Breezy Was Bangin’ Randoms Behind Karrueche’s Back!

Chris Brown Man-Whore

New information reveals Chris Brown’s gettin’ around could be the real reason why Karrueche kicked the ‘Loyal’ singer to the curb! Sources say Breezy was “gettin’ down with girls in rehab.”

Here’s the latest:

“Karrueche saw Chris’ phone during one of her visits — and it was filled with inappropriate texts from other girls. It was the last straw.

Karrueche was especially pissed because she’d been nothing but supportive to Chris throughout his ordeal, even going to court with him.”


  1. What percentage of men DON’T cheat? Like, women need to get over it. I get so tired of hearing about cheating men and the emotional women who constantly talk about it. If you can find a man who doesn’t cheat on you and reports his every move, thought, and action to you on a daily and hourly basis, great.

    • Yall for real? Women need to get over it and what? Let they man lay up w whoever and bring home all kinds of stds and make a few outside babies so there is less money on the household? Since you are all for it, does that mean we as women should cheat also? I really don’t understand you chicks and your standards

      • 1. Not every man “brings” home an STD.
        2. Not every man makes a baby with his mistress.
        3. Instead of expecting a man to be completely faithful, why not have it in the back of your mind that, “Hey, maybe he could be out cheating.”
        4. Over-emotional reactions about cheating are typical and played out. Women push for monogamy, but will shun poly-type relationships, when in all actuality, they’re probably sharing their man already anyway.

        • Cool but answer the question. Nobody is saying every man everything. But when folks are out spreading dick all over town, it greatly increases the possibility and probability. And if, as a woman, you are sitting home thinking as you sais “hey, he could be out cheating”, how so you occupy YOUR time? You chart too? Wait til he comes home reeking of foreign punnany and then.simply encourage him to wash? Kiss him knowing he likely have the next broad oral, or just ignora all those things and be happy you have a man (and I use the term have very loosely)

          • Women need to stop thinking so black and white. There are always gray/in-between areas for real. Women think on “all or nothing” levels and that’s why they keep having the same issues when it comes to men. Look, you can be the prettiest, the freakiest, you can have 28 degrees, cook the best, speak the best, have the best hair, shape, skin, credit, etc. A man is going to cheat if he chooses to. Women need to stop validating themselves based on marital status/men alone. Women need to have back up plans and understand that at the end of the day, yes a man can make them happy, but all of their happiness shouldn’t be dependent on him. Women need to learn to love themselves, support themselves, and grant happiness to themselves so that they can take care of themselves in all areas if their relationship(s) fail. Period!

            • I don’t get it. Are we talking about women being independent? Or men having an automatic license to cheat? It seems ike we very much are talking abouttwo different th things. I think women need to be independent not defined by if they have a man. But if they do have one, they shpuldnt have to put up w/ anyaand everything just to keep him. I know my husband doesn’t want to look on the face of our newborn baby and see some redheaded Chinese dude staring back. if he wants to know I’ve been faithful, so should blhe he.

            • I think women need to hold men to the same standards that men hold women to.

              No man who considers someone his woman is going to accept her bringing home an STD; having a “break baby” or bringing another man into the relationship.

              Yet SOME women who either are insecure, have daddy abandonment issues, or have
              bought into the absolute lie that there’s a man shortage will do anything to have or be
              with a man — even when they know the man ain’t worth S#&T.

              I believe everyone should accept their truth. If you’re a man or woman who wants to date multiple partners and not be monogamous, do yourselves and the world a favor and stay single.

              Cut out the bs and life will be a lot less complicated and more enjoyable.

        • I am sure that the, ‘not every man brigs home an std’ bull relates to how often said man cheats. If he cheats regularly then the odds are dramatically increased that at some point he is going to bring home an std –

          If he can’t be faithful then as a woman you should kick his butt to the curb! You only get one shot in this life

        • More pro male drivel. Men who can’t be happy with one woman should remain single. Why is this so hard for you people to grasp? If you are from a western country, your culture should have freedoms. You don’t have to forcibly marry or settle down with a woman and live a traditional life. So why then make promises, lie and manipulate a woman into thinking she is your only one when she isn’t???

          The long and short of it is, some men are manipulative and greedy by their very nature. You want the stability and the domesticity of having a woman at home, but crave the thrill of having sex with multiple partners.

      • That’s emotionally battered and bruised black female logic. Not all have it, but it is a view point that runs rampant.

        Unfortunately some dumb women, black women EVEN think it’s manly that a man has a dirty dick and gets around.

        Low self esteem is a mofo

        • I live in a town where a lot of women are like that. The huge majority is white. Let’s not stereotype.

  2. I’m impressed by Karreuche’s self respect and standards. Trust, she will win in the end, and it probably won’t be CB, but she will win and come out on top.

    • Lol. Drinking the kool aid, I see. When Chris needs her to appear stable in the public eye, she will go running back. She is an employee. You see she looks so relaxed and content, even when her ex is locked up? That’s because she has been given lucrative opportunities due to connection with Chris. She is in her element, all because of who she used to sleep with.

    • I agree. Its nice to see a gal with some self respect. Good for her. She can teach some of these stupid girls on here a thing or two.

  3. she is not winning. she is thirsty. her fame is on a all time low. she really never had any) thank breezy for that. no hating here. shes cute but that where it stops. breezy will be breezy.

  4. Please dude been cheating on her forever plus she was a sister wife. What I really want to know is how much did she take him for before she bounced. I know she did not leave empty handed..nope. She looks sneaky as isshhhh.

  5. I know with the ratio of stds out all some men and some women can say is get over the cheating. Guess these niggas aint loyal

  6. He’s been cheating on her for years and she knows it. She must think one of these ballers or D-list rappers are going to be her new sponsor. If he snaps his fingers tomorrow she’ll be back.

  7. Sistas, lowering the bar created this problem from the jump. All men don’t cheat, but, all women are not faithful either. We gotta stop babysitting blackmen, because, it’s killing us. What is Chris Brown trying to prove? A New Slave hooked on drugs, got a record, in chains, cheating on his girl…Young Black Male 2014!

    • You’re right Ty,

      Women don’t understand they have MOST OF THE POWER!

      Close your legs.

      Jiggas will learn how to court you, buy flowers, call when they say they’re gonna do it, and live up to the standards you set.

      A man can’t cross a line you don’t draw!

      • Nice black and white world you’re living in there. I’ll speak generally, because sweeping generalizations are silly. However women, especially young women are unfortunately susceptible to peer pressure from both genders. The good girl, with morals who respects herself gets framed as a ‘Frigid’, ‘A Square’ or ‘A tease’. If she’s cute, there are unsavory characters who will make it their life’s work to break her down.

        In order for there to be understanding and respect regarding fidelity, boundaries and so on, BOTH men and women have to change.

        There is ZERO point telling a woman to keep her legs closed, if the men around her life are uncouth dogs on heat. Men need to do better also. Simple.

        • I don’t live in a “black and white” world. I live in the real world and I’m old enough and smart enough to speak in specifics, not sweeping generalizations.

          The peer pressure you mentioned is only “pressure” if you succumb to it. And believe it or not, some women do have a mind of their own and can connect the dots regarding their wants, needs, likes and dislikes regardless of “pressure.”

          If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this kind of woman you’ve missed a wonderful thing.

          As for a woman being called “frigid,” a “square,” or a “tease,” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the 21st Century, not the Victorian era! Who gives a flying flip if a man gets his nose out of joint because a woman exercises her RIGHT to not sleep with him?

          When I said “keep your legs closed,” I’m speaking from the standpoint of meeting someone and taking your time to get to know them. True, you can’t know everything about a person (and folks can lie) but it is MY opinion that a lot of women jump into bed with men way too quickly, often with catastrophic results.

          I will say, though, that we’re on the same page as far as women and men needing to change and do better.

          #notfrigidsquareoratease LOL!!!!!!!!

  8. If you can’t control your hormones you shouldnt be in any type of monogamous relationship point blank period. Too many unwanted kids/pregnancies, STDs etc. If you wanna be single stay single nothing wrong w/ that. People trying to act if cheating/passing on STDs/creating kids out of lust and not love is only not normal but healthy and its not! Especially for that kid, or that faithful/loyal partner at home that catches something she/he can’t get rid of or that is going to affect her the rest of her life and help hinder options in findomg someone who truly is faithful/loyal. People both men and women need to step up and have higher standards and don’t settle just because you don’t want to be alone or go w/o sex. Money is no substitute for being a parent and showing what a balanced 2 parent home should look like.

  9. rich men has a history of cheating.

    cb’s only doing what the girls let him do.

    he’s no better or different than all these other singers and rappers doing it.

    at least cb’s not married yet so hes breaking no vows.

  10. if wayne can impregnate the world and people kiss his ass he’s no betyter than cb cept chris has’nt impregnated anybody yet unlike wayne, puff, dmx and plenty more.

    • what Mormons do….one man multiple wives that he has kids by “sister/wife” where the women are supposed to be loyal to one man, but that one man can do as he pleases and have as many wives as he wants.

  11. Chris sounds like a sex maniac. Only been in the rehab for a short time, and already sexing someone. These DL men always tryna prove something.

  12. No, its like Rhianna and her are sister wives
    Wife in laws
    Or something to that effect

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