Soul Singer Betty Wright: Rapper Rick Ross Is ‘Genius’

Rick Ross & Betty Wright

The ‘Sanctified’ price seems right for singer Betty Wright! Know why? Not only is the “Clean Up Woman” turning the other cheek away from William ‘Rick Ross’ Roberts’ disrespecting Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis (not to mention glorifying date rape) — Betty Wright says the former correctional officer is “a genius”… AND a “well mannered” one, at that!!!

Here’s what Betty Wright told TheGrio:

“Well, first of all, he is a genius….He’s got an incredible tonality to his voice. He has an incredible memory. He listened to the song that we did on my album called “Bodyguard,” just listened one time and said, “I’m ready. Come on big homie, let’s go.” And he just went in! He went in and he remembered everything…. He got a little frightened though because I told him I wanted him to sing on my record. He was like, “Ah, no ma, I don’t sing!” (Laughs) But he’s definitely a big personality. He’s very well mannered.”

Did Betty Wright also praise Yeezus for “talking to God.. in [his] own way? Of course! Just ask Puffy.


  1. I was leery of giving his new cd a chance, but I cant lie the whole CD is a banger from start to finish

  2. RICK ROZAY does GREAT MUSIC, but his image is fraudalent and he needs to give FREEWAY RICKY ROSS his name back and go by something else, the same goes for 50 CENT, Curtis Jackson is from QUEENS, NY, the real 50 CENT, a jack boy was from BROOKLYN P.DIDDY dones changed his name various times

  3. Betty Wright is missing the bigger picture. Rick Ross is the kind of blackman we need to expunge from our race. My patience for the violent, ass-kissing, sista-hating hip-hop niccas is very low…Very Low! This man is a fake thug of the worst kind. Betty Wright can do better than this. Him being from Miami doesn’t matter, maybe to her it does.

  4. This lady cut a record called “You’re a Hoe and You Don’t Know” so I wouldn’t be much surprised by anything she says. A great memory and manners does not a genius create.

  5. I will respectfully disagree with Ms Betty. Martin Luther King,jr was a genius, Charles Drew was a genius Rick Ross is not a genius

    • Martin a genius?Are you aware that Martin Luther attempted Communism School?How genius is that for the so-called black leader whom preached integration.

  6. I am a fan of much of Betty Wrights music but I don’t agree with her labeling Rick Ross a genius or anything along those lines. There was a time that one had to pay dues and actually achieve greatness to be called a genius! Barry White was a musical genius..Rick James also. They wrote, sang, arranged , produced music, and played several instruments. Know what a genius is!

  7. Most of these damn rappers now a days don’t do sh8t but sample other artist music.Where is the creativity in that?

    • That’s what rappers have always done. Hip-Hop was built on sampling. Part of the ‘creativity’ comes from how those samples are used/spliced in the songs.

      As for Ross, he’s a mediocre rapper who has a great ear for beats, which in no way makes him a ‘genius.’

  8. @Anon 10:30 What leaders?The bible says the Gates thereof Languish.Which means we don’t have any leaders.Read Jermiyah 14:2 for clarification.

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