Kat Stacks Caught Begging Houston Pimp For Airfare

Kat Stacks Houston Pimp

HSK Exclusive – Kat Stacks was recently caught on social media begging a pimp from Houston, Texas, to fly her out to the Lone Star state, for work.


  1. Why do men keep saying they cant find a real woman a loyal woman a faithful woman but are quick to seek out women like kat stacks and superhead ?….Lord send me a sign lol

    • That’s easy. They don’t wanna hear the constant nagain, the responsibilities of a husband, plus they think by getting married it would think they are on a leach. So they seek out for outside cheap thrills cause they can feel powerful and more manly without the pressure of a wife. Plus, the outside women is stupid enough to put up with all that bullshit and the good ones don’t.

    • They don’t want real women because they are not real men. They want whores, like Rat Stacks who has had every dick in the Western Hemisphere.

  2. I’m shocked somebody still f*ck wit her, that bitch look a extreme hot mess! who would pick that tired ass used up trick anyway, I didn’t think anyone would want to pimp this scary ass look’en tacky ass broad

    • Exactly, she should have been thrown to the wolves a long time ago. This broad is no good. The pump is no better soliciting his name and character on social media. Big dummy!

  3. Lawd…..whatever happened to this heffa getting saved in deportation jail?….I see she’s still up to her old tricks. She’s still a broke ho begging pimps for airfare….she would be better off f****g a Delta counter agent to fly for free.

  4. Why would anyone waist time with this broad. Who knows what diseases she has. She also has a son she doesn’t acknowledge. I notice minority men are always the culprit when dealing with the these type of women.

  5. …It’s truly remarkable that a Toucan with Herpes has survived this long. Valtrex should snap it up for their newest Ad Campaign(s) if they haven’t already.

  6. this woman is a vile disgusting human being, her voice is very annoying don’t forget she’s also
    a racist she uses the n word like swear word just because she’s dated a few black men in
    the past she hasn’t got a right to use it, yet again black men are very stupid and very misguided

    keep your penis in your socks and stop screwing these wannabe black women for pete sake
    no wonder black women don’t respect you as man when you do shyt like this

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