Kanye a Bad Azz Kid? His Stepdad Thinks So!

kanye west stepdad

A man who dated Kanye West’s late mother, Donda, is speaking out about the manic rapper. In an interview with the Daily mail, Willie Scott reveals how Kanye’s disobedience ruined Willie and Donda’s relationship. He also called the rapper “jealous” of anyone who got close to his mother.

Willie and Donda dated for six years before the relationship fizzled. Yeezy and Donda actually lived with Willie at one point, and Willie considered himself to be a father figure to the rapper. Too bad Ye didn’t feel the same way!

Willie says as a teen, Kanye refused to help out around the house. He never obeyed the rules, and would spend all hours writing rap lyrics in his room.

Donda would always stand up for Kanye and call him a “genius.” Hmmm…so that’s where he gets it from!

“Kanye didn’t want me with his mother or any man. He was wrapped up in his mother,” ~ Willie Scott


  1. I guess Kanye was a big Mamas boy, smh NOw why all of a sudden he comes out trying to ruin the man after the man is married, gut kids and living what is supposedly the epitome of what we call American achievement. smh Note writing all those rhymes in his room help him achieve his success so I don't know what this guys problem is.

  2. How long ago did his mother pass?
    Why the hell did somebody drag this man out if the woodwork?
    I hope when i die, they dont go back and interview my ex boyfriends from 30 years ago!

    • Never liked Kanye. But I must admit that once his mom died he changed for the worst.

  3. Judging b how Kanye acts now I'd say this man is probably telling the truth! he acts like a spoiled rotten brat and he's a grown man.He's an only child ..mama's boy..I believe it..

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