Solange Knowles Returns Wedding Gifts For Cash

Solonge Returns Wedding Gifts

Solange Knowles returned a bunch of gifts and arraignments from her recent wedding, for cash.

Here’s what’s out there:

“Solange Knowles is tacky, cheap swindler! 3 days after her wedding she returned over $1000
worth of flower vases she bought for the wedding, to a popular nationwide design and furniture store.

She also returned gifts!”


    • Whoa…Me. Reg, Baby Girl help me out with this one. Gotta run to the store for Jay.

      • DR1,

        LMAO….GIRRRLL, if you don’t knock if off!

        But WAIT…WTH??? Who wrote this?
        “arraignments”…meaning the action of arraigning someone in court.

        When they actually meant. ..
        “ARRANGEMENTS”…the manner or way in which things are arranged: FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS

        HSK is not going to worry me today… 😉

  1. Newlyweds do this for one reason, they’re broke! I guess Bey can’t loan them any money. I heard a rumor that Bey and her pimp husband are not as rich as people think.

    • Being broke is not the only reason that newlyweds or any one else may return a gift(s)to the store.

  2. Well maybe they need a roof over their heads more than a bunch of crystal and porcelain. I have an ice cream maker and champagne flutes that I got and have never used. Some people just dont want a bunch of stuff.

    • A bunch of stuff means a junky house. My ex chick knew when I said Im About to clean up, and I had a gleam in my eye and a grin on my face. She knew that meant im pulling out the contractor bags, this ninja is bout to throw everything away that ain’t been used in 3 months.

  3. I would take it back too if that is the store policy for unused items, rich are not. You got to stay rich. But I wouldn’t take back a gift. Only if it was a pair of shoes and the size was wrong. Other than that, it’s tacky!

  4. WHy are so many famous people poor? I’d rather go to college, get a career than chase fame with the risk of not having any money during the down times.

    • It’s the same as the pimp game Lucid. A hooker goes out and earns a bunch of money and at the end of the night they have nothing to show for it but a wet behind. All the while the pimp is in the background raking in the cash.

      • That’s true. But celebrity culture goes out of their way to make us feel small, irrelevant, poor, envious, etc,..but only to find out it’s all an illusion. These people are living on advance money and loans. Only the execs in the fame world have the kind of money they flaunt to the public. And if she’s desperate for cash then it must mean she knows her sister Beyawnce is living the same lie as her, illusion of wealth.

        • Exactly. I never believed the story about the Carters being worth a billion but I do think they earned that amount. Like you said, the executives aka the Lyor Cohen’s are the people sitting in the background collecting the real checks. I would’ve gotten out a long time ago if I were them because it just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

          • I do not believe they are worth 1 billion either. They may be, but I just do not believe it. These HSK stories nowadays just aren’t worth diddly squat.

          • I so totally agree with both a yall. The analogy couldnt be any more perfect. Entertainment industry is one big pimp game and celebs whore themselves out. They trade ass, souls, self respect and for what? Most of em wind up bankrupt drug addicted or crazy. Sad.

            • But they still will have a few Stans, saying “they paid, they pretty, they ballin, they live better than y’all bums, they pop bottles, they f*ck a lot, y’all jealous, y’all hatters,y’all wish you was them”. At the end of the crazy ass Stan’s make it all woth while, cause they are priceless, you can’t buy that kind of stupid….lol

  5. Why is this the publics business??

    If her guests gave her receipts with her gift there’s nothing wrong with returning it… Especially if u receive the gift twice, already have it or simply dislike it. That’s the point of giving the recipient receipts.

    How many of y’all have even had a wedding or are married? Y’all don’t seem to know the basic etiquette of weddings… Pick up an Emily Post book of Etiquette and learn something.

    • A better question is, who is the crazy person watching what Solange is doing with her wedding gifts. Now that’s more disturbing than anything else. The motherf*ckers who told somebody that know sombody, that wish they knew somebody about what Solange was doing with he wedding gifts need hey ass whooped. And anyone else who relays this story needs their ass whooped.

    • Solange is a grown ass woman who has been given plenty of opportunities to make her own money. Besides, you know good and well Jay Z isn’t going to let Beyonce help out his abuser.

      • @Say Cheese

        Their Sisters Got Damn!! Family Comes 1st
        Beyonces Needs To Stop Playing With The Dick And Help Her Sister Out!!

        Opportunities??? Really Don’t Think So, Her Music Isn’t Selling Because Her Sister Is Out Shinning Her In The Charts, Brother In Law Ain’t Helping Her Out Because, He Got Rihanna On Is Dick!!

        • If Solange was in some major financial trouble I’m sure her sister would help her out. But I think Beyonce has already helped her out plenty. Think about it, because of her big sister Solange was able to have a child at 17 that she never had to take care of, she had two husbands who have not contributed financially to the marriage and she’s gotten away with being downright mean and unprofessional to people with almost no repercussions.

          Solange has her own shoe line, she was a DJ for a minute, she models and writes music for her sister. Thanks to Beyonce, she has been given more chances than a lot of folks to find her way and create her own success and she hasn’t.
          Everyone around here knows I’m no fan of the Carters but I can’t blame them here. At some point she has to put her big girl pants on and take care of herself and her child.

        • She hasnt got away wit treating people bad look were she is i dont believe her sister $ as long as they say and her power in the business the exec must lol when they see these uneducated fools coming for a meeting

  6. No Wonder They Had Cheap Ass Wedding!! Matching Bikes And Suits, No Thanks Brides And Grooms Shouldn’t Be Matching
    Except Ties And Bows, Girdle.

    The Food Wasn’t Cheap Neither They Had Shrimp And Champagne

  7. I don’t understand why this is new’s newlyweds do this a lot maybe they already had most of the stuff that they returned, and instead of putting away never to be seen again the logical answer to them was to return it for cash.

  8. The world is so superficial and petty that this story matters to someone. She took the stuff back! So what! the bigger picture they’re married and I hope it last.

  9. Maybe the gifts were not needed or shyt gifts. Though you registered at Restoration Hardware, someone gives a West Elm or Crate and Barrel low end substitute instead. Hopefully they will donate money to a charitable organization. If I were to marry that would be my request since I am established and don’t need anything.

      • I re-read my comment and sounded snobbish. Sarcasm regarding Restoration Hardware though I loved their overpriced factory cart coffee tables. I am not “Big Willie”(yet) but my home is fully furnished. I have enough decor, cookware, tech gadgets, and appliances et al. so the money spent on the Ruffoni Copper Fondue Pot, that will most likely collect dust, should go to a better cause. Most stuff will end up returned, re gifted or at the Goodwill(wasteful!). People need their money and times are hard. Donating helps those in need in addition to providing a tax write-off for wedding guests. I’ve done this in the past for birthday celebrations. However, I will NOT turn down a traditional spraying of money/dollar dance if the time comes. I’m a materialistic minimalist. 😉

        I seriously want to write a gift giving etiquette guide(Example: The grandparents/first degree relatives of the baby that you are expecting should buy your nursery furniture and NOT your coworkers). People act like children in a candy store when creating these damn registries yet they are too frugal to invite and pay for the same guests that they are demanding gifts from to sit at their reception. Couples hit every item in the store with that hand-held scanner like a porn stud performing a money shot. It’s heartbreaking to witness such selfishness and greed, hence the need for my guidance.

        But this is thread should be about Solange and her grandpa husband and a reflection of the stupid shyt that I observe.

  10. Solange is a producer and a writer.Check the credits on Kelly Rowlands first Solo album”Simply Deep”and homegirls pen game is all over 85% of the Album.

      • Publishing/Production credits never dry up because whenever the record sells there’s a check regardless of the release date.

  11. solange is a grown ass woman and shes married its not bey and jay’s job to support her.

    isn’t her hubby a fashion designer or something.

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