Love, Hip Hop & Herpes: Mariahlynn’s STD Docs On Bidding Block!!!

love hip hop Mariahlynn std

“We struggle in this industry, and we struggle in our real life.” — Mariahlynn, LHHNY

HSK Exclusive — The latest insider word from Love & Hip Hop New York …

Season 6 cast member femcee Mariahlynn — who used to hit the pole, hustlin’ as a Jersey Go-Go dancer — is reported to be “carrying a serious strain of herpes.”

We’re told the proof would be in Mariah’s health records! Those docs are said to be on the bidding block right now! So, who’s responsible for listing the docs for sale? Read on to find out …

“Someone is shopping around a copy of Mariah Lynn’s health record showing that the reality star has a serious case of herpes.”

The drop:

“Word is the person who’s betraying Mariah is one of her homegirls.”


  1. She "raps" about having been a ho, like that's cool, so I'm not surprised. Rich Dollaz has been with her, so he may have herpes, too. Disgusting.

  2. This is a lie she was born on July 17 1990 and her real name is Mariah Lyn with one N this is Fake!!!


  4. EEEWWW…that dude Cisco kissed that bish. Hopefully that was a faux kiss. YUK! I am sorry a lot of female rappers from the 90's on have been associated with hauxing. Foxy Brown virginity was taken by JayZ. She was like 15/16 when she started. That's why she's messed up in the head and aint' recorded since she left Jay's label when he married Bey. Eve was a stripper. Nicki Garbage is rumored to phuck and slutted around with Gucci Man and Wacka Flocka. Unfortunately, the FemCee game is full of horror sex tales and mysgony to the fullest. So, this shit is not uncommon to say the least.

    • No doubt the stories would be much worse if we looked at the "sexual exploits" of the men in the hip hop/entertainment game. People stay policing women's bodies while praising men for the very same (and worse) behavior. BS.

  5. Really you think the Creep squad haven't been to the doctor several times? They are no strangers to penicillin getting a STD is like a cold to them…Team FIRE dick.

  6. I don't any of it until I see proof! By now, y'all should know not to believe anything on the Internet.

  7. I'll believe it when I see proof because there is always some fake shit being said I really hope it's not true I pray for her that it's not…..

  8. Come on now… Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true! Don't believe the media hype! The girl is 25 years old and you all don't even have her name spelled right. So ridiculous! Just keep spreading lies while she keeps collecting those checks. Hating ass people!

  9. >>>> HIPPA <<<<
    Health information protection portability act!
    If you don't know about it, you better learn about it.

  10. How they collecting checks and VIP members at the clinic …it ain't free no more by the way. Eviction hmmmmmm and penicillin ain't curing away her herpes or anything else for that matter ya dig. So what's there to hate on again? Ahhhhh so much to envy death and outbreaks that's the life yasssssss ? wow I wanna be like her when I get the oldest …wait I'm an OG and healthy ? bars motherf*cker.

  11. Advice to the children on Earth : stay the hell away from the entertainment industry !

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