Reggie Bush Denies Drugging Women In Darren Sharper’s Case

Reggie Bush Molly

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is threatening to file a lawsuit against Brandon Licciardi. Know why? Because Brandon Licciardi, testified in the Darren Sharper’s case, that he witnessed Bush preparing to rape women, by dropping Molly into champagne bottles.

Here’s what Licciardi said in court:

“OK, um, I was in Vegas about three years ago and um, Reggie Bush put Molly in Champagne. He was handing out Molly on the dance floor to girls. Handing it out. Like giving it to them.”


  1. I believe he did it. Why would they randomlu choose you of all players? You ain’t Lebron James , Coon Boy! Its time for all you creepy sexual predators to be exposed for the nasty creeps you are. All members of all race who drug and rape should be SENT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • All Black Americans we are already in Hell by the Tribulations we go thru daily here in America so what he’ll are you referring to? Heaven and Hell are conditions of life not the so called afterlife been Misled.

  2. Um Mollies don’t make U knockout. If anything U so damn mellow until U wake up all damn sluggish and tired as hell. Oh and U can remember when U are using Molly. U just be so horny as he’ll and be f*cking like rabbits.

    • True but if he put it in a bottle without their knowledge then it doesn’t matter if it knocks you out or not, that is drugging someone against their will.

  3. Not a Bush fan at all but I don’t believe this. He doesn’t have the balls to do anything hardcore like this especially if there were any sistas involved. We all know how he feels about the sistas.

  4. I agree with DaRadiant. If he had put Roofies or GHB in a drink and handed it to a chick that would be one thing. But Molly, X, E what ever you want to call it,
    is not a date rape drug. It releases inhibitions, but so does alcohol.
    This is a lot of nothing.

  5. Dear NFL,

    What really is going on in the league? Why are theses players being thrown under the bus? Are they refusing to go along with something? We both know the things that go on in the upper strata of society are atrocious. So again…what really is the deal, cause I ain’t buying what ya’ll selling.

    • Let me add the things that go on in the upper strata of society are unmentionable and no one cares. But these guys are made out to be the Devil himself. This is phony and it’s tired.

  6. Okay, but it didn’t say he f*cked them afterwards. Where is the story???

    Uhmmm…. lil black boys in professional sports who only be ’bout white girls,

    sounds like Mr. Charlie done called time on your azzes.

  7. reggie bush is nothing but a sellout, he had a chance to date black woman but instead
    he dated a fake wannabe black woman (kim) black people shouldn’t for sorry for sellout black people

    that’s why black men need to be very careful when hanging around white women especially when these black men are rich and fame
    that’s when white women will come play! that’s when they will tell lies on black men

    they’ve been doing this shyt for years, not saying black women are any better but come on
    have you heard a black women going on news outlets claiming she’s been sexually assault by a brotha??

    white women will go to the news outlets and accuse black men of sexually assault it’s happen in the past
    their doing for money!!

    not saying all white women tell lies but they’ve known to lie in the past

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