Snoop Dogg’s Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did!


Oh You a Dancehall Queen, Huh?

Snoop Lion is letting his inner Dancehall Queen show! The sad excuse for a Rastafarian [ask Bunny Wailer] may not be openly repp’in the men-in-skirts trend … but he is sportin’ girly nails, Mon!


Here’s what reports:

“We’ve seen an increase in men going beyond clear nail polish manicures on their nails. A trend we’ve seen the likes of Ochocinco, Wiz Khalifa and even Dwyane Wade partake in. The latest celebrity to dive into the male nail art trend is Snoop Dogg, but like the big Dogg he is, he takes it above and beyond.

As an ode to his favorite pass time, Snoop Dogg showed off his perfectly manicured nails complete with weed references. The nail art features a dual french manicure design, rhinestones and hand painted marijuana leaves.”

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  1. Get up? What on earth is that? U people r soooooooooo old who cares what old guys wore b.c it’s the PAST for a reason snoop is just trying to stay relevant … With his ancient a$$

  2. Nope..can’t brand u as a hater on that…I love Snoop..but I can’t with the nail art…I don’t care who it!

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