Kim K Starting a Slut Trend On Da ‘Gram?

kim k emily Ratajkowski topless instagram

Kim K wasn’t lying when she said she would continue to fight for her right to be a hussy!

In a new Instagram photo, Kim poses topless alongside supermodel Emily Ratajkowski in a public restroom. Kim captioned her picture, “When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL,” while Emily tried to get deep with her caption…and failed miserably!

“We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality. #liberated” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

In case you forgot, it has been less than 30 days since Kim’s last naked selfie. Is she trying to start a slut trend on social media?

Someone please come confiscate these hoes’ cell phones.


  1. Emily should consider changing her name. She's known as Emily Rat and it does not help she looks a little micey.

  2. Somebody needs to tell this hoe people don't care about the nudity. It is HER people hate. She could dress in the most beautiful clothes and gowns in the world and people will still hate her miserable guts.

  3. She been a slut, so she just doing what she been doing for attention.. I just say her mother know how to make lemonade out od sour ass lemons.. They are wealthy for being trashy and dating black men..

    • They use black men for effect. Notice they don't keep them. They know it will irritate white people and black people who can see right through them. There is no virtue in what they are doing.

      • IKR they are bonified whores and black men are a damn fools losing their minds over these sluts..

  4. Jacky! If you don't like Kim why do you keep on talking about her? Everytime blogs and media post pics and articles about her it's the same thing as promoting her. This is what made her famous and the media keeps her relevant cause they report every little move she makes. Kim loves the attention media around the world gives her so she's still winning.

  5. Dear Kim, we don't care that you're naked all the time.
    We just want you and your trashy ass family (excluding the children) to go into hibernation and far away from society.

    Signed, sealed, and delivered by anonymous.

  6. Kim should be more concerned with taking care of her 2 children than getting nekkid for the Gram .

  7. Skank Queen and Skank Princess flaunting milk jugs for what purpose? Amazing how Kanye married this chick…Utterly Amazing!

  8. Jackie, she pays websites to talk about her. Make her pay you to put tidbits about her on your site. All bloggers should unite and do the same. You know it's unanimous we all want her and her family gone gone gone.

  9. Well Amber you happy, you befriended her and she took your anthem and ran with it. These women would be nothing without the black friends in their lives. They hang around them to steal their men, their mannerism and their style but secretly hate them.

    She needs to sit her ass down somewhere and be a mother to her children instead of taking naked selfies. I bet she wont take that super industrialized spank off tho, you know to embrace what she really looks like. Fake phony coward….

  10. People say they don't care still quick to leave comments. Every thread about Kim is guaranteed many comments so Kim is great business.

  11. Where is her male Trickbaby is the baby deformed or mentally ill that is the question?

  12. When white women pose naked, they don't get called names. We live in a world, where white people can do anything they like, but they won't get punished for it.
    Kim posing nude is nothing new, but if it was a sista!! Oh, boy people would be dogging her out!

    Kim's lucky, she has silly ass negro's defending her!

    • You're right sell out black males love to defend and ride for Kim she don't give a shit about black males she said NOTHING about all the police shootings period.

  13. Saw coonskin earlier reminds me how all the crazy black guys went crazy over the white bitch miss america

    • She don't care all she care about is money and publicity like her hubby they are both attention whores and get mad when they don't get none

  14. Kim K is five years away from the dredded 40. She doesn't have a lot of time left. Kylie Jenner is already being groomed by the sith lord Kris to replace Kim K. She has no talent, therefore she has to rely on taking nude pics for attention and money! Unfortunately, a lot of black men, and a few black women fall for this white trash bait every single time. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy; put a white trash bitch in front of us and many of us lose our minds! SMH

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