Mariah Carey Getting Breast Reduction Surgery For Boyfriend?

mariah carey breast surgery 2

Mariah Carey wants to get her breasts reduced to make her boyfriend happy.

The aging diva, who is well known for her curves, is unhappy with her look and wants to make some serious changes.   “She’s been complaining that they’re too spread out and plastic-looking,” a source close to Carey reveals.

mariah carey breast surgery 3

This has led to Mariah looking into breast-reduction surgery, and it all may be to make her boyfriend, James Packer, happy.   The 46 year old singer is looking to do anything to keep her billionaire boyfriend, and recently found out that he prefers smaller-chested women.

Carey came across photos of Packer’s ex-girlfriends and they all had small boobs.  This has made the aging starlet very self-conscious and now she wants to have her big breasts downsized to appease her man.


  1. All the $ In The world & still unhappy and stupid. Apparently he didn’t mind the breasts cause they were big when the 2 of them met.

  2. A woman should get plastic surgery for herself to make her feel good about herself and not to appease others. Coming from experience, it doesn’t work. And judging from the motorboating footage I saw from TMZ, he seemed rather happy Mariah was shaking her large bust in his face while they were on his yacht. In that case, Mariah, don’t change a thing.

  3. So this man wants her to have smaller boobs. WTF
    So you really like her but the boobs are holding you back from really ccommitting. Either this story is utter bs or this man is crazy

  4. Sounds as if Mariah’s PR team is trying spin a story to explain any changes to her current implants and lipo session in the future. Watch for It.

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