Snoop Dogg Plans to Buy Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles

snoop dogg roscoes chicken and waffles

After it was announced that Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Snoop Dogg is wanting to step in to help the popular fried chicken establishment.

TMZ broke the news to Snoop and Warren G yesterday outside Los Angeles’ Lure Nightclub. While Warren hoped the restaurant could figure things out on their own, Snoop stepped up to offer to buy the chain of restaurants.

“I guess Ima have to buy it, man and make it Snoop Dogg’s Chicken and Waffles,” ~ Snoop Dogg

What do you think? Will Roscoe’s be ruined if Snoop takes over?

Peep the interview here.


  1. I doubt Snoop has the intelligence to run a restaurant. Face facts, Roscoes is going out of business faster than you can say Golden Bird Fried Chicken!

    • he wont run it, the manager will. he will basically just collect the cash, like every other restaurant owner.

  2. Roscoe's wouldn't be in this position if they had kept their original cooks, recipes & great service of their past. The fact that they adding locations didn't help either. Hopefully an infusion Snoop's money will help balance their books & get them out of bankruptcy.

    Far as "Snoop Dogg's Chicken & Waffles"…I'd hate to see an LA mainstay like Roscoe's be reduced to the level & reputation of the restaurant Flavor Flav tried to pull off in Vegas….it lasted a year if that.

    • It's not the locations or the food. It's the judgment of 3.2 million dollars they have to pay a Black man who sued them for discrimination.

      They are filing to restructure their debt on Chapter 11 which is not the same thing as going out of business.

  3. Their food is the bam unfortunately they have a bad reputation of mistreating black employees hiring Mexican managers who discriminate and yes they are paying millions for that.

    • Damn you nailed it and that's why I stop going there , shame that the hispanic servers treated me better but still

  4. I ' m sorry but is Roscoes an Hispanic name? Why are they hiring Hispanic managers? Aren't there any black managers they could have hired?That's they're problem right there

    • Black people have a tendency to give bad service and have a piss poor attitude not to mention poor hygiene

  5. He married a Mexican chick and basically hired all her peeps..they have been treating the black employees and customers like crap…Mexicans should not be cooking soul food…the quality has taken a turn for the worst but there are other black owned soul food spots in LA which are much better…

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