Katt Williams & His Goons Rob 5 Women at Gunpoint

Katt williams robbed women

Katt Williams was definitely on one this past weekend. Remember when HSK pointed out the conflicting stories surrounding Katt’s recent arrest?

Some outlets said he hit a store clerk after the man called him the n- word, and other outlets said Katt was in altercation with some fans who were taking unauthorized videos and photos of him. Now we found out, but incidents actually went down on the same weekend!

Katt and 15 members of his crew attacked the five women in Atlanta at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning – the day after he was arrested for assaulting the store clerk. The five women were allegedly held at gunpoint, and Katt and his goons flashed gang signs while taking away their cell phones.

Somebody help this brotha!


  1. Set up…. Soon as he spoke out, he got arrested. The next day. Illuminati…

  2. Per his lawyer:
    He was called a racial slur and Kat said “really are you kidding me this is the last day of Black history month and you are going to say something like that to me?”The other story for the battery charge happened after a show where the individual was grabbing him and holding him and he defended himself. But Atlanta police said women said Williams punched her after she asked to take a picture with him. He has to go to court for that incident o one was arrested though.

    Per TMZ:
    The women say he punched one of them — which started an all out brawl, until Williams took out a gun and pointed it at them. They claim he and his entourage took all their phones. One woman says she managed to grab a phone from their car and dialed 911.
    When cops arrived Katt told officers a different story. He claims the women were harassing him, and one of them tried to snatch a chain from his neck … and that’s when he punched in self-defense. He does admit taking out a gun, but only because he heard one of the women mention a gun.
    In the end, police made no arrests because there were no independent witnesses and no injuries — but they are continuing to investigate.
    The 5 women have lawyered up and plan to hold a news conference later Wednesday.

    Per Kat Williams on TMZ:

    The clerk was harassing him and accusing him of trying to rob the place ad then he put 30 items on the counter to purchase the clerk said he was just using that as a ploy to distract him so he put 15 hundred dollars bills which the clerk put in his pocket and proceeded to ringing up the items. Kat the said Sir, that’s not how anyone business in America.” It escalated from there by the clerk refusing to give him his money bac, telling him he could leave or go to jail and calling him the N word on the last day of Black History Month Kat snapped.

    I don’t know what really happened, I wasn’t there but this story has grown legs and ran off!

    I do know that I saw a video clip of a woman using her cell phone to record Kat Williams arguing with a woman over him taking her cell phone on some website that I can’t remember. You could hear her saying give me my phone back. The person taping said Kat Williams took this lady’s phone and he is going to go to jail.

    Where is said recording today? I can’t find it in my history or anywhere on the net. Hmmmm, go figure…..

  3. My bad, I been looking for that video since you posted this article Sasha R. and I saw it on here LOL.
    I've read so many stories about this on so different websites um just lost and confused….

    All this hoopla for a damn comedy battle, SMH.


  5. The Amerikkkan empire was built on 240 years of lies, deception and deceit. The lies and deception is what keep the wealthy white elites rich and powerful. Any man, especially a black man or woman who tells the truth is considered a major threat to the wealthy white Amerikkkan robber barons. Marcus, Malcolm, Marley and Martin told the truth. Those magnificent black men had the courage to challenge the racist, white Amerikkkan empire and it cost them their lives.
    My brothers and sistas, the truth will set you free but the lies will keep you enslaved. The wealthy white elites want to keep us enslaved. If all black people discover the truth and unite and fight, we might party like were the French and it's 1789.
    Katt told the truth about Stepin Fetchit, I mean Kevin hart. that's why the racist, Amerikkkan robber barons have launched a all out attack against him. The same white people who say Katt Williams robbed women are the same racist white people who continue to claim that OJ murdered his white wife. Don't believe the white man's lies. Believe that the white man is the devil. Believe the fact that the satanic, Amerikkkan robber barons are doing exactly what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930's and 1940's. Instead of burning people in ovens, they're shooting and killing us. Remeber what Hidden Colors said, "Reject the white man, you are free."

    P.S. I had to get that off of my chest

  6. I don't belive it he chat that about shitty hart then this …illuminati shit going on f*ck them.we love we katt

  7. Come on!! If you don't see its the work of the establishment then you're dumb. They've been after this man for years!!!

  8. I guess Katt went back to LA and got officially reprogrammed. First nature of business, to apologize to Kevin Heart and his family.

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