50 Cent Wants To Smash Scarlett Johansson


50 Cent said in a recent interview his eye caught Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes last Sunday. Fiddy says he has a crush on the Captain America actress and he doesn’t care if she’s married.

Here’s what Fiddy said:

“I had the luxury of not taking any precautions. Scarlett in that snap-back phase. Meaning just having a baby, her body snapped back right. She was hot, real super-short haircut. Some girls have that long, pretty, beautiful, elegant haircut. She’s got that ‘Oh, your head is pretty too, thing.'”

When we inquired if her French journalist husband, Romain Dauriac, was with her,
Fiddy smiled and told us, “he was not.”


  1. If you f*ck the white man’s daughter, you will get lynched; high tech or literally! The racist white demons will allow black celebrities to f*ck trailer trash beckys like Kim K or Kendra Wilkinson. No black man will ever touch high class beckys like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Ivanka Trump or Jennifer Gates (Bill Gates daughter). The rich white man’s daughter is off limits; always has been, always will be.

    • He’d be better off not fkin’ Scarlett. Word around the industry is she has herpes.

      • You have to do the casting couch to become a hollywood celebrity. Scarlett Johansson is A-list ($20 million for Avengers) so I’m certain that white chick has done some of the most disgusting sex acts known to man (Think Ghettogaggers). I bet you that becky probably has alot more STD’s than just herpes!

          • It’s true Scarlett Johansson f*cked Jeter. It’s true Jeter has herpes. Jeter also f*cked Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

          • V,

            I know on VERY GOOD authority Derk Jeter has a very bad & seriously contagious case of herpes. He has infected WAY more women than Jessica Alba…she definitely got it from him, however, I cannot speak on Gabrielle Union although she’s known to have laid around throughout many parts of the entertainment industry, known & unknown. He slept with Toni Braxton too.

            Derek Jeter infected my former colleague’s daughter. During the same time he had also infected a friend of both of ours at DreamWorks & before we could get past the fact that THIS HAPPENED SO CLOSE TO US… we heard another woman was suing him for the the exact same reason.

            And…I won’t bother discussing the countless stories I’ve heard about him over the years about him sexing “anywhere not caring who sees him.”

      • Wonder what diseases 50 has? I dread to think since he probably had to bend over for Dre to get his deal.

  2. I have seen 50 Cent naked and he won’t be smashing anything. In order to smash you have to have the right equipment. Trust and believe that is not 50 Cent’s claim to fame.

  3. For some reason he ran Vivica Fox crazy. She has not been right since! Now she crying and going back to being a hard female thug and then cry again. Bi-Polar! Atleast he has not gone to the gay black celeb thang yet. I guess

  4. He Called A Black Woman A Bytch, Just Because She Pointed Out The Facts About The Exodus Movie, Only Had White Actors

    The Numskull Took A Pic Of Christian Bale!!

  5. She Looks Like A Dyke In This Pic!!
    Fiddy Looks Like Her Co-Signer!!

    Don’t Forget Monkey Shyt Smashed Wrinkly Neck Chelsea Handler And Air Head Paris Hilton!!

    Black Men In Hollywood Are ALL Sellouts, I Rather Fuck My Pillow Than To Date A Black Man!!!

        • Who Are Your Calling A Ho?
          This Is The Reason Why I Don’t Like Black Men, They Don’t Have No Respect For Black Women

          • Troll how do you even know im a black man , bitch stfu,they don’t have respect for ho’s like you, and Classy bitch please!

            • @Anonymous

              So Why Did You Even Comment On My Thread???
              I’m Talking About Black Men, And Your Not Black???

            • I’am NOT A BLACK MAN you dumb f*cking bitch! DAMN BITCH ARE YOU PUNCH DRUNK OR JUST PLAIN STUPID???

            • @anonymous, there is really something off with you. Get some help for your severe racism and anger issues.

  6. I wonder if her handlers will allow her to f*ck a black man, even a rich one who does what he’s told like 50? Not to mention he’s probably had his eye on her for a while at their parties.

  7. That was nice of 50 to give her props after giving birth. And I agree short hair can make a woman look sexy! I get it all the time;)

  8. 50 ain’t the only one lusting after Scarlet. I would say that she is the woman in Hollywood who the most men want to eff. She does have beautiful skin like Marilyn Monroe did and her breasts are real and her lips are very pretty.

    • The lips have been done. I think she looks like a man in this pic but each to their own.

  9. He’s a no good black man, always saying something ugly about black women..
    He’s a black arse rich fool.

  10. Nice Skin?, What A Dumb Thing To Say, White Women Age Badly That’s Why They Rely On Face Fillers And Botox.

    • Baby you wish you looked like ScarJo. We read your posts and we know how you really feel inside. Nobody who is happy with who they are speaks about other women the way you do.
      And yes, there are some ww with lovely skin like Princess Diana and the aforementioned Marilyn Monroe. I does happen. I’m not jealous so I don’t mind giving props where they are due.

      • Why are you on this site? This woman has a right to her opinion. This site is an outlet for blacks, but lately there appears to be people with a problem with black women that go to a black site, just to bash black women. It is really disturbing

      • @Anonymous

        Shut Your Bed Wench Ass Up, People Like You Make Me Ashamed Of Being Black!!


        Thank You For Defending Me, I’ll Defend Your Next Time
        This Website Is Being Taken Over By Racist White People, Pretending To Black!!

  11. She looks older in this pic. She’s a cute Becky, okay…..I guess. 50 will dog a sista out in a heartbeat and call her all types of derogatory names but yet when a half way decent Becky pops up he gets so starstruck and turnt out. Smh

    • Chelsea Handler’s ‘The Mummy Returns-‘ looking ass was nowhere near ‘half way decent’ and he put her on a pedestal. Not to mention the equally barely-average-looking white reporter he tried to kiss at a NASCAR race, only for her to turn away:


      These dudes really think they’ve achieved whiteness once they f*ck a few Execs and attain some ‘success.’ lol

  12. Do not usually comment on a person’s look ….but….Errrm?…. Excuse me please…. but what’s going on with the “drained of colour, putrid, pallid, post embalming, ashen” look?…..it is so attractive….I can see why he wishes to “lay” with her….lol…

  13. 50 Cent is a classic example of a Booster for Caucasian women. He ain’t Denzel by any means, but he got rich from Vitamin Water. So, they will tease him to a certain extent. Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron are the holy grail for his type. Both are beautiful women, but, the thirsty-ness is par for the course. Honestly, i don’t see it happening. She’s not gonna sacrifice her cash flow for a gangsta rapper with “Jungle Fever.”

  14. Exactly…”forbidden fruit”….but some of these Caucasian women are curious and they would rather sleep with a famous rich black man..than some ordinary random and poor black guy off the streets, or someone they meet ‘in the club’….(the ordinary ‘John Doe’ will be visualising dollar signs, and running to the ‘media’, trying to expose their union to the highest bidder)…In addition to, that BBC has “hypnotic powers” you know…Also, it would be more likely to be kept quiet, within the confines of these “Sodom and Gomorrah-esque” parties, that these so-called “celebrities”, so love to partake in. 50, will have a designated ‘role’ to play in all this ‘debauchery’. He will benefit from this ‘dark,ritualistic’ ceremony too, and it will probably be filmed also, and used against him in the future, if ever, he decides to”step out” of line or upset these “Belial- ic” cheque writing Zionists. More than
    likely, it is sounds like some ‘ritual’ that she may have to undertake , in order ‘elevate’ herself in this evil illusionary world, of which is called ‘Hollyweird’, that is if this narrative is true….????

    • Great Points! In this day and time, whitewomen can actualize their dark desires in totality. Some are curious, and want to see if the myths are true. Others want to date brothas, a percentage seek marriage and so forth. I think we understand this dynamic better today, so, the mystique is not as amplified. Scarlett is a dime, most red-blooded men would love to get her in bed. We can agree on that. 50 is the one making moves on her, despite her being married and a mother. He assumes she would be hip to take it there. The thing is, the majority of WW are in unions with their own men. Those that like blackmen are aggressive in their approach, they stand out. A blackman can sex any race of woman he wants, but, it’s not all it’s hyped to be. Lusting after other women is too thirsty in my book. Sistas are the Belle of The Ball. We got the baddest women already, some cats need to fall back…As The Swirl Turns!

      • @Tyrone

        Is Interesting How Hollywood Is Promoting Interracial Love, But Before It Was Frown Upon Now Is Practically In Every Tv Shows And Movies

        Black Men Are Stupid When White Women Are Concern, They Bash Black Women For Having Bad Attitudes, But These Black Men Can’t Keep Their White Women In Check!!

        Let’s Not Be Pretend Every White Women Are Nice, Some Of Them Have Bad Nasty Attitudes, Just Because Their Dating Or Married To A Black Men They Think Their Black, But Their Not!!

        • Interracial is being shoved down our throats because white folk want it to be. They’ve always had a love/hate perception of black bodies and sexuality. In the past, whitemen raped our sisters. We had no way of stopping them, and they took full advantage of our captivity at that time. Today, whitewomen are the guilty party. Married or single, a group of them have created a sexual lifestyle from scratch…Hotwife/Cuckold Lifestyle! And, white males are the most ardent supporters of blackmen seeing their women. Some of them say that it’s nature, the feminization of whitemen, color contrast, swagger, mixed babies, etc. But, it’s deeper than what we see on the surface. In their minds, mixing with blacks is a Win-Win proposition. Our blood and dna is stronger, it’s a no-brainer. Every half-black child born is not gonna have black children, and this explains why they push the swirl. Look at all the ex-creoles around the globe? The Spaniards and Arabs are dark-skinned white people who look down on their paler sisters and brothers, Why? They have our blood in them. In essence, 2 camps of them with the same goals. One seeks to get blacker and the other is trying to get darker. The basic pattern of conduct…reproduce with sistas and block brothas from doing the reverse. Like I said, this is a soft war that is going on. Blackwomen have been the human pinata for centuries, and now the tables are turned. It’s Revenge, but foolish at that. As to the attitude alibi, it’s a bull**** rationale that negros use as a scapegoat. All sistas are not about tthat life, they gotta come better than that. Sincere brothas love blackwomen. Interracial is the ego side of black manhood. Having dark skin makes us arrogant, wrongly assuming we can breed with other creeds of women folk..False Premise! We’re still sstruggling to love us, so, i empathize with sistas on this issue. Not loving us is a black eye we can no longer afford. Loyalty Is Greater Than Love. 50 Cent is kissing ass, and it’s not a good look. We don’t chase them broads, they chase us. Never give them the pleasure of thinking we love them more than ourselves…Ditto!

          • @Tyrone

            Thanks For Your Theory

            Question This Thought

            White Men Are The Original Deadbeats Dads And White Women Are The Original Gold Diggers

  15. He’s a self hater. When Massa finds out about this…..That’s yo ass 50! Don’t believe me …just ask Bill Cosby. Idl that pic of her either, but she’s a pretty girl.

  16. Rich, high class white girls will never date a broke black man. On the flip side, rich black men constantly date and f*ck broke, ugly beckys! This pisses me off! It’s also a insult to all of the good sistas who are the perfect candidate for marriage and motherhood. I can’t stand the fact that rich white men get access inside of our best looking women like Halle Berry. Rich black men can only have access inside of their trailer trash bitches like Kim Kardashian. Why does the elite allow rich black men t f*ck bitches like Kim K? Because eventually the rich black man’s money will go to the dirty broke becky! It’s too bad black men continue to fall for this trick.

    • Umm HELLOOOOO? Didn’t we just have the photographic proof of White Princess Supreme Gwennie with her BFF/boo Jigga? Say what you want about her being a pasty bony Becky, she is white folks royalty.

      • How about looking at the bigger picture like that she has a man and a child and out of respect for him, no one wants to hear 50s gap tooth whistling. That’s what women do when they love their man Shut that ish down real quick, don’t wont to hear it.

    • NBA is fixed I often wonder why you see white men with beautiful black women but you hardly see black men with beautiful white women.

  17. Scarlett Johansson will not jeopardies her A-list career to f*ck a MC Gusto type of rapper like Curtis Jackson. She is high class A-list clelbrity and 50 cent is a b-list rapper whos career is falling.

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