga
              But for sure it seemed like some ritual

            • IKR, and they seemed so old, evil and dated. I was so happy when I saw Rhianna’s dress haaaa haa, it’s like she said “I no wearin dat bomba clot stinkn dress, I wearin dis fluffy pink one, f*ck dem!”

              I don’t know why I like her, I have to keep reminding myself that she is a witch too, they all are but she seems to always go against their authority over and she probably pays dearly for it behind closed doors.

              One of these days she is going to go to far and we will be reading about a overdoes or an unfortunate accident, smh. It’s sad because all they have to do is denounce it and walk away with nothing.

              Mammon… Easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for them to let it go.

            • I gave up on watching award shows. The are too occultic these days.
              One time I was watching an award show and strange things started happening in my house. I clicked off and it stopped right away.
              Miss me with the Majuck award shows. Next…

            • Dang, for real? I didn’t want to watch it because that pattern for the show just didn’t look right.

              I have been looking at a few of the performances on YT now I wished I hadn’t.

            • @Black Enga.

              I tell you no lie. It really happened. Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance messed me up too. For some reason I am highly sensitive to things like that. So I don’t mess with it.

            • Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I had a few bad experiences researching info online. You have to use discernment.

              I have learned the hard way to listen to that little voice of warning and to stay armored in prayer.

  29. Y’all Madonna done did the ritual! Y’all me and Ref was right! I am in tears cause in the end Madonna was lifted into the sky! She just did the performance! Mannnnnnnnn…the entire performance was crazy!

      • I knew it from the Super bowl performance that Katy Perry did. That checkerboard floor was moving like water. Go look at it at You Tube. Madonna really did it! The choir in red robes and she had those devil horns. Look how she lifted off. Smh

        • I’m not going to look up the Madonna performance- it’s giving me the shivers even thinking about it!

        • Katy Perry did a crazy performance at last years Grammys. I tried to watch and my table started vubrating and lights started flickering on and off. I switched away and it stopped. No more award shows for me.

      • These performances occultic power is stronger than it has ever been. I don’t write it off as harmless fun.

        • Because black folks are not praying and following The Most High like they used too
          Now they are chasing after money and fame more then ever

  30. Hold up, wait a minute, did this WITCH just fake like she almost caught the HOLY GHOST?!?! Lord Ya’ll better wake up. LOOK at her dress, you see that peace sign, Look up the definition for it. FALSE LIGHT right in front of your face People! And when she finally did get her nerves up to say Precious Lord, her damn hand must have got hot as hell, I thought it was going to burst into flames. I’m going to keep the part about the Black men with no shoes on to myself. Nope, I aint gone go, not tonight.

    “Reminding us all of the glory of youth” not the GLORY OF GOD but youth ummmph ummmph ummmph. Lord help us.

    • Yep and I did not nor was I feeling the spirit either. Now I had sang some Gospel solos and had the spirit flowing thru me, but they was an insult to any Gospel artist. I want to feel the spirit, should, speak in many tongues, let God allowed me to use my body and my voice to get a message across. Not this mess!

      • I hear you. You know what DR1 the more I think about it I don’t think they wanted the Holy Spirit there like Anon above said by not letting Ledisi sing, she would have took them to church for real.

    • The true God was nowhere in or near the Staple Center last night. The only lord or god they referenced was the lord/god satan himself.

      • White Rabbit on yt did a great video breaking down the deep symbolism of the Grammy ritual. At first I was doubtful of some new stuff I’ve never really heard but then he showed his research and it’s just getting deeper. I mean, they opened that show it’s Highway to Hell and had devil horns photoshopped onto people in the audience. The bible says The Lord promised to always tell man His plans through this prophets. Satan is held to the same standard. He uses hidden language and symbols unlike The Lord, but the fact remains satan is also telling us his plans because he has to. Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear…

  31. You know it, between Acdc, Lenox(which I didn’t watch) Madonna, Beyonce with that slick above as below hand move but Pharell took that cake. If people cant see it for what it is, I don’t know what else to say.

    The hardest part for me is the fact that I used to listen to and respect these people.

  32. that was funny lol..” if it was a lie ther told it”……im still laughing lol

        • If they take that poor girl off the machines on the 11th, I think I’m going to have a conniption, smh

            • *These quotes were taken from the link above.

              “Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston floated the idea of a Feb. 11 death over the weekend during discussions with the Brown family at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.”

              “The move is a symbolic way to keep the mother and daughter together for eternity, according to a Brown family source.”

              “Filmmaker Tyler Perry, who was close to Whitney, played a key role in brokering an uneasy peace between the families, the source added.
              He has already been tabbed to make all the funeral arrangements, the source said.
              “You wouldn’t think of him as being someone who’d be a peacemaker, but he’s someone both sides really respect,” the Brown source said.”

              Wow this is bananas. I knew when Clive said that he had been in touch with the family “Cissy” the negotiation would start. Soon after Oprah found her tongue to quickly say Oh no I wasn’t close to her, I just did an interview and crossed her lips with her hand as if to say NO, this one belongs to Tyler not me. She also stated that she knew “Pat” Tyler was close to Whitney and Bobbi. I found it odd that she remembered that their deaths would be 3 years apart though.

              I guess they all stand to gain something from this death/sacrifice/murder. I never would have dreamed Bobby Brown would have agreed to this but hey, I guess everyone DOES have a price in the industry.

              Godspeed Bobbie Kristina! She didn’t stand a chance with these people who have the nerve to call themselves her family.

            • See when they got Beyoncé to sing Precious Lord, I knew right then and there it was Krissy. It was too innocent

            • Thanks for that information DaRadian1, I’m deeply saddened for her young lost life but I can’t say that I’m surprised. It’s one thing to say oh, they did a ritual and she died 7 days later, which I thought would have happened by now. Then I said to myself surely they wouldn’t pull the plug on the exact day of her mother’s death. But here we are smh. Life is indeed stranger than fiction cuz you just can’t make this stuff up.

              You know what is really sad? People are going to accept this as a logical decision and call me a tin foil hat wearing nutcase. Oh well…….

              *just saw you new post, it wasn’t innocent to me, she was making a mockery of God, Whitney and krissy You can look at old video’s and see what she does with her hands when she gets touched by the spirit, Beyonce can rot in hell, damned demon.

            • Wow…I’m speechless. I had a feeling they would do this…I’m on the fence about this decision to pull the plug on the 11th. In a way it seems like destiny to do it this way, but in a way, it’s almost creepy. IDK…smh…It’s just sad.

            • BE and TB Smh, it was only a matter of time. *Sigh*. I still got laryngitis and the pink eye in both eyes. But my faith and praying keep me going besides the other things that is wring with me. Yeah TB I got the pink eye! Lmao!

            • I had a bad feeling they might do it in the 11th as well so I guess all hope is lost then if this is true 🙁

              If they do proceed tomorrow. I guess you could look at it 2 ways in terms of BK being with her mum and with future anniversaries etc. but I know people are like ohhh tin hat brigade for those who talk about Whitney as a sacrifice, but if they pull the plug on that poor child on the 11th, essentially it’s the same as saying she died they exact same way as her mum and on the exact same day. Everything else is ‘theatre’. You can’t get any creepier then that. I don’t believe in coincidences either.

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