Soulja Boy Aired Out For Secretly Tryna Squash Gillie Beef


“You better go back on Twitter and say you sorry to the OG, n*gga.”

Soulja Boy seems to be sweating over that Twitter bomb he set off on Gillie Da Kid, who responded by giving Soulja Boy a rude awakening.

Now… he may have just made things worse for himself. Know why? Rather than issuing the apology that was demanded of him — the Gilladelphia one just revealed: “He called up n*ggaz behind closed doors and try and get n*ggaz to squash it.” Just ask Jadakiss.

“Man came on Twitter and said he’d slap me. So I found that amusing … considering that if you slap me, what hospital’s going to to your fukkin’ hands back on.”

Here’s what Gillie Da Kid put all out there:

“I had to read that like 10 times… like are you serious? Soulja Boy’s going to slap me? He better be hacked before I catch his ass and hack him. You don’t want me to slap blood in your mouth, n*gga… I don’t do publicity stunts.”

Peep what Gillie posted to IG:



  1. Dear God please help me to understand what this post is regarding. Also what does the title have to do with the story. So confused.

    **OFF TOPIC- Other than Ron Howard is there any1 in hollyweird that’s normal? Also can we get more tea on whites. I know they have alot more skeletons.

    • Diamonds, like hard men are made through pressure. The diamond tester tests how hard a nigga, pardon my language, really is. Get it?

    • I think the white stories would be boring.
      Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen degeneres, Celine Dion, Iggy.. really?
      no thanks.

      And Ron Howard has been in the business 60 yrs, since he was a kid. I’m more than sure hes done his share of dirt and its also been done to him.

      You WILL NOT make it in Hollyweird unless you play the game..

      • Willie, you’re my dude, but I have to disagree with you there. I have met RH more than once, and I swear to gawd that he IS exactly what he appears to be. My theory is that he was a child actor who was raised right by parents who had good values and wouldn’t allow any molestation or any other bs, and he was on a show which was known to be full of decent people(actors) like Andy Griffith who set a good standard for behavior. Then he married the only girl he’d ever been with(let’s face it, he’s no looker) and proceeded to switch to directing which took him out of the vulnerable position of being a begging for parts actor. Anyhoo, it’s kinda nice to know there are one or two “normal” folks in Hollywood. Now one who APPEARS to be a normal good guy but isn’t is Tom Hanks. Very bad boy!
        Hits on every woman just like Bill Cosby.

        • Thanks for clarifying.
          I love me some Matlock and don’t wanna believe what they say about most actors!
          That’s cool that youve met such a big name and he isn’t the Hollyweird type.

          Don’t forget Tom Hanks wore those dresses in another show I watched as a kid.. Boson Buddies …

        • From what my relatives have shared, Rons parents were in the business and not of the business and atypical showbiz parents escorting him on set, hiring tutors, ensuring he completed his education and not pimping him or his younger brother. His portfolio of underachieving films and not a accepting perverse projects are testimonies of his non affiliation with the Hollyweird brotherhood. A typical cornfed midwestern white man who loves the bible, family and “supper”. Andy was for the most part wholesome and progressive even was a Democrat in Republican dominated NC during Jesse Helm’s era. They love him in his home town in Mt Airy and even have a yearly festival each fall.

            • That’s great because (as silly as this sounds), when I first “saw the light” and learned about celebs, I felt betrayed.
              Ive always held Andy Griffith in high esteem because of his wholesome image. I didn’t want to know he did those celebrity things.. ruined the fantasy in my head.
              So that’s great news.. about both of them.

              Now Jessica Fletcher, from Murder She Wrote, she’s the real devil worshipper! BOL!!

              Side note about old folks.. Betty Whites handler was Bob Hope, and he was Satan’s right hand man .. doing those USO shows etc for the govt ..

              I digress.. white stories would be interesting.. just not some of these jackfools of today..

            • Kinda hard to believe that decent people can exist and navigate the chaos. Mr. Rogers(Fred Rogers) was another wholesome fella who had integrity even doubled funding from Congress for public broadcasting. My parents were supporters of PBS. As much as I dabble in occasional ratchetness and pop culture will never forget the shows from my youth.

              Not saying they are perfect..aside. Someone needs to sample the theme to Matlock.

    • And yet….Ron Howard was in Jamie Foxx video….Blame it on the alcohol….its a strange video. Subtly reps all of what Hollywood is abut….drink/ drugs, promiscuity, homosexuality and even bestiality (the panda bear hugging up and dancing ). I always thought it was strange he was in there. Did he direct it?

      • It was an appearance and claim to have done it as a favor to Jaime not knowing the content of the song. Just was told to show up for the video and bring his game face.

        • The Matlock theme was hard!
          Growing up we always heard weird rumors about Mr Rogers. .
          I guess I’m a lil naive and don’t want my childhood tarnished by the hard truths too
          I didn’t catch the Jamie Foxx video. . Ron wouldbe laast person Id expect to associate with the R&B crowd…

          • Willie, just bear in mind that many of the celebrity ritual stories are either greatly exaggerated or outright fallacious. Sure there is a LOT of dirty dealings and the sex is outta control, but trust me(and like many here I have had first hand close up experience with someone in the industry) those You Tube videos which outline all the absurd theories and ritual shit are mostly fodder to attract many hits/views for their channels. The main thing which is true is that nearly all men have to submit to the sexual advances of male producers, casting agents and directors to get a break.
            But all the Satanic shit is apocryphal. Of course there are a lot of super-religious folks who believe it; but they tend to see Satan all around all the time. I can tell you that in 3 years of being with someone in the thick of the industry, I never saw one single act which could be connected to Satanism.
            Unless you consider homosex Satanic.

            • Ive always wondered about the gfs/bfs of these folks who aren’t in the industry themselves..

              I think its like any relationship.. you don’t know what they do at work or in meetings when you aren’t there.. what they talk about and to whom, etc..

              Ive also known industry ppl who are into the Satan or have seen the Satanic stuff.. who have seen the gang bangs artists must do, and the tape of it the morning after..

              I guess its different for everyone.. everyone has different limits to what they will and won’t do for fame..

            • I don’t invest too much into You Tube and Mark Dice and the fear mongers, i try to take most of it with a grain of salt.. I’m sure there is a bit of truth and a lot of fantasy, like you said, to draw hits from viewers…

  2. I hate this instant message twitter society. Both
    Them coons out of line. Silly go from
    Beefing and hating on Wayne to sideways
    Hating on gay ass soldier boy. U don’t get
    No props for that. If u a gangster u address
    Lil shit like that in private. All these around
    The way snitch/thugs trying to make a name
    Picking on soft or civilian marks. Silly know
    He a switch hitter hitting bing Thames
    Gay ass in the shitter. Google his movies
    Them niggaz mighty close.
    One of these lil niggaz gonna lay one
    Of these lame bullies down. Soon

    • well if souljah boy said he was gonna slap gillie then gillie should have addressed it some kind of way.

      as for the wayne situation well gillie co wrote some of waynes rhymes and wasn’t paid yes I can understand that beef.

      who wants to work for free.

        • Yes Willie. I can tell. CC never uses commas. He writes in a stream of consciousness style. And he almost always adds something dry and sarcastic at the end. Although he usually uses all caps, he sometimes doesn’t, so you can’t go by that. The dead giveaway that someone had cloned him was that he never says anything personal. So when that name jacker said something about his sex life, I knew it wasn’t CC.

          • Ok. Ill watch for the name jacker tricks.. who does that anyways?

            He was commenting annoying (gay) stuff to me, I didn’t think it was the real crazychris..

  3. diamond is a references

    souja boy is dating diamond scrappy’s ex girlfriend. in fact diamond with her slutty ass left scrappy for soulja boy because
    she thought soulja boy would boost her career she thought wrong because he ain’t selling any record!. he got his own brother axed off for fame and money not good

  4. He’s probably running out of money but always putting on a front. im surprised he wasnt dropped from his label

  5. I’m not familiar with Gillie Da Kid (had to Google,again) but, it doesn’t appear he plays childish games. The only thing I know about Soulja Boy is that dumb Superman song. After Googling them both,all I got to say is… Soulja Boy had better stop taking sssh-it starting lessons from 50 cent and give Rick Ross his diploma back from the school of lying. Soulja Boy needs sit his fake gangster behind down.

    • Hes a ghostwriter and a damned good one. Also one of the few regular Philly cats that Will Smith will hang with.

  6. Gillie runs up on rappers with a lot of jewelry with a diamond tester to see if they are real or not. Mf’s just be spreading misinformation like they’re in the know lmaooooo. Shits hilarious. SB said on TWITTER FOR MILIONS TO SEE that he’d slap Gillie in his bald ass head. Exact words. He came down off that coke high and tried to squash it but Gillie wants him to do it PUBLICLY like he did the threat. Ain’t hard to understand. Ok bye. :/

  7. Oh silly hang with will smith. Hmmmmm
    In the words of Rielly Freeman.

  8. Speaking of philly, they are trying to give my girl Shaneen Allen 11.5 yrs in prison on some real bogus crap.

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