“I Should Be In Female Prison” – Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t think she should go to a male prison if convicted for causing a death in a car crash last year.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is investigating Jenner for her involvement in a car crash last year when (she was still Bruce Jenner) she slammed into the back of a car and sent a 69 year old woman’s car into an intersection.   That woman died from injuries sustained during that crash, and now Jenner could face up to a year in prison if authorities believe she was negligent in causing the death.

caitlyn jenner prison

In an interview with Matt Lauer for the Today Show, Caitlyn discusses the possibility of going to a male prison and how terrifying that is, “[Going to jail] is the worst-case scenario … the men’s county jail.”  Even though the crime was committed as a male, Jenner does not believe she should face time in a man’s prison.

 “It is an enormous problem that they would put trans women in the men’s county jail, but those are things we are looking into.”

She says she was under the speed limit, was sober, and was not using her phone, so she should not be held accountable.  If that is all true, then why did she rear-end a parked vehicle?

Do you think Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner should be tried as a man?


  1. And she’s right about serving time in a women’s prison instead. Just sayin’…

    • Naw. It’s rich privilege.
      I thought the DA had declined to charge him criminally. Now he has to deal with the civil suit, which of course his umbrella policy will cover.

  2. BRUCE JENNER caused a car accident that resulted in the death of the woman of whom he hit. He hit rear-ended which AUTOMATICALLY puts him in the wrong according to California law. His claims of being under the speed limit, sober & not on the phone mean absolutely nothing. (I believe he was all of the above & a few other things) The one thing we know he wasn’t doing was PAYING ATTENTION. That or he hit that lady on purpose & that’s a different story I won’t discuss but should not be ruled out by anyone including the Sheriff Dept.

    What got me about this was how cavalier Bruce Jenner’s attitude was from that gate with his claims that “he wasn’t paying the deceased lady’s grown step children a dime” because they weren’t close to her. He knew her personal business because that lady was a friend of his neighbors. How & why does he feel he gets to have a choice in paying or not? You & I wouldn’t have a choice. Furthermore, our asses would be in jail without bail until our trial date but because Bruce Jenner & the Kartrampians are best buds with Harvey Levin who is connected to EVERY court, DA & judge in this country he KNOWS he has little to worry about. Malibu is a wealthy community but it’s a small close-knit community as well minus the newcomers such as…all the rappers who’ve tried to make their way there. People are talking & contraty to all the glamorization by the media…a great deal of people are sick of Bruce Jenner & that bitch Caitlyn.

    • How can you say he should be in jail awaiting trial? He hasn’t been charged with anything.

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  5. He still has his sausage and is attracted to women. He is a cross dresser and he should be with men. He still has their strength.

  6. If this dude dont get his dick slanging “Oh I’m not gay. I love women” self out here with this shit. but you know what, on the strength of the women locked up, I’m a let this slide because if I was serving any amount of time, I’d LOVE for Bruce to be my sell mate. When you been without dick for awhile, you take what you can get.

  7. next time I gewt in trouble with the law hell just change your identity just become a whole another person and say you did that in a previous life.

  8. Is this all a psyop to nudge along prison reform? They wanna throw men, women, and aliens with dickpussies like Brucilla into the same prison? Because something stinks about this whole car accident and subsequent transition into the Goddess Formerly Known as Bruce Kardashian. Like, f*ck you, BRUCE, tell the truth! If you’re not gonna man up and chop that dick off, you’re a dude. So stop griping about where you’re MAYBE NOT gonna end up because your money would save you from prison if this was real life we were talking about, and not Whoreywood.

    Remember, y’all, this cocksucker is from the Koven of Kunts, so his hands are not clean, never were. Bruce is just a mentally ill fag who can’t put his balls on the proverbial table.

    The more you peel this onion, the more it stinks.

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