Nick Gordon Investigated By The Police

Bobbi Kristina Murdered

Nick Gordon, the boyfriend and adopted Step brother of Bobbi Kristina Brown, is now a prime suspect in what may ultimately be a murder investigation.

Police have opened a criminal probe into Gordon, announced one week after the 21-year old daughter of late singing legend Whitney Houston was pulled unconscious from a bathtub in the Georgia home they shared.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Saturday an investigation was launched against Nick Gordon. Multiple sources that there is a history of violence between Brown and boyfriend Gordon and that police are looking into a possible altercation more than an hour before Brown was found.”


      • They are. He has lawyered up with a top ATL criminal defense firm and is no longer talking to the cops. The word is that his team is trying to get an immunity deal and then he’ll talk.
        You know he’s her ex don’t you?

  1. Of course he’s being investigated no one knew who this cat was until Whitney died then they put him all up in our face with the reality show called the houstons.They wanted us to get a taste of “the bad boy” so we could all focus our attention on him and also they wanted us to see how depressed and low Bobbi kristina was so we will accept what they got planned.It aint Nick its the one you least expecting.Watch how this goes down.

    • Exactly! It’s Pat unscrupulous ass. She’s money hungry that’s why she signed on for that ratchet ass reality skipper “The Houstons”, to show Bobbi K in an unflattering light. Ol greedy ugly ass bitch!

      • AGREE 100%, that bitch straight trifling, that show was just horrible and more sad than anything..


  3. I think Pat Houston had him set up. He put her in her place a while back and she hated the influence he had over Kristina. He told Kris they wanted her money and how they were jealous of her mom. Pat knew he was a threat to them. They are trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

    • Now this I can go with. Something ain’t right with Pat and feeling something wrong with this picture. We know it ain’t Bobby. He caught a flight with Tyler Perry on his plane and Mrs. Cissy is still being quiet on the matter. Don’t care, she also too quiet for me.

      • Eric i swear i was thinking the same thing. Pat is very controlling and has entirely too much to say about everything. Something is not right. Gary acts like a whimp and allows Pat to do all the talking for him and the family. If Kristina wasn’t giving them money on a regular they probably asked Clive to help them get him out the picture so that money will flow right back to them. If Kristina dies and Nick is not her real husband then that problem is solved. I heard BRAVO NETWORK is talking about bring back the show with Whitney and Bobby not that Kristina is out of the way to object to it. That will generate millions if they do. Something funky going on here.

  4. Sadly this is is the time to find out that someone should’ve, would’ve, could’ve,said or did something after someone tragic happen, I’m saddened by this whole Situation

    • Exactly. Nobody wants to say it but I will: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were horrible parents to this child. They led her right to where she is right now. All this girl has known has been turmoil and drug addiction. Sadly, there were people trying to help her but she couldn’t see it. Now this. It truly is very sad.

  5. I’m not trusting Max Lomas or Nick Gordon. Apparently Max is one of her exes and I suspect he and Nick tried to cover up what happened….but now Max is snitching on Nick. I’m not much of a believer in gossip mags like The ENQUIRER, because they lie alot (they even erroneously reported she was pregnant) but occasionally some of their articles are proven true. Here is one from Feb. 2012 that came out after Whitney died, in which both of their names came up in connection Bobbi Kristina and violence:

    “The ENQUIRER also revealed that a boozing Krissi was arrested when she got caught up in the middle of a terrifying incident in Roswell, Ga., on April 1 last year.

    The blowup involved Krissi’s ex-boyfriend Max Lomas and another teen, Nicholas Gordon.

    A police report obtained by The ENQUIRER described how Lomas and Gordon – who told police he was Krissi’s brother – were angered after seeing Krissi driving with three male friends and followed them in Gordon’s car to a Chevron gas station.

    At the gas station, Lomas allegedly beat up one of Krissi’s friends. Gordon admitted to police he waved a gun in the air during the fight.

    Police later found a Glock 19 handgun in his glove compartment.

    Krissi was handcuffed and cited as a minor in possession of alcohol, Nick Gordon was charged with pointing a pistol at a person and Lomas was charged with battery.”

  6. That faggot beat her up, knocked her out, and then grabbed her by the neck and drowned her in that tub of water to make it look like she commited suicide SMH her twitter says the complete opposite, she was ready to start her acting career!

  7. I feel so bad for Bobbi Kris she didn’t even get a chance to live her dreams. Its like history repeating itself. Whitney suffered drug and physical abuse and now Bobbi.

  8. Normally the spouse (so-called) is always a person of interest and from his violent history of abuse I can understand why.

  9. Did you all see the satanic performances at tge grammys? Btw was she another sacrifice like Whitney at grammy time

    • Keira people don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to read, research and observe. They just want to say conspiracy nuts.

      • No. It’s no conspiracy.

        The rock n roll industry has always depended on wild and creative theatrics to amaze and thrill the crowd. From the Stones, to Kiss to Madonna and 100s of others. There is a huge difference between genuine “satanic” activity and the three ring circus shows put on by rock stars to continually excite their young audiences.
        The readership here is an extremely devout Christian one, therefore most of you are understandably put off by the ridiculous tableaux staged at the premier music events of the year such as the Grammys, The VMAs and the Super Bowl halftime show. These shows were designed to shock…that’s precisely how the artists get and maintain attention. BUT, you all are old enough and bright enough not to conflate
        “carnival devilry” with an actual act of honoring a satan/devil.
        I agree that if the showmanship offends your Christian sensibilities, it’s best that you do not watch TV or listen to the radio. And you might want to avoid YouTube as well.

  10. There is something evil about these award shows especially the Grammy’s something bad happens either before or soon after these demonic shows.I don’t watch this garbage for 9 years dont watch satanic rituals want no part of it or my energy to it.

    • Ever since i heard Whitney Houston on some award show, she referred to Tyler Perry as a wizard, something clicked inside of me about these award shows. I think they are actual rituals disguised as harmless entertainment. I can’t watch them and especially after i saw the YT video on Nicki Minaj performance right after WH died. That was as demonic as it’s gets. Some really dark stuff.

      • I don’t mess the Grammys, the Vmas, and anything like it. They are doing occult rituals and unleashing or summoning powerful dark entities, and each year it get’s worse.

    • Lady GaGa even admitted that the things that go on during the awards are significant and have a symbolic meaning. Her words, not mine.

  11. I think people who ignore the warning signs about the Satanic Rituals will be placed under demonic spells by watching that evil in their homes. I believe these demons use tv as a portal to enter people’s homes when these rituals are going on. People are too busy being entertained to pay attention.

  12. True about the rituals affecting you thruh the air waves. Satan said he was “prince of the air”.

    Don’t forget the music everyone I listening to also.

  13. @Dana, Humble Lion and Anonymous: You all are quite discerning, however it is sheer speculation that Bobbi Kris was a sacrifice. There is just no evidence or fact to support that.

    However, having been in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of Satanist and witches that are in the industry and the new wave is they are African American.

    They have no problem issuing curses and doing rituals, especially black witchcraft which involves human sacrifice, to harm those they don’t like or are threatened by. They especially target backslidden or weak Christians.

    Some very good books to get and a great website to check out to combat them is They have free videos on spiritual warfare. And Rev. Bill Schnobelen (a ex Satanist and witch) has a lot of books on Amazon exposing the occult.

    The books that are dope on this are:
    Adversary and Overcoming the Adversary by Mark Bubeck
    Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Karl Payne
    Reclaiming Surrendered Ground by Jim Logan

    The times are getting darker before Jesus return and people desperate for fame are willing to sell their souls more than ever. They will pay a serious price!

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