Snoop Calls Kanye Gay on New Wiz Khalifa Track!

snoop dogg kanye west wiz khalifa

Snoop Dogg is stirring up the beef that has since been squashed between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West.

Remember when Yeezy got his panties in a knot after Wiz tweeted, “Hit this kk and become yourself,”? Yeezy thought Wiz was talking about his white queen, Kim Kardashian, and thus sparked the epic feud that ended with the hashtag #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch.

Now, Snoop is taking it to another level, and calling Kanye out for being gay!

In the Wiz featuring Snoop & B-Real track called “Best Thang Smokin,” Snoop raps:

“Every chance I get to blow some KK, with my cousin Ray J, These ni**as acting gay-gay”

Peep his verse at the 1:54 mark:


  1. Wiz Kha-leaf-a (like how how he slipped my jam in the hook), Snoop, Berner, and B-Real on the same track?!? Hempire indeed.

    Guess what we are going to hear bumping all summer?


  2. Kanye West on drugs, more and more people calling Kanye gay, this tells me one thing, Kanye may be on his way out. When I say out, I mean the hollywood elite may kill him. Kanye may be Kim K's second blood sacrifice. Yes brothers and sistas, hollywood engages in human sacrificing. If you don't believe me, ask Randy Quaid.

    • Have you heard that "Old Kanye" joint? You're definitely on your way out when you start talking to yourself and about yourself in the third person…

    • @NBA why don't yall and others just give credit where its due to Viligent Citizen webpage don't floss as though this is all your idea, give credit for once! I see so many fools here directly quoting that page without credit, thats like then they bite from Jacky without crediting.

    • You are telling the truth and most f them sold their souls to the devil, to acheive stardom..

    • Randy Quaid is batshit crazy and so are you.

      Oh, but he is revered her because he "speaks the truth!" Does anyone recognize mental illness when they see it? Di you ever wonder why Hollywood would focus on a Z list actor to hunt and "whack?"
      Believe what you want to believe black folks, but use your brain and don't just inhale everything the white conspiracy theorist websites are selling you to boost their clicks. They prey on the gullible and easily mislead.
      And if you believe your favorite idiot prognosticator is black, so was BET at one time. A name is just a name.
      Trust me, the white man LOVES that you eat this stuff up. He is laughing his ass off at how easy it is to sell the bullshit.
      Of course now I will be accused of being a misinformation agent. lol That's ok. I am white and wealthy and have nothing to gain, but it makes me sick to see how you people are being manipulated. Just remember, Soros and Co. want a riled up ready to go to war black community.
      Then it's just a matter of cleaning up. Beware and think for yourself.

      • Wow Truth .We need to stand together as one ,Color of a persons skin means nothing .

  3. all of them is on drugs! there needs to be some type of way for ALL OF THEM to come out of the closet WITHOUT brainwashing little kids

  4. When the elite decide to kill Kanye West, I won't lose any sleep. The Kanye West I used to like is long gone.

    • If you ever cared about him, it would bother you that he is suffering from mental illness and no one is helping him.
      I guess that's about par for the course. Just write him off as a "sacrifice" and let it go.

  5. These folks will say anything to sell records.
    And if is the verse on the record…
    What is this Dr Suess Nursery Rhyme time.

  6. Maybe he was not meant to be rich via NWO. The death of his Mom, plus the Kardashian kurse is driving him nuttier.

    • Stop making excuses for that asshole Kanye mosf of us black citizens of the usa have had death trauma in our families no f*cking excuses!! Kanye and many black males get extra coddling, f*ck that! Death is part of life and he CHOSE to be with that white sex working whore witch, no pity for him.

  7. I said be quiet Kanye but we all know that he is going to go on another full fledged rant behind this. Like others have said, it’s only a matter of time before he is silenced (hey Lamar) in one way or another. It seems like he is in someone crosshairs along with Katt “leap year” Williams.

    Khalifa is doing exactly what he did, which is to throw in someone else’s work to make his look good. His song would have been mediocre without that Musiq Soul Child hook. Just like Gold Digger and Through The Wire wouldn’t be as good without Ray Charles and Chaka Khan. I know he could have come up with a dope ass hook (pun intended) if he tried. Isn’t herb the word that spins the verb, where is the originality?

    However, the leafers (not Canadians, weed smokers, and no, I don’t smoke) of this generation and the ones before them will still adopt this song as their smoker’s anthem just because of what the others in the video represent. Can you say Girl Scout Cookies? (Hey Jacky!) I just hope Musiq got paid.


  8. Snoop defends his coked out boyfriend let wiz fight his own battles another fake hip hop beef kim has everything to gain from kanyes death they'll put out unreleased songs. Videos. And then he will be the greatest artist ever everything he ever touched will sell again and kim and the kids will benefit

    • Tupac is RIP but his songs have meaning.. I listen to Dear Momma and Thug Heaven often, the words are truthful and beautiful… Rap music has lost its edge that made it popular…….

  9. Comment: From him just saying "these Ninjas is gay gay" U would spin it to him talking about Kanye? he could be talking about a lot of Ninjas! some people are just fools and when the get big money, they just become fools with money!

  10. Comment:

    Calling a blackman gay is the kiss of death regardless of status. That will never be accepted as long we exist on this planet…Period! Gay in terms of running from blackwomen and on the flip side lounging about town with fashionistas. Straight brothas don't do that, but, Kanye does. Brothas like Kanye validate all the criticism that flows their way. Again, entertainment is not for real blackmen…It's Not!

  11. Judge typical misinformed white powder oops I meant snow . Hmph if you don't smoke then your ass wouldn't know an anthem or hook if it crawled in your trailer and bit you. ? annoying when non smokers talk shit about something they have no knowledge of to be hip or cool.

  12. Qyeah lamar was going to tell something. Kloie big ugly ass would have had al that mans money kenyeto smart heant let um. Take him down kim take all that money the put in test tube ass kids she got kenye better be kool

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