Game Gets Schooled, Breezy Takes The Juice!


The streets of Hub City are spilling word painting Game a default player, who’s reported to not be following the rules. They say it’s all because over recent weeks Game has taken up singin’. Just ask Wackstar. According to our sources, Game’s latest rant at Chris Brown’s homey displays a continual pattern of playin’ insta-gansta for pub.

“I don’t want violence with Game cause I have love for him. He’s been mad at me ever since I gave Chris Brown the Compton hood pass.”

You’ll recall Game recently said it was Wankster who allegedly pulled a B and E at Breezy’s family crib. Wankster denies doing anything of the sort. In fact, he says JT was heated over the hood pass he left Breezy with. Game has since taken troll-jock’in Karreuche — apparently leading Breezy to clown dude with ease and playeristic grace …

Peep Breezy’s Game:

“Someone must have something they need to promote,” he wrote, incorporating several *laughing crying* emojis. “It’s sad people need gimmicks to maintain fame. All pub is good pub I guess.”

Alerted to Breezy’s affront, The Game fired back.

“Keep throwing subliminals nigga. We both know it’s ME vs. YOU who gone come out on top punk…I still owe you one for that shit you pulled…We both know yo time coming blood.”

The Game and Chris Brown have shared an amicable relationship to this point and collaborated on Game’s “Fuck Yo Feelings” off his 2014 album Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf. At this point, former Brown affiliate Wackstar eagerly entered the fray, chirping at Game about Blood Moon’s mediocre sales. “You doin’ all the shit for album sales but by the looks of your last album,” he wrote. “Looks like you should try a lil harder.”

The Game then came for Wack with a vengeance. “Tell these fans who really had Chris Brown auntie tied up & his house broke into you p*ssy ass faggot… When I see you I’m gone break yo f*ckin’ jaw. So have yo gun on you p*ssy.”

“Tell these fans who really had Chris Brown auntie tied up & his house broke into you p*ssy ass faggot… When I see you I’m gone break yo f*ckin’ jaw. So have yo gun on you p*ssy.”

Here’s what Wackstar’s homey revealed:

“I am tired of seeing everyone trying to bash Wackstar because of his relationship with Chris Brown! I am very close to him and The Game, I’ve known them for 11 years and I can tell you first hand what the real deal is! The Game is a liar…period! These two grew up together and he’s been mad for years that Wack doesn’t hang with him anymore because he’s a shady individual. Game is bitter because him and Wack used to be best friends and once Wack started hanging with Chris he got jealous. This guy would always have this on and off beef with Chris for no reason then turnsaround and call him his lil bro. SMH!! The Game doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his kids..that’s it! For him to go out and say Wackstar robbed Chris Brown is defamation and best believe lawyers will be involved! Wack and Chris are still close, the only reason he hasn’t been around the first half of the tour is because his mom has cancer. Chris knows Wack didn’t rob him. They wouldn’t still be friends if that’s the case and he was right with CB when everything went down. Chris doesn’t even give him money, Game has surely never given him any money so Wack is definitely not a leech.”


  1. And, AGAIN I MUST SAY….?
    Isn’t there a “Niggas CANNOT threaten other niggas via the Internet” law?
    This is the most ridiculous mess among supposed “grown ass men” I’ve seen….seriously!

    • This what the world has come too .. Especially bulken … A bunch of fags fighting over cb not the ho but the dude … They using a beard to act like it’s over her when it’s all about Dick !

  2. It sounds like they ALL were in love with each other and someone got heart broken ( he say/she say ). I never understood why a dude any dude would be a hanger – on and not be employed in any compacity!

  3. This pedophile the game is disgusting. He’s being sued left and right and needs to grow up. There are more important things for him to be worried about and that’s his kids. He’s going to end up like Suge Knight if he doesn’t stop.

  4. Sounds more like lovers scorned, than guys beefing
    I keep trying to tell y’all that gayness ain’t leave just because he ain’t twerking in thongs anymore, while getting paid on the side for ass and mouth! It’s always been there! Game is one of bitchiest rappers period. He always in his emotions like a female! Shit I’d be mad all the time too if interscope,gunit,cash money f*cked the lining out of my anus and I still didnt have anything to show for it, other than ebeefs,reality shows and fingering little thots.

  5. Yup, they all GAY as hell, all of them. Ok Bi or Trisexual. They’ll try anything. Lol…also Gay for Pay

  6. You notice Chris has not come for Game like he does everybody else, guesss he met his match.

    And why is this wackstar dude always is middle of chris drama like some ride or die girlfriend

  7. Well game is crazy hell fight he served 40 glocc and ras kass cb cant fight game one on one us game has gangties while cb just started saying hes blood

  8. It does sound gay why the hell game worried bout who a dude hang with game showed too much gay chit he let curtis kiss him on the cheek that was gay i fell out and argued with dudes griwing up i never kissed a dude to apologize thats gay plis when he was kicked out of g unit he made a hundred goddamn live songs saying phukk g unit phukk you curtis i miss dre oh dre wont wirk with me this fool kept talking bout dre like they was phukking this fool had a wack ass label put nobody out jpined cash money u know birdman phukked him with the other fags bow wow, young thug omarion, drake, nicki, wayne hell birdman phukked all of them stupid ass game believe him.and yukmouth phukked too yuk.kept talking bout game shaking.his dick.and his tounge ring

  9. Gay ass rappers tey hate women too muchget mad cause anotherdude hang around another dude man i dont want no men around me all the time lime dat

  10. I f*ckin hate the Game. Worst MC ever! Can’t spit one song without name dropping someone more famous. Game is a thot. Funny how he constantly uses the word faggot, but the gay community never goes after him. Does game have a gay pass? Butterfly rapper.

    • Gayme is a vessel to the homo thug community same thing but he’s more filthy with his homosexuality, ruthless fag he is …. the know what team he really batting for … Playball!

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