Solange Knowles Has Been Threatening To Hurt Jay Z

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Solange Knowles wants to hurt Jay Z.

Ever since the fated elevator incident, the beef between Beyonce’s less talented sister and Jay Z has been well-known.   Jigga has tried to deal with it as best he can, but whenever she can, Solange lets her brother-in-law know her distaste for him.

Jay and Bey’s relationship has been on the rocks of late as the two struggle to have another child, and the rap mogul is hemorrhaging money with his failed Tidal venture.  There has been chatter that Beyonce is seeking a divorce, but there’s so much money tied up between them that the process will take a while.

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Possibly smelling blood in their relationship, or even being a cause for the problems in Jay and Beyonce’s relationship, sister Solange has been taking shots.  A recent blind item has revealed that while the two were at separate Oscar parties earlier in the year, she sent “threatening text messages,” to him.

What C-list sibling of that A++ list singer bombarded her sister’s husband with threatening text massages while at another after party? If the husband hasn’t gotten a restraining order, he should seriously think about it.

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  1. Solange always hated Jay Z but since the elevator incident I think it’s time for Beyonce to give him his walking papers. This marriage was a business deal to stay in power. Beyonce could have had any decent looking man but settled for Jay Z. Lol.

  2. That poor child blu is going to have a rough life being that her parents are overrated and garbage. She will look back and wonder why her mother never combed her hair and dressed her right.

  3. “Beyonce’s less talented sister”, I actually giggled at that. Anyways, she showed what she could do to him and the only one who can stop it is Beyonce. Beyonce flies for divorce and Jay-Z agrees. Both suffer Mega money loss but at least he won’t deal with Solange anymore. Or he can simply not be in the same room let alone events with her. And he stop reading texts from her. That’s all I got…

    • they kinda stupid if you ask me. they all act like he some broke man who isnt taking care of her. unless she has got stds from him really she got a good deal

  4. None of this is surprising. I to agree that this relationship is a business deal. B’s dad knowing she would be good going solo gave Bey to Jay. Knowing the money and fame to be made. That and her hooking up with him was her security blanket in case she failed. BC he gives her instant credibility. From looking at the two together I never saw any real love. That and Bey can do much better the him. I don’t know why she went along with naming their baby Blue. Isn’t that the name of of singer he was with long ago. I just thought that Blue was a stage name.

  5. Text messages can always be blocked, so I call foul onthis one. Maybe an album coming out or …..

  6. There appears to be so much more to this ongoing feud. It’s serious and it is something that involves her sister.

    If it’s has something to do with JZ cheating, I think she should let her sister handle her marital issues.

    If it’s something relating to the safety of her sister, then I can understand. If her sister is in an unsafe and unhealthy marriage, then I can understand.

    However, she cannot keep fighting her sisters battle, if her sister does not want HELP.

    But, if her sister is living under harmful conditions,I can understand why she is not giving up.

  7. BK should not stay in an unhealthy marriage just for the sake of $$$$$.

    LIFE is too precious to live under unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

  8. False agenda to demasculinize men. Nobody wants a manly woman. Women, what do you hope to accomplish by trying to check a man? Do you think he will jump cause you say so? Men don’t jump when God says jump anymore, what is the point of a woman’s anger? Women, your anger and need to be right is leaving you alone without a good man or godly family.

    • You sound like a bitch. No disrespect tho. You might just be kind hearted or a product of a mom who, as you put it…..Had NO anger, resulting in raising a soft nigga.

  9. The only time, I seen a woman so angry that she was going beast mode on a human twice her size and didnt give a f*ck was when she had been previously attacked by this person. Im talkin about the up most act of disrespect. Now, I dont know whats going on with Solo and JayZ, but its probably real bad and folks, including blogs, should leave this alone.

  10. I thought yall was for Black love. Of course not. Only BW would promote divorce so easily for a couple. If they have a biz marriage they should stay together till death due them part biz is biz nothing personal. Their beautiful daughter is living larger than 100% of HSK readers.

    Opps sorry this isn’t Kanye and trash Kim whom yall kneegrows slobber and gush over. Keep Black love alive keep supporting Kim and Kanye. thats a joke for the slow kids.

    Yall don’t see the big picture we NEED to see legal black familes and no puffy’s shit ain’t legal. Marriage makes it legal family wealth legacy but naw give it to the white trash bitch that coons and mammies suppor more than they do Beyonce!

  11. Why are you calling Solange a C lister???? First off she’s considered a style Icon over anything else. Learn your facts before insulting someone just because she’s not as popular as her sister or Jay-Z.
    You are always supposed to look out for your family. I don’t care who is involved.

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