Ludacris Ordered To Pay $10K Mo Child Support & No More ‘Breaks For Babies’…

Ludacris Loses Custody

Tamika Fuller has won sole custody of her three-month-old daughter, fathered by Luda. The rapper, who was suing for full custody and support, is now ordered to fork over ten-rack$ a month — in support of the pair’s child, Cai Bella Bridges.

“Ludacris will get “supervised” visitations. It isn’t clear why Luda’s visitations must be supervised when he had joint physical custody of Cai just last month.”

Luda’s known ‘Fab’ beard, Eudoxie Agnan is laying down the ground rules…

Ludacris Outted


  1. Someone who got into med school should be able to communicate more clearly. I guess this is all supposed to convince us that A) Luda is straight and B)they were on “break” when the baby happened. Yeah right.
    Anyway I’m glad the side chick got sole custody. I wouldn’t trust Luda or his beard around the baby. They are bitter now because its going to cost them more per month than expected to keep this little charade going.

    • I agree!!! Good for her. Luda shouldn’t be kissing any babies with booty juice on his lips. And his beard is a damn fool. Some people will do anything for a few dollars and a little publicity. Just because you’re in this world doesn’t mean you have to be of this world.

  2. What percentage of men DON’T cheat? Like, women need to get over it. I get so tired of hearing about cheating men and the emotional women who constantly talk about it. If you can find a man who doesn’t cheat on you and reports his every move, thought, and action to you on a daily and hourly basis, great.

    1. Not every man “brings” home an STD.
    2. Not every man makes a baby with his mistress.
    3. Instead of expecting a man to be completely faithful, why not have it in the back of your mind that, “Hey, maybe he could be out cheating. Here is how I may try to deal with it IF I do find out.”
    4. Over-emotional reactions about cheating are typical and played out. Women push for monogamy, but will shun poly-type relationships, when in all actuality, they’re probably sharing their man already anyway. How many Black men and Black women do you know with multiple children by multiple partners, yet these same people have the nerve to turn up their noses at anything other than monogamy? The joke is really on the people who don’t realize how society and their personal actions REALLY and TRULY work.

      • Of course it won’t fly because people hate the truth and they also hate for their comfort zones and traditions to be challenged. I stopped living in a fairy tale years ago.

          • Thanks! I’m pasting from the other post, but really all that I’m trying to say is: Women need to stop thinking so black and white. There are always gray/in-between areas for real. Women think on “all or nothing” levels and that’s why they keep having the same issues when it comes to men. Look, you can be the prettiest, the freakiest, you can have 28 degrees, cook the best, speak the best, have the best hair, shape, skin, credit, etc. A man is going to cheat if he chooses to. Women need to stop validating themselves based on marital status/men alone. Women need to have back up plans and understand that at the end of the day, yes a man can make them happy, but all of their happiness shouldn’t be dependent on him. Women need to learn to love themselves, support themselves, and grant happiness to themselves so that they can take care of themselves in all areas if their relationship(s) fail. Period!

            • YOU posted that same shit on another post. What exactly is your point? It’s very simple, if you think its ol for men to cheat let your man run trains w his boys on random hoes, bring back all kinds of cootchie juice and you can lovingly handwash his dirty draws w your tears for all I care. But don’t try and teach a younger generation to have no self respect.

            • I think K is some Mormon troll plant here to try to convince us to join her and her sister wives. Ain’t no self respecting BW spouting this bs.

            • That was the most profound and honest post ever read on this sight. However in a forum full of people who live in a fantasy world, you’ve just thrown your pearls before the swine.

            • Lol…if your truth is that all men cheat you either are a man who does it, or a woman who accepts it. Male or female you a stupid hoe. No wonder the first thing that popped into ya head was a “pearl necklace”. You probably like “daisy chains” too. Big idiot.

    • Woman need to get over men cheating because they’re probably already man-sharing and don’t know??? That’s a new one on me. I guess we should all just join the cast of sister wives and just celebrate a man’s inability to keep it in his pants? I’ll be sure to pass this info onto my three daughter’s– I’ve been teaching them wrong their whole lives….you sound stupid as f$ck! Go kill yourself for this dumb -ish you’re talking.

      • So you’d rather your daughters be hurt and blind-sided, rather than be smart and as prepared as much as they can? Communication is usually the problem in most relationships, but you probably don’t understand OR employ that, and that’s why your comment is so simple-minded and asinine. Your man is never really yours, but I’ll let you believe otherwise. Peace out. LOL

        • You clearly have trust issues and you must have fucced every man in the world to posit that all men cheat. Maybe all the men you have fucced with have cheated on you but that doesnt make every man a cheater. I would be just as foolish to teach my daughters that all men cheat as I would that all people lie, all people are racists or any other simple @ss generalization of the world. If it apply’s to your life that’s cool but it’s really a stretch and disrespectful to the men out there who are good Christian’s and follow God’s plan for them and are just above that bullsh$t. Get some therapy for your issues bae.

          • @SIASD,

            You said a MOUTH FULL! Bravo. All men do not cheat and when they do, women need to stop making excuses for it and leave their asses.

          • @SAISD. Thank you very much!!!! I think this is the first time anyone on here has said the all men don’t cheat. I grit my teeth every time is hear it said. You put it into simple terms so a clown can understand it. Just about everyone has been messedover by the opposite sex. People need to stop with the madness. Hell most lesbians cheat on each other with both sexes. It’s a personal thing gender has nothing to do with it. And to be honest, women cheat just as much as men but they are better at it.

            Next up, killing the “all black men want A white woman” bullshit.

        • K, I understand you people have an agenda. You are all slowly and systematically trying to destroy black marriage and black families. It won’t worry. My family is actively practicing sled preservation and we are part of a movement DETERMINED to survive this genocide attempt. you are wasting your time here. everyone knows you are not a black woman. you are a troll.

        • Its almost as if your promoting the concept of women setting themselves up to be disappointed and take it in stride.. Be okay with that because well its just one of them things that men do and we as women have to deal with as women right? WRONG! Loving yourself is also knowing when to walk away from someone who doesn’t respect you.. Seeking validation is a totally different issue.


    • When a man is obsessed/addicted to you…they DON’T cheat;D
      Does Tamia have a cheating problem??

      • I agree with this! Child, there’s a HUGE difference between your man LOVING YOU and BEING IN LOVE WITH YOU. A man who both loves AND is in love with his woman will not cheat.

        • Women these days cheat just as much as men. Both sexes need to get over it. Men cheat and think they are getting away with something. What they don’t know is that their women are playing the game better than they are.

            • It’s not that I don’t believe you are a cheater and a whore because I really do, its just that I do not believe a cheater and a whore like you is representative of most women.

            • It’s all biological ! Not all humans can have the same partner only for 30 yrs…humans will stray at some point. It’s all science. Humans are not born to be with only one partner ! It’s all primal! We r primates like gorillas!

            • @5:59, u do realize that its primates , and wolves and foxes that actually do mate for life right? Chimps do and most varieties of gorillas .Also they are animals so primarily concerned w reproduction cuz they don’t know no better. If I wanted a human gorilla w no soul ,no remote and no morals I would hunt down Shug Knight. As it is, you are welcome to him.

            • Yeah your right but the gorillas or wolves mate with a different mate not the same one everytime, pick up a bio science book and study primal behavior in primates. F suge knight …he is not in this conv! Real talk, no shade.

            • Lol…you are silly. For life means one partner. That bio book you were just pushing? Read it yourself. Because silverbacks asides, gorillas seem to do serial monogamy. You can’t mate for life with a different partner each time unless you are on some kinda immortal /multiple lifetimes/ reincarnation type trip, lol

        • @Alexis, U just made a valid point and got me thinking about a conversation last month. Damn come to think about it, at least he told me the truth but told her lies. I guess my ex and I knew each other for 21 years to know each other well.

        • Shyt….only the small d men….the big d men and good looking men …always have more women…so if your man is too good looking you gonna have issues with cheating cause other women want him too! They say get a ok looking guy or kinda ugly….they he may more so be faithful. Get a handsome man too fine…it’s a problem for life!!!

          • You do realize that this is said about women’s too, right? Not just men, lets stop telling half the story. Women are the same as men when it comes to faithfulness.

          • LMAO SORRY BUT THAT COMMENT MADE ME LAUGH… LMAO Millie Jackson..said it too in one of her songs..Ole UGMO… you would think that he would have been faithful..being that she didn’t think anyone else wanted him..WRONG..even some of the less attractive men have their options as strange as it sounds..someone for everyone..

    • Cosign!

      I am tired of these broads with the “cheating” BS that the lesbos and feminist socialists breated just to give them a reason to harass and haggle men and try to have the upper on hand on men…and the same broads complaining about it have had their back blown out many times while they was in relationships too but will claim it’s the man’s fault for neglecting them.

      I got 3 words for these angry bird women “Ho Sit Down”

  3. Yo! K has valid points, lmao, whether you wanna hear ’em or not. It’s funny when women say “All men don’t cheat” but then get mad when other women say “All men do cheat”. We will never really know, but as history, statistics, divorce rates, and stories like these show, it looks like A LOT of men do in fact cheat. It is what it is ladies. Make the best out of your situation though.

    • Of course all men are capable of cheating on anyone. But I don’t have to accept it and I sure don’t have to approve of it. nope. What’s right for my mother is right for me.

    • make the best of your situation how? What do you do when your man cheats on you? Join him in threesomes? That won’t work for us non lesbians so what else ya got?

      • Well, I’m just saying. Making the best out of your situation is based on your personal circumstances. I know a lot of women who put up with cheating men and take them back. I know a lot of women who don’t. To each his/her own. All of these women, regardless of their situations, have a lot of reasons as to why they stay or go.

      • Anon:

        You can’t rationalize with stupid. You know this. Females on HSK posting Ronnie ho quotes and THOT philosophies serve to enable immature males who have yet to evolve into faithful, loyal men.

        Don’t feed the trolls. Lol

        • Bella, girl, sometimes you get my morning going better than this mocha choca latte ! Ok, time for zumba class,lol

  4. Good For Her…He Can Afford It! All men are capable of cheating, but, all of us don’t. Nowadays, cheating has deadly consequences. This harsh reality we must understand moving forward. Despite having financial stability, Ludacris still chose to be an immature, stereotypical negro…No Self Control! We’re stuck in the 1970s.

    • STDs don’t always happen because of cheating. What about the girl who got raped and got Herpes? What about the man who never disclosed his 20 year old Gonorrhea status to his woman? I understand what you’re saying, but people act like cheating is the ONLY way to spread an STD. It may be one of the main ones, but it’s not the only way.

      • @Alexis

        A blackman with no self-control is dangerous, blackwomen have been in denial too long. We have a major problem as blackmen, as it relates to how we view sex and blackwomen. Lotta cats love to smash, but, they have no real love and concern for the health of the sistas they lay down with…A Problem!

        • Happy to see someone has some damn sense up in here.. You hit the nail on the head Tyrone. SPEAK ON IT!

          • Damn, Miss K, I thought it was you promoting the nonsense on this thread , along w that fool ass Alexis, it I see its K, it Miss K. Watchout, you might be the next victim of the identity jackers

          • @Miss K

            At this time in our history, we have 2 generations of black males that hate “Chocolate Kush” for some unknown reason. If we don’t love and treasure the p***y we came out of…Ain’t No Love! My love for blackwomen is tied to both ends of the spectrum…Spiritual & Sexual. We can’t disconnect one from the other. A blackman who is passionate about his black sisters wants the best for them—Not Death & Disease. It’s deeper than a triangle between your ebony thighs Sista, They Don’t Know!

        • Thank you bruh, I can’t tell you how much sex I walk away from. It ain’t hard when you love yourself. Life is not all about Getting into bed. To be honest, the same thing that applies to women apply to men. If you have A man that has self love, morals and self esteem then just like a woman he won’t cheat.

          • As blackmen, we struggle with the issue of cheating. Sex is complex for all men, but, it’s amplified even more due to stereotypes and our own ignorance. Women of all tribes are drawn to us, sistas crazy about us…We’re Spoiled In That Way! With these blessings come greater responsibility as well. On a deeper level, brothas need to understand that the family jewels are not ours alone. Our women are the gatekeepers of our sexual bliss. One Sista/One Vagina is the rule in Western Culture, but, blackmen are not Anglo. This is foreign to us, and in some ways, not so much. In Africa, it’s a mixed bag. Some tribes are female-centric, male-centric, poly, etc. Our foreparents understood the nature of men despite the obvious contradictions inherent. Again, the women are the issue. In slave times, it was all about sex and babies. Today, women have careers, goals, etc. Can we adapt to this new age woman who wants it all…good man, loyal man, working man, good provider, good in bed, etc. Can a brotha melt one chocolate candy at a time, or, is that asking too much of a brotha? Either way, we gotta love our women with passion…No Other Way! Stay Up Brotha!!!

    • According to K you dont even exist on this Earth let her tell it. You must be figment of our imaginations…

    • YES … SPEAK… I never understand when women or men choose to generalize an entire gender. If you are a good woman and you know it how can you not believe that there are good men in the world. Backwards thinking. Just because you haven’t met one doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. While many men may cheat..,every man doesn’t cheat!Same goes for women.

  5. Where Bella at? Now that’s one person have seen it first hand on a daily basis about this problem. She can pretty much can estimate how many cases of divorce due to infidelity.

    • I’m here. Believe it or not, per statistics, the #1 reason for divorce is money, not infidelity.

      From what I’ve seen, if a man thinks, not eve confirms, but THINKS his wife was unfaithful, he leaves. Men rarely forgive. But when women know their bf has been unfaithful, they will marry him, like marriage is going to curb his infidelity.

      I know women seek financial security. That’s fine, but don’t sacrifice your sanity, self respect and/or health for the sake of a dollar. It is not worth it.

      • So that’s why my friend broke up with me. Money and the lifestyle. But according to Psalms Ch . 40 verses 1-17. Said it all for me! :–)

        • I can attest to many a men who were willing to break the law, if need be, to keep me in their good graces (so they could “provide”) for me. That’s not a game I’ve ever played.

          Dissolutions may occur over a lack of money, but I’ve seen plenty of them where the couples have a lot of money and greed gets in the way.

          • Dammmmmmnnnnnnn!! That’s crazy!! It’s not like they can take the money with them when they are dead and gone.

            • People lose sight of their priorities when they go from have nots to haves in many cases. “Its funny how money changes situations.”

      • Hey BA you make some valid points on those Hamites glad somebody calls them out! Keep doing what you’re doing.

        • Hey Queen Empress,you know I have much disdain for Hamites and I will keep my foot on the gas baby girl.Shalom

  6. Well I for one am glad that this little stunt of his backfired on him. Put a rubber on or pay up, in fact why is a gay man sleeping with a female without one on anyway? Ludacris is irresponsible and nasty. Who would?

  7. Us men are usually always considered cheaters but ask yourself, who is it we are cheating with?Another female so who’s really at fault?

    • Every person including YOU is responsible for your actions! A woman can lay down legs spread wide..don’t mean you have to hit it.. That is a choice.. Its called having some self control… ole weak for pu*ssy azz mofos.

      • I’m not weak for shit because I’ve turned down Legions of Pu$$y.Ask the Hamite woman who just recently offered me the box and was rejected.I’m not the average Joe honey!I know how to conduct myself.Try again!

  8. When all of my Hebrew women awaken to this truth they’ll know first hand that theirs no such thing as a cheating man.Because you’re foremothers shared a husband.A Hebrew man can marry more than one woman.This is Bible prophesy.Stop slope america to dumb you down people.

  9. When all of my Hebrew women awaken to this truth they’ll know first hand that theirs no such thing as a cheating man.Because you’re foremothers shared a husband.A Hebrew man can marry more than one woman.This is Bible prophesy.Stop allowing america to dumb you down people.

    • Bullsh*t.. I ain’t sharing sh*t if I can help it! Can women have more than one husband? Probably not.. Seems to me the only one benefiting from that share a man with several women concept are them men. Just a way for men to feel justified in f*cking as many women as they want, while the woman eagerly looks at a calendar trying to figure out when its her tun to be with her.

      • Bullshit!!The Bible says in the times of Tribulation which is coming to America very soon their will be 7women to every one man,so prepare for these events.History always repeats itself.

        • I ain’t sharing mine. Point blank and period. You can round up K and Alexis and all them other tricks but I’m not down w the spouse sharing. Ain’t no way

          • The hell you aren’t,all kingdoms besides America the men all have multiple wives.Your Hebrew foremothers all shared they’re husbands and those days are coming back.Get ready!The American Honeymoon for you black women will soon be ending.Shalom.

            • Nope. I’m simply not doing it. During those seven years those not raputured out are going to be focused on survival not lining up seven pussies and choosing which one each night.
              Say the world goes crazy…ill just keep all this bronze lustre to myself. I’m way too pretty to put up w six other hitches on a daily. Ain’t happening. Ever.

  10. That’s good for that nigguz ass. He’s flossin in exotic locales during the holidays and splashing out big bucks on a move to Miami to live with his concubine, yet he’s trying to play down his net worth to short change his new born kid with this woman. He’s acting like she got pregnant on her own. Ludacris is a grade A AssH01e. Bet Tamika won’t be getting evicted from anymore apartments, HA! CHECKMATE NIGGAH!

  11. So let me understand this .. Women are wrong for expecting their mate to be faithful when they are? Its not okay to have standards? I say stand for something or fall for any ole bullsh*t! What exactly is the purpose of getting and staying married or in a relationship if you are just going to continue to DO YOU…

    • Because we want a variety ….human males brains are hardwired for many mates to mate with….its straight science! Why do men make billions of sperm and women only make a egg once a month? Men’s sexual drive is ” once we mate and pregnate u …we lose interest and mate a new female ….the cycle continues on and on….why do women keep having kids then complain about it later? Stop getting sperm in you!!

      • Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Men do NOT lose interest when a woman is pregnant. They also typically are not disinterested in their new borns . Luda represents one f*cked up Maury show demographic. Most men don’t suffer from “nonmanupitis” quite so bad

          • Just like rapper future …now he got Ciara….I will give them 2 yrs….they will be over and done with….he will move to the next woman …they will not last!

        • What I mean is a man may have sex with another woman while the main chick is prego….happens 60 percent of the time….that’s why some kids are 8 mths apart …the man strayed….he got bored of that same p$$$y!

          • That is a sterorype promoted by the same group of peoe that are systematically trying to destroy my race. yes there are some men who do this. thats because they are dysfunctional and their female partners are desperate and will put up w anything. This is the wreckage of what crack dis to urban centers…removed a strong male role model from the home and all this trash you see on reality tv and the hood is what comes of it. Btw there are in tact familys in the hood. And the only 2 women I know personally w multiple baby daddies are yt chicks that got preg in high school but are both now married. So don’t pretend its a black thing ,sucka

      • Uhmn ain’t no sperm or baby up in me… first of all..Secondly these women aren’t becoming pregnant via emaculate conception..Clearly it takes two to create a baby.. Birth control is available for men as well as women….Speaking of getting bored of some p*ssy I sure hope these men who love to plant seeds all over town in every Betty Sue & Jane’s garden bush are ready for what comes along with that..babies..and possibly stds… some of yall love raw dogging it…

  12. What the hell is wrong with this site? Why does page reload before you get a chance to post your comment?Get it together.

  13. I knew that he wasn’t getting custody! He hasn’t even seen the baby but wanted custody! That court knew that only reason he wanted custody was to avoid paying the mother of his child financial support! Next time use a condom.Its cheaper than child support for 18-21 yrs. If you don’t think that a woman is worth being mother of your child you shouldn’t be running up in her raw. Most expensive p*ssy you ever paid for. Think with your big head attached to you shoulders and not your little one in your pants.Can’t cry foul when you brought it on yourself. You brag about the money you spend on material bullsh*t ..Make it rain on your baby .. since you like to make it rain on strippers. Man up dude!

  14. How many women have asked your guy if he wants to be faithful
    Can’t be what you don’t want to be

  15. Yeah as if he’s going to tell you the truth. Many men are selfish..they want to hold on to the girlfriend..wife and still have carte blanche to f*ck around..and come home.If he knows that you aren’t down with that program he’ll likely pretend to play that role to keep you around as an option!

  16. Send this to Tommy Sotomayor NOW !!! (Youtube) – P.s. 48% of Black Women have Herpes ! ~ cdc

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