Rihanna’s Rejection Led Drake To Dub Her A Devil!


“Drake flashed that devil-referring picture because he was bitter.”

Apparently… if Aubrey the Actor doesn’t get his way, he’s the first to blow the whistle. I’m talking about the OVO one’s live in Toronto rant on RiRI, when he dubbed her a devil. Reports reveal… before the 6-6-6 spectacle, Ms. Monster turned Drake down after he pushed up on her.

“My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6. The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It’s all love!!,” -Drake tweeted August 6.

What’s out there:

“Drake was totally lashing out at Rihanna, he wanted to get back together with a little while back and she shot him down so now he’s being all bitter about it.”


  1. Bullshit. Don’t blame Rihanna when u tryna be evil & throw up the 666, that’s on u nigga. The 6 is Toronto now? U zombies will believe anything lol

    • I’m from Toronto. The 6 he’s marketing as the new saying to call Toronto instead of T-Dot. As in the 6 in both our area codes 416 and 647. I missed his show but saw Outkast the night before and went to the Drake after party. There’s always been a simp vibe from him and most of my friends agree with me that he absolutely loves Toronto but when he’s here he gwans very stooch (stuck up) and catches feelings too damn easily. Ms Rih don’t want a softie, she needs a badman with a big cocky and that’s not Drake. All his homies give me a chi chi man vibe too…acting like us females want dem out here but we could care less…they are checking for saggy pants man not classy ladies and will have women around just for show.

      • shut up you devil worshipping demon. no decent man wants you or your damn leader.

        • @barbard Who TF are you talking to and WTF are you talking about??? Devil worshiping demon?? TF drugs are YOU on??? Wow having an opinion and not co signing Drake means I’m a devil worshiper??? You can go F yourself and hope you and the trolling that your doing on this site gets you blocked you dumb FCK. Anyway Jacky what’s good? What’s going on with the people that come on your site? Hip Hop is dead and sorry to say that your commenters have gotten so ignorant.

  2. So, does Rhianna worship a different devil that Drake?

    I get tired of these bitter sensitive Simps.
    What REAL MAN has to throw shade on a female cause he didn’t get his way?

    Better go back to his locker rooms and dreams of being a basketball wife.

  3. rihanna is nothing but a whore!! she let jays ran through her like “casper the friendly ghost” but joe camal is the “unfriendly loyal coon”
    she took chris brown away from karrucehe!! which was a bytch ass move

    she has turned into a slut ever since chris brown boxed her up!!!

    • Where you there!? you mad huh? She didn’t take Chris away from karrueche he choose to leave her for Rihanna deal with it.. Assault changes people ..

  4. Chris Brown beat the brakes of that big foreheaded ass and she still LOVES him today… Drake is weepy, soft and wet like undercooked cake. Rihanna can f*ck him over and he’ll come back for more. Rihanna is already in control, she wants a man who can control HER.

    • She never loved chris brown. it was all about trying to get in his pockets and empty him out after being dumb enuf 2 spend all her’s on clothes and mag covers. the only thing she loves is melissa dyck

      • You know it’s bad when you can tell immediately that it is not the person who the name belongs to. If this idiot had a clue, he would at least attempt to fool us by sounding something like his “victim.”

  5. When you genuinely love it never goes away, no matter the distance or time apart. If Rihanna had her way, she would marry Chris. That’s just the type of love she has fo that ninja. 100

    • Shes a industry sex toy and participates in Whore of Babylon rituals where everyone takes a turn.
      She was a gift to Ashton Kutcher for destroying Demi Moore.

  6. why is it when women do guys like females do we get called whores i think shes a pimp really she plays and toys wit these guys then on to the next same thing lil wayne does minus the baby making….. they want her cus shes not chasing them!!!

  7. He either gay or not

    Will you all make up your minds

    Great publicity for both

  8. Drake is a devil his damn self! How do you think some L7 kid goes from Nikolodeon to rich famous rapper?

    • White folks love him. LOVE him. I saw a show this week with a big bunch of whites in their late teens and early 20s and they all thought Drake was the shit. He can make a good living and last a while even if not one black person buys his music or goes to his concerts. ijs.

  9. Y’all need to come with the new. Rihanna ain’t thinking about Drake or Chris, she is on to sexy eminem. I am not mad at her, the swirl is real.

  10. Right @willie green she is a sex kitten being passed around rihoe has no problems wit thoses rituals thats why shes rewarded so well chris brown beating was a setup an it backfired resulting in her gettin the brakes beat off her she obeys well how do u think shes so sucessful wit no talent can sing a lick rihanna been sold her soul long ago that beating was a humiliation ritual they have all kinds of rituals.that was ashton kutcher gift when she went to his home an the paps caugh her tryna sneak out of his house at 4 in the morning.the whole industry probably then had rihoe.she was given herpes awhile ago. Satan blesses rihoe good cause she is a devil worshipper

    • I believe it. She seems lost, unhappy and dead inside. If she had God (Jesus -God, not Satan -God) in her life she wouldn’t be.

  11. Right cause it has sunk in that she sell out all of them seem happy be they are not drinkin an smoking to cope with what they have done . It wont end well for her cant look in the mirror cause they see demons Iwouldnt want that life is not worth it.. I LOVE JESUS FUCK SATAN

    • I absolutely love u and @Willie Jones, jr comments @Beauty. Ive been around a block or 2 so I know what ur speaking at Beauty is very accurate Too bad a lot of people are very asleep

    • Me neither! I’m looking forward to heaven..
      If I can stop my gossip problem!

      Thanks Anonymous! I wish ppl would wake up too! This stuff is so much bigger than pop music!

  12. If regular people was able 2 c whats really going on behind the scenes of the industry and the celebritys private lives they would be very astonished and would no longer admire them or envy them
    Its a rotten lifestyle : (

    • It hurts my heart to have been bamboozle and to find out how fake everything is.. sports, music, tv, movies, fashion, gov’t, pharmaceutical s, education. . Everything..

      It took a good year for me to reconcile in my head the lies I’ve been told my whole life.

  13. All NONSENSE

    Every Man always tries to get back for 10 minutes – men have short memories

    Where is the story here?

    Women sick of the bullsh*t always so… NO

    Again, where is the story




  15. Rihanna is super overrated shes no different from the rest sellout who got lucky cause she f*cked gay z people should stop glorflying her like she some god not. She has an agenda to forfill to destroy these kids of today shes nothing special .

  16. ANYONE who has a teaspoon worth of supposed talent…and who with no reservation…is willing to perform “that one act of worship”………with a pinch of blood sacrifice…….is gone be put on……all 3 Worship the same world leader, Satan The Devil…………..they gone stay On!……. Until they’re unwilling to “sacrifice”…….. But I’m tired of handing Drake some Kleenex!

  17. Drake is a lame but he makes great music for people who love love and ish.. he does it for the lightskins lol we stay jonesing

  18. they are all satanic/demonic in the music industry and entertainment industry being apart of these secret societies like the illuminati promoting or adverting their hade signs and symbols is another way to control us.

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