Soulja Boy Apologizes For Suicide “Attempt”

soulja boy suicide 3

One time rapper, and now notable social media figure and reality TV star, Soulja Boy, threatened to kill himself on Snapchat.

He posted a photo from up high with the caption “I’m going to die soon. I enjoyed my life.”

soulja boy suicide

This put all his fans in a frenzy: Was he dying of a terminal disease, or was he going to kill himself?  Ultimately, Soulja was just having a very rough day.  I was just Stressed and going thru Some ting & had A lot on my mind,” he revealed in an Instagram post.

soulja boy suicide 2

Luckily, he didn’t harm himself.  Unfortunately, that means his next mixtape will be dropping soon.


  1. When ppl,trying to,kill themselves they never Brag about it !!!
    Nike ,,just do it ,!!

  2. All them nasty ass tattoos he should've killed whom ever told him them
    Shits were cool ?!?

  3. ignorant sissy. that's nothing to play with – especially since so many have already taken their life literally by way of suicide. irrelevant fag has to do something to gain attention since no one pays him any anymore in his worthless life.

  4. This is a true statement he made they need to send him to a mental institution ASAP

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