Snoop Dogg Reacts To Bobby V. Trans Scandal… ? ? ? ?

Straight Clowning! ???

Snoop Dogg is reacting to the news of Bobby V. running out of a transgender escorts apartment, after failing to pay for services rendered….


  1. Shits crazy. He needs to live his truth. If your into men who dress like women then so be it. These switchhitters like him are killing (black) women!!!

    • Never heard anything about Snoop being into Trannies, Down Low, Gay etc…. He does have a pencity to fock around with Latino women tho.

      • I’ve never heard of it either, but he got my brain all twisted when he told BV to come talk to him and the whole, “You got to be more careful…” WTF??? Sounds like he wants to teach him the ropes on keeping it on the downlow or something. IDK, sounds highly suspect to me.

    • Based off his reaction it sure sounds like he does. He said be more careful??. Noooo how about don’t mess with men

  2. Guys if you don’t want to end up like Bobby V. or LL Cool J or the rapper Chingy, here is some advice; only fuck women with REAL TITS!

      • No woman has or will ever have a dick.

        If you need a man in a wig to get off, what you really need to do is come AAAALLLL the way out of the closet, meaning from under the floor boards.

    • These fools weren’t tricked they CHOSE to fuck with men in drag.

      And wtf do you know? Nothing apparently, men can take hormones to grow REAL breasts, idiot.

  3. Dont care what these rappers do they like men cool let them

    Pimp c said all these atl dudes are gonna tell on themselves now look we got cross dressing rappers who claim they killers

    • NO!! You shut up. …lol. JK. Not sure I care who’s gay or not, but stop throwing dick on Snoop Dizzle dammit. Will have me in therapy, confused. Snoop is too chill to experiment w random ish. You see you only hear about him and weed.

      Humble wins. I honestly believe a lot of industry men have access to so much, whenever and wherever a lot of times that if they allow it, they get numb to what’s “regular”.

      Kind of like going from weed to heroine. Both are drugs, but the levels of extremity come into play because humans CHOOSE to experiment instead of making what they HAVE work for them.

      Keep it simple. How many industry guys were turned out young af by WOMEN to the point that after a while they needed something different to get off?

      Weed vs heroine. You choose to indulge. Sorry. Snoop still rolling #L’s sweet pie. Chill about my brother maneeee. lol. Can we keep ONE?

      Dear industry babies: just because you’re offered everything doesn’t mean you need to indulge. All this does is set you up. Keep it humble and modest. Fawk w a chick on the regular who knows your body and you won’t get bored.

      The only reason I say this is because once many indulge, it’s now this huge secret.

      Stop doing shit you’re ashamed of, that hurts your spirit. Just DON’T. You know?? Too easy.

      How many potheads have smoked heroine? Exactly. its NOT a given.

      Love ya… Respect your options. Everything that FEELS good isn’t good for your mental, and it DOES matter. Just don’t even go there if you’re gonna be ashamed of indulging.

      Kind of like being in a fast food restaurant with a whole menu full of options. Keep it simple, get what you need and respect yourself while doing it.

      Misery loves company.

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