Bey & Jay: Gwyneth Paltrow Provides Rest Haven For The Hovas?


Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z have reportedly relied on Gwyneth Paltrow to seek shelter from daily breakup rumors. According to reports, Bey and Jay have stayed at their longtime celebrity friend’s home this week.

Here is what’s out there:

“Beyoncé and Jay Z are sheltering themselves from breakup rumors by staying at their friend Gwyneth Paltrow’s LA mansion between tour dates

… they are staying at Paltrow’s $10.5 million Brentwood home before flying to France for gigs on Sept. 12 and 13.”



    • The PR machine is chugging along on this bullshit story but I’m noticing the media is allowing slights and digs and unflattering photos of Bey’s weave to be shown. You won’t miss the water till the well runs dry – folks, this is the last gasp of married Black, Black entertainers. Me? I don’t give a shit they are fake CAUSE THEY ARE REAPING THE BLACK FAMILY AS A UNIT. Yall who pray for their demise will live to regret it.

    • And so the great black/yella heffa ho who all the dumb n8ggahs in hollywood decided to give their full support has no black friends, wants no black friends, only uses black people, bleaches her skin and hair, and yet all the black dumb n8ggahs sing her praises.

      it dont get dumber than that

      • Veronica you must be new here. No one sings her praises. You are way over generalizing. Sure, there are some black and white women who dream of having a life like Bey’s, but not here.

  1. Party On! This is near proof that the denouement between the Carters is manufactured.

    Would you stay with your “swinging” pal with whom you’ve shared many wild encounters if you were a couple on the rocks?
    The question is, did they bring Chris back for old times sake?
    Talk about six degrees of separation: Chris Martin has the hots for Rhianna now and Jay has had the hots for her since he met her.
    Ahhh, the lives of the rich and decadent!

  2. swinging is in what better way to fix a marriage is by having a threesome.

    the carters sure know how to patch up some wounds next time me and my girl have problems I’ll be like hey lets sleep my your best friend who happens to be my best friends wife to see where we go from here sounds good honey.

    • Oh Gawd. Who really finds Gwyneth attractive?
      Thanks but no thanks. I like my women a lot less .. ugh..

      Shes something a doctor would prescribe for diarrhea.. a bland diet.

  3. beydummie is a self hating color struck creole bytch who hates her race???? what has black people done to be ashamed/embarrassed about
    we done nothing white people should be ashamed/embarrassed

    as for joe cammel a sellout uncle tome coon!!! who ditched his “so called” friend koonye west when he need him
    he did a song with a racist who copies/profits off black people!!

    also beydummie and joe cammel put justin bieber mug shot up on the big screen their on tour
    beydummie was worshiping he’s mug shot saying “he’s badass and cool” is funny because they didn’t care about chris brown
    when he was arrested. but when that white boys gets arrested is cool is sexy?????

    • To them, white is right.
      I wonder where her white friends will be once they divorce.
      Bey seems to have dumped Kelly as a friend. I never see her photographed with other blacks.
      if she had black friends, that baby’s hair wouldn’t look like it does…

        • @Willie Jones jr

          you should know by now!! damn if you do’t know. now you known

          white people talk black slang like

          fam = family
          yard = house

          when white people say those words it really ticks me off!!!! white people do’t have no culture that’s why they steal it
          from black people is a fact. do you really think a old wrinkly white man inventing fried chicken if you think that

          then your fool no offence!!

          • Im in a debating mood.. you picked the wrong one..

            So you take issue with whites speaking English in a slang way? But it’s perfectly fine for you to use the King’s English? Hmm. Makes sense. Although I was completely unawares that black folk “owned ” those words.

            ** There is nothing worse than the grammar police trying to take away ppl First Amendment rights, white or black. That Amendment says I (et al) can say whatever I want.

            I dont eat KFC, so not sure why you expect me to defend Colonel Sanders … you probably eat KFC 3 times a week.. so maybe you need to take that one up at your local drive thru..

            I guess I am a fool because I still do not clearly see where white ppl are copying black ppl…

            Yeah honey. I’m definitely not the one…

            • @ Willie Jones Jr

              they tan their skin white women dance like black women

              i do’t eat kfc everyday is fattening

              go on youtube and look it up!!!!!!!

            • NOW THERE WE GO! Those are 2 great examples!

              Whites do spend money on tanning booths. Idk if it is look black or African, but everyone looks better with a tan, a melanin tone whites are not born with. Ill give you that one, although living in the South, you get a tan whether you want one or not…

              Whites try to dance the black dances. I will give you that one, too. From the African dance Bey stole a few yrs ago (and called her own) to the twist to the twerking.. yes, blacks did start those (right?).. although, I wouldn’t be quick to claim twerking because thats stripper dancing..

              As far as whites having no culture… where do I start?
              Culture itself doesnt exist. “Culture” is a layman’s term for what are basically stereotypes .. its pretty much a word that means nothing.

              It is hard to lump all white skinned ppl onto one tasteless group. Fat Italians do their thing, the drunk Irish do their thing, the greedy Jews do their thing.. hell even WV trailer trash have their own thing.. and none has to do with stealing from blacks.

              Its not hard to separate a group from the individual. Having an issue with Becky in the office slanging and swanging her white bony body is one thing. We all think that’s gross.

      • white people are strange creature when beydumie and joe camel divorce miss wrinkle neck pasty face gwennie baby won’t be there
        the saying “white is right” is soooo pitiful is laughable being white won’t get you very far only in hollywood

        white people are cleaning toilets and are picking up shyt off the floor they get paid the minimum wage!!
        they do’t get special treatment because their white they have to move their ass like the rest of us

        • Whites are humans just like blacks.
          ill never understand why some black folk put them on a pedestal or consider all whites privileged.

          Some whites have it good.. the 1%.. the rest are trying to get by just like everyone else. Some whites have it a little easier than other whites, just as some blacks have it easier than other blacks..

          • @Willie Jones J

            i agree white people ain’t perfect they cheat/steal/kill/lie/copy black people need to stop worshiping them
            they ain’t perfect some of them have it hard like the rest of us

            • How do white ppl copy blacks? I’m just curious . Its a statement that keeps being repeated on this site.

              I know in the music industry.. but where else? Because manufactured things like music and fashion and TV are programming ppl to act and look a certain way. Its fake and they don’t count.

              Do whites you personally know copy blacks you personally know?

              I’m just curious. I know hundreds of whites and only a small (trashy) percentage speak with a blaccent or emulate black ppl.

              I know hundreds of blacks. Only a small (uppIty) percentage emulate whites. Mostly New Yorkers, too..

            • @Willie Jones Jr

              1st you disagree with me and now your agreeing with me what’s up???

              twerking is a african dance for pregnant women who want to give birth early is a black thing
              white women tan skin get butt/lip injections
              like i said white people copy black people is common knowledge look it up

  4. Those two are just million dollar slaves. They play
    And socialize with those in they circle. They
    Do as they are told and tow the line. They
    Both switch hit and are each other’s beards.
    Don’t forget he has a secret son in Trinidad.
    Jay is confused son of a butch dyke. This
    Clown even bragged about shooting his own
    Brother. They are fake as hell. They both
    Promote a selfish wicked agenda to the masses
    Through the abuse of they god given
    Talents. Every empire must fall and this
    Joint venture is running on fumes.
    Jay is the same character he portray
    On his songs.
    Don’t believe me. He said it himself

    • Why are THEY slaves? Why aren’t you saying that Gwynnie is the slave? Why does the black person automatically have to be the one told what to do?
      Maybe Gwynnie is attempting to up her cool factor by hanging with them.

      For the record, back when she wasn’t even married and Bey and Jay hadn’t met, G said in an interview in either Elle or Glamour that for her 30th birthday she wanted to see Jay Z in concert. So this whole mash up with them was driven by HER.

      • They are all slaves. Gwyneth just happens to be allowed inside the house. Her father and mother sold her out. They were actors, I think her dad was a director.

        • Yes and she’s “bloodlines”(gentically related to the elite through her wasp mother). So its likely…

          • Who knows how far they go back.. maybe to one of the original 13 of the ‘Nati & ’em!

    • More like 200 million dollar slaves. They spend 2 million a year just to operate their Bombadier.


    What better to sell tickets, keep your name in the press everyday through the entire summer. While everyone is on vacation, and have better things to do.

    Create a fictional BREAKUP!

    LOL!!! We are some real dummies! LOL

  6. She know damn well she isnt attracted to him thats exactly why she denied they were a couple ever since 2000-2008 lol she needs to just stop lying to herself before she wastes more time being a stupid dumb unhappy puppet

    • She really did keep it private. I wouldn’t want anyone to know either. Hes not attractive. Rich, yeah, but he got all his money from snitching on Dame about some distribution deals (like Irv Gotti tried too, trying to backdoor TPTB) ..

  7. That is so true^^^^ she has always been very inconveniencing as an actress and as his wife, she lays it on to thick when talks about her love for him, and he has never publicly said he loved her sham sham sham…i dont believe them

  8. Don’t ask me about no Europeans. I care less
    About Gwen slumming ass. She on her robert
    Green ish. Play friend act as a spy. Look at
    They track record that couple got more talent
    In they pinky toe than she has ever displayed
    In life. I always tell my wife to look at life
    Through mathematics. If they a successful
    Couple and she a miserable whyte thot
    They gonna end up on the losing end.

    I call them coons slaves because they
    Are being pumped by the powers that be
    To deceive the ignorant into a false
    Sense of freedom through selfishness
    And materialism. The whyte man has
    A proven track record of using black
    Stars to forward they wicked agenda.
    Once they run out of selling power they
    Drop them like hot rocks. Jay will become
    Thinly veiled old fag like Quincy jones and
    Beyoncé will get mated by a long line
    Of European gigalos and breed a few
    Quadramaroon kids like Haley berry or Diana
    Ross. Not hating just stating the facts
    This blueprint is obvious and repetitive.
    The whyte man is obvious and predictable
    Don’t believe me ask MJ JAMES BROWN OR
    PAC oh u can’t they fell for the okidoke.

    • The Blueprint? Like Jay’s album?
      You know, Freemasons follow Blueprints .. IJS.

    • The white man?!!!! Trust me, white women are not exempt. So out put their behinds in that boat to but very few white is not like the majority of the culture cause I’ve cross a few caucasians that were genuinely good with God . But i feel where you coming from, right on point.

  9. With that said I bet that Solange fight was staged too. Just to get more phony stories and hype.

    • I don’t know about that, but he definitely smashes Kelly during their 3 ways. And that’s almost as incestuous as if she was part of the family.



  10. Solange probably gave birth to Blu Ivy oh my god lmfao

    • Solange and Bey look alike.
      That baby looks like a Knowles and Jay. The Knowles part could be from Solange. Nobody cares about her, she could have been pregnant at that time. Everyone was so focused on Bey being “pregnant”, so it does make sense.

      • so solange was the surrogate mom bey’s not gonna like this.

        why would you go against mother bey not being pregnant.

        if mother bey was pregnant she was pregnant damit.

        where is the beeyhive at so they can blast YOU TO HADES.

          • Beyonce’s fans Willie. And The Beygency is the arm of the Beyhive who go after anyone dissing their Queen. Crazy Chris is the CEO of The Beygency. lol jk

            • Oh .A legion of ppl who defend someone who could care less.. that’s silly. .

              I guess ppl are really invested in this marriage. .probably more than the Carters themselves

    • Are you arguing with yourself?
      Which one is the real?
      Which one is the troll?

  11. gweneth is 1 ugly ass white girl.

    she needs injections and implants she can afford it since its the white girl special maybve if she did jigga would divorce bey quicker.



  13. They can’t seem to stop cheezin and grinning around old Goop, what’s up with that? You’d think they never met a white woman. And why is Beyoncé trying to mirror Gwyneth, same hair, same color clothes….Stupid!

    • And holding hands too..
      Talk about wanting to copy white ppl.. this is photo proof..
      I highly doubt Bey called Gwyneth & asked what she was gonna wear that night..

      Remember Gwyneth is white and already had Blonde hair, so G didn’t copy that from Bey..

      GWyneth looks bothered in the lower pic.. like “you’re gonna have to talk to the staff about that, honey “.. but Jay’s awful happy to be there..

      • They are on a yacht in the lower photo so it isn’t that recent. I think they all cruised the Med last summer. You know the Carters just love The Italian Riviera!! Me too. After seeing their pics of Portofino I decided to go and it was fantastic.

  14. Jay-Z and baphomet Beyonce are examples of rich black celebrities kissing up to white racist hollywood royalty! Please don’t think they’re the only ones. Others rich black celebrities have done the same thing. I’m not going to name names because they’re too many names; it’s the equivilant to the house slave during slavery!

  15. Kelly sing her praises, Bey rarely mentions her… but she is so chummily and lovey with this chick.. Kelly need to get her some sense, she sound stupid in EVERY single interview she worships this girl… I love Beyoncé, I’m not a hater but she need to see that broad don’t even acknowledge her in the white privileged world they live unlike Oprah and her lady, I mean best friend Gail…

  16. If they come out wit one more story about them I will fall on the floor they need to divorce or separate or something cause this is irritating who the f*ck care they both need to go away.

  17. jigga’s probably f*cking gwennie baby on the yacht handrails and beyonce is so dumb to watch
    secretly she lushes for white d*ck but she can’t because it will damage her reputation and career

    little do they know gwennie pasty wrinkly baby is using them for street credit
    why do black singers/rapper’s go cray cray over white actors???

    kelly rowland is better than beyonce she’s more down to earth while beyonce is wooden fake!!!

  18. I remember when Jay Z and Beyonce first started dating, it was Jay Z who wanted to keep in on the DL, because Beyonce’s reputation as a spoiled brat was kickin’ live back in da days. LOL…the way she treated the members of Destiny’s Child and her overall Diva arrogance in general was not how Jay rolled and is not what he wanted to be associated with at the time. Now, money talks BS walks, so he cannot deny his affiliation with her. But I remember them Blueprint days when he would take secret vacations and getaways with her. He’s changed her a lot…No one liked her in the Hip Hop/R&B genre back in the days.

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