Man Exposes Afrika Bambaataa as a Child Molester

afrika bambaataa child molester

A man has stepped forward to accuse Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of being a child molester!

Former New York State Democratic Committee Member and author Ronald Savage claims in his latest book, Impulses, Urges and Fantasies, that Afrika Bambaataa molested him several times as a teenager during an interview with Shot97.

He claims the molestation took place when he was around 13 or 14-years-old, and that Bambaataa would often ask him to have oral sex, and he would always agree. Ronald is now 50-years-old.

“I was a kid when this happened. I wanted to be down with the in-crowd, not really understanding that what Bambaataa was doing to me was molesting me. I knew it was wrong. I had these feelings that were like, ‘Yuck,'” ~ Ronald Savage

Ronald says he never reported the molestation out of fear of what the Zulu Nation would do to his family, and because he was deeply ashamed about what went down.

At this point, the statute of limitations for him to press charges has already passed.

Peep the interview and Ronald’s shocking claims in the video:


  1. Let me guess the illuminati made him do it and it's the white man's fault right? What most of us blacks don't want to talk about is incredibly high rates of molestation happening in black America higher than any of you would imagine but hypocrites always talking about what white people are doing we need to take care of the dirty laundry in our own communities.

    • There is no HIGH rate of molestation in the black American group that anyone needs to be concerned with. There are gay perverts in every group and we know whites take the prize. Sadly, whites (headed by so-called Jhews) have the propaganda machine going where you try to give blacks the prize on everything bad and whites the prize for everything good. You operative word was "IMAGINE." Get lost son.

      • There IS. You just opened a can of worms! 60% of black girls have been molested before the age of 18!! Why the hell do you think so many black woman are obese – eating themselves into depressed based on rape and molestation!! Oprah told yall about this shit 25 years ago and the DENIAL, as presented by YOU shows the message has been ignored. Fatherless black boys are preyed upon by jailbird and broke perverts infesting the hood. Your denial is ridiculous. IF you're a black man, you have family members who are molestation survivors.

        IF you are a black man with obese female relatives or have some very angry and bitter fatherless boys in your family ask them what happened and if you are WISE you'll get the message. Whites, gays, and jews have NOTHING to do with the tragedy of black on black sexual molestation and rape!

        • BS. Did they interview every black female? Where did they get such stats? How come most black males are NOT in prison from sex crimes while most sex criminals are whites? This propaganda makes me sick. How long do you Jhews plan on keep the harassment up?

          • BS. Did they interview every white police officer accused of ass kicking a bm without video tape proof? How come most BM are thugging it out and accusing white cops of kicking their ass with no proof? SEE HOW SILLY THAT SOUNDS?? You know damn well we have a culture of PROTECTING BM NO MATTER WHAT. Your FAKE OBTUSE persona, is sickening. Hell no I would never march for a cold hearted sucka like you. Let the cops kick your ass, I'd believe the cop over a sucka like you

            • You are clearly a Jhew with your propaganda. Cops and gays have no correlation. You are just trying to cause an argument while trying to corrupt black Americans.

        • Yo casper, where is your citation of a study that shows this? I'll wait…trust you can hide behind your keyboard all day but your sister and daughter will still luv to s u c k off big Black….

      • @Tony, your denial doesn't erase the 60% of black girls who were molested before the age of 18! Black boys are molested at high rates, too. What the f*ck do we expect with no men in homes protecting these kids?? No legal daddies on their jobs handling shit! There is a VERY HIGH MOLESTATION RATE IN BLACK AMERICA.

        You denying this, is like a white denying Black's suffering effects of racism, or a misogynist denying that women get raped. Educate yourself. Go lurk at bw's blogs and communities, they spill the guts about it ALL.

        • I was not molested and I had no father or uncles. No FEMALE babysitters and even my sisters molested and all out raped me, but I never considered it that until recently. Mainly because it was all before the age of ten. One babysitter even recognized me 30 years later and invited me over for Thanksgiving, even though I could recall the events she broke down, but I could not recall the face.

          Again, this molestation in the black group is more pro-gay propaganda. Gays are terrorists and you people need to be castrated. I challenge you to PROVE those stats and show me how that gathered the info!

        • I agree with you wholeheartedly. The kids are not protected from harm because strong blackmen are not in the home…Ugly Truth! Yeah, white dudes commit more sex crimes because they're deemed undesirable by whitewomen. Has nothing to do with black girls and boys being preyed upon because they're defenseless in the eyes of others…Not The Same!

          • When you say that black boys and girls are being preyed upon, it is not by blacks, it is by the white Sandusky's of the world and all of these gays/whites adopting black children and brainwashing them at the same time. Don't tell me they do not brainwash them. Raising children is brainwashing them to your ways. The ones who go renegade, you consider them bad children. Those are the ones who do not get brainwashed.

            • You are f*cking insane. You really think that it's white people who are raping little black girls at an alarming rate?


              And I know that there are many women here who have experienced it JUST LIKE ME.

              Fuck you for trying to sweep this under the rug and blame it on the Jhews and white folk.
              What we don't acknowledge we cannot change.

      • Hip Hop been gay. It still is with Kenya Pest pretending to be straight with that paid thot he's hired to drop some fake kids. Does it matter? Hip Hop is not relevant.

        • Hip-Hop is gay today because it's populated with a bunch of sellouts, being brutally honest. Gay dudes and Coons have one thing in common, they run from blackwomen. Neither is on the side of advancing the Black Family. This is why so many in hip-hop are lost at this juncture. Look at the dudes they're idolizing? Kanye, Tyga, Tyson Beckford, etc. Strong brothas love blackwomen, but, the racists hate us. Us being in love with our reflection they don't want to happen…Remember This!

      • Molestation is a reality in the homes of black boys and girls because too many have no fathers to protect them…Actuality! Instead, they're sitting ducks for crazy boyfriends, uncles, cousins, neighbors, etc. This is the underlying root of the problem!!!

        • FINALLY some common sense. Too many black males take everything so personally. Talking about a pervert isn't talking about all black males! And hell yes molestation is quite common in our FATHERLESS homes.

          I think that's why we have so many stud chicks and femme gay boys they got turned out/molested as kids, and there you go, that first, horrible sex experience was imprinted on them.

          • Defending the bullshit of lame brothas is tired and counterproductive. Our race is in a ditch because we've been excusing bad behavior for decades. Mofos don't wanna take responsibility for their crap. We can't keep bottling ish up inside. Domestic Abuse is another issue we shy away from, but, punk-ass negros brag about beating their girlfriends, wives, etc…A Mess It Is!!!

    • Damn I wonder whom will be next ?…
      Soo many Wanna talk about it now but didn't mind it back then that is ?…..
      He said yuck to the dick in His mouth but he kept on yucking?…
      No means nooooooo not yuck !!!!

  2. I'm not saying it didn't happen. I don't understand revealing this when he is trying to sell a book.

  3. Well, we all should have heard about Bam being a cocksucker by now, but this guy said Bam asked to suck his dick and he agreed! He was not talked into it or forced into it, but he agreed. Clearly this guy had gay feelings too or else he would have said hell no. When I was 14, I knew nothing about gays or gayness and if some man would have asked me if he could suck my dick, I would have said no because my mind is programmed the right way – women only.

    Now, when people feel the need to tell their story when they are SELLING something says a whole lot. On the other hand, if the claim is made and Bam does not sue the guy, then Bam is guilty. The guy knows this, which is why he wrote about it. He knows that Bam would have to reveal a whole lot in court and he would be officially outed, so he would remain silent and just deny it all. This is how they get you.

    • Your denial stinks son. You are sick and part of the prob with us. What man wants to admit he got molested, its one of the weakest things a man can do. I admire him for telling the truth, most rape and molestation victims stay silent. I know many black women and men who got molested!! BW are the most obese cause they the most molested and unprotected. BM freaks get passes due to males like YOU> You a damn liar. You are like freaks in the Catholic church, denying perv priests. Well, Black America is like the catholic church, and the molesters are protected by deniers like you.

      • A man who is trying to get paid off of a book admits to being molested! On top of that, the guy is clearly a fruitcake and he is a single father, which means he adopted because a man cannot be a single father of three (two of them twins) and not have a mother around. He clearly does not sound like the type of man who wants to attack p*ssy. You gays/Jhews with your BS propaganda make me sick. All you do is spread propaganda to hate on blacks.

  4. I've offend wondered why you never heard about who he was dating or married too. If it's true, what a shame.

  5. If he was 18 and agreed to oral then yes. At 13/14 he was underage and does not have the capacity, legally, to consent. You can't purchase a car at 13/14 even if you have the money and you can't consent to sex with an adult.

    • But at age 13/14 surely he could have said no. Also at that age he should have known that having a man suck ur sick isn't right.

      In his own words, he said the act was yuck. Yet he allowed AB to continue for years.

      • Victim shamer! Just like many white people don't believe black males are targeted by the cops!!

        • You are a liar and a propagandist. This guy has no courage and he is clearly a gay dude. He only comes out when he is trying to get paid? We all know that books need 'sizzle' to sell, and this is the sizzle, plus it helps to put gay on anything black for the white cracka agenda of hating on blacks.

          • People like you are helping black communities to stay lying in denial I pity any kids you may have. People like you only want black males protected and supported and believed. Victim shamers like you are sickening. Your denial is your mental illness.

            • Im so sick of black mfs protecting molesters and sex predators
              The black race is doomed

              • The f*ck-ups are doomed, not the entire race. Blacks that are uneducated and lack knowledge of self are (Forever Slaves) 4 life…No Hope For Them! Avoid that side of the family.

      • He loved the feeling of have that soul sonic force up his ass … Zulu nation can y'all get funky ??? …. Well just hit me !

      • Won't shame him but i swear on my life if a grown dude had come up on me with some foul mess like that as a teenager.Id boxed that fool.
        This sexualization of our kids is disgusting an needs to stop.

  6. Bambaata been played out now if he would have said this back in 84 but then again bam.did have gang ties

  7. Just saying…Bambaata's sponsors who funded his "hip hop thing" were members of the jhew elite of New York…
    Never underestimate the power of the J Mafia. This same J Mafia also launched "hip hop" across Europe…and then the rest in the world during the mid 80'S… Remember that more than 80% of the mainstream media are jhew owned…
    The rest of us are just puppets manipulated by this horrifying "pop culture"

  8. Too many folks get raped and we hear about it years later flo Ballard was raped, patti Lavelle claimed Jackie Wilson tried to rape her, mike Tyson supposed to have rapedba girl and Hus rep beating up women didn't help his case

    PAC did 9 months for rape a shame PAC did time his crew did

  9. Rape, incest, pedophilia are all serious SERIOUS problems within the black community and a lot of negros such as @Tonystark seem to have a problem with admitting. It must not be too much of a problem since black folks seem to not want to clean out our own closet. Just because white people
    do this type of shit doesn't absolve us of our wrong doings, especially since some of you want to try and claim being better than whites. Blacks may be 13% of the population, but blacks commit more crimes in higher intensity.
    Until black people are willing to accept that this is a serious problem, hold each other accountable and clean out that filthy closet, things will never change and we'll end up being own extinction.

    • Tony Stark is full of shit nobody notices this asshole imposter is trying to front as a black man named himself after a white boy in a movie –fraud!!!

  10. First, you are not black, so save that political anti-black BS. Second, give me the numbers to prove your point! If rape, incest and pedophilia (all white things and this is the continuing effort to put white transgressions on blacks) are SERIOUS problems within the black GROUP – then where is the evidence to support your claim? How was the data gathered? I know I never got s survey!

    If this is a black thing, then how come blacks do not have sexual dysfunctions like whites do? Whites have kissing cousins and motherf*ckers – we rarely do. Whites are mostly gay, while they have to seduce our women into going that way, and any men who are that way have been made to come out. Again, don't talk – show me the PROOF!!

  11. Let's do a little test…

    I know that most of the posters claiming that blacks have issues sexually (yet not many are in prison over sex crimes…) criminal actions and that people like me who want PROOF, are a problem (because presenting proof is the problem), well let's try this. I know most of you posting or white crackas and coons, so let's go here and see…

    There are blacks who do sex crimes or inappropriate sex. Recently, people have been picking on R. Kelly well after he got off on sex charges – but were QUIET when it came up and during the court sessions. They pick on R. Kelly (I am sure it is a Free Mason gangsta reason), yet they are totally SILENT and in DENIAL about the 'honorable' Elijah Muhammad and HIS pedophilia and getting them pregnant! Let's light the boards up with that? Are you quiet? Mason's have your tongue? Thought so…

    • @Tony Stark, I answered you on THIS very comment where you left it on the other thread about the Zulu Nation or whoever the hell it is that's coming to the defense of Bambaataa.

      I'm to going to repeat myself here and give you a chance to see the other thread but trust me, you are far from alone in your thought processes on Elijah Muhammad. ALL those illegitimate children he fathered in the name of WHAT/WHO? Yes, I am one who is aware of the girls who were underage at the time and how no one not even the white man's media would tell it in an effort to disgrace NOI. Everybody WAS quiet as a rat pissing on cotton. You're right…

  12. @TonyStark You really are of low intellect to assume that Im white or jew just because I call black people to task for their behaviors. In fact the fact that you would even assume such a thing is just proof of you being irrationally defensive, and not willing to even look at the real facts. Prove to you the numbers well then
    You have proven yourself to be either a shill or a gatekeeper willing to shuch a jive and cape for blacks and not call them on their shit
    Like most black women and pro-blacks themselves, you'd rather cover your own ass and deflect even when presented with logical facts that couneract the bullshit of your deeply held convictions.
    Black people have no right talking shit about whatever is going on in the white community when we refuse to clean out our own closets first. Hell the shit that was going on in the film precious is happening
    in a lot of poor black households in america. Before you try to "clap back" with any other made up bullshit, I'll just leave you with this thought-
    In many poor inner city ghettos, most folks don't even travel outside of their own communities. In fact many people in lower income parts of a city never even been outside of their own city! Second- If black men are not being responsible fathers and just go around procreating with every chick within the nearest radius, then that community will fill up with his bastard children. Those bastard
    children will all grow up most likely never meeting their siblings. When those siblings become of age, they will likely date and you guessed it- HAVE SEX with the members of the opposite sex within their nearest radius. There is a high chance that those young black and sexually active teenagers will be f*cking each other-hence we have INCEST.

    I suggest you go look up the case of the man who impregnated and had kids with 30 women in memphis and the woman who didn't know she was dating and sleeping with her own father-oh and they were black!

  13. @TonyStark
    Taken from here-
    Trends in the disclosures of victimization
    As someone who has served as a peer and youth mentor, as well as an advocate for women and girls in various settings, including domestic violence and rape crisis centers, I have noticed some disturbing trends in the disclosures of victimization. One trend that emerged is that the majority of black women I encountered had been sexually abused as children and did not address the abuse until adulthood. The realization that child sexual abuse is more common than I ever imaged it could be, confused and angered me. I was compelled to dig deeper because clearly something is just not right. According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014), an estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. Recent statistics have displayed the alarming rate in which black girls have been abused.According to preliminary findings by Black Women’s Blueprint, “60% of black girls experience sexual assault… by the time they reach 18” (Black Women’s Blueprint, n.d.) and for every black woman that reports her sexual assault there are at least 15 black women who do not report their experiences of abuse (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010). I personally have known and worked primarily with women and girls, but this is happening to boys as well and it is talked about even less when it comes to male survivors. “Approximately 22 percent to 29 percent of all CSA (child sexual abuse) victims are male” (Putnam, 2003 p.270). The reluctance for boys to report abuse, coupled with the fact that males are rarely asked about childhood sexual abuse by mental health providers may explain why boys are underrepresented in psychiatric samples (Putnam, 2003). It is deplorable that there are so many perpetrators out there who have gone unpunished and unknown to the people who share their homes and communities. Not one of the women who disclosed her victimization to me was abused by a stranger; each knew her abuser, as a neighbor, teacher, family friend or even a parent. Understanding that the perpetrator is typically someone close to the survivor helped me see why so few children report.
    That realization became evident when I thought about the accounts of victimization from the women I have known and worked with. They all experienced a profound sense of betrayal and distrust growing up because of the unfathomable violation of being assaulted by an adult that they knew and once trusted. Suddenly, the world that was once safe, fun and bright became a dark, dangerous and stressful place. These women did not know whom they could trust, and they generally did not feel that they could tell anyone what had happened to them. Without treatment or help to escape the abuse, they were left to deal with these extreme emotional and physical assaults that no child should ever have to endure. The repercussions of childhood sexual abuse can be devastating for survivors. They are at risk for a myriad of both short and long-term symptoms of psychological distress (Effects of CSA on Victims, n.d.). “Childhood sexual abuse has been correlated with higher levels of depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, eating disorders, somatic concerns, anxiety, dissociative patterns, repression, denial, sexual problems and relationship problems” (Hall & Hall, 2011 p.2).
    Child sexual abuse in the African-American community
    Child sexual abuse is certainly not unique to the African-American community; it is a widespread issue that can be found in every racial and ethnic group. But as I think about the people that I have encountered and the heartbreaking stories that they have shared, it is still baffling to me that this is an issue that African-Americans are reluctant to discuss and/or aggressively address. When we look at the black community, the prevalence of children being sexually abused is somewhat of a conundrum, because we have attributes of a collectivist culture. Collectivists sacrifice the interests of the individual for what is in the best interest of the group because the group (e.g. family, tribe or state) is the principal element of reality, Realo’s study as cited by (Power, Schoenherr, & Samson, 2010 p.208). “In collectivistic cultures, people are considered "good" if they are generous, helpful, dependable and attentive to the needs of others. This contrasts with individualistic cultures which often place a greater emphasis on characteristics such as assertiveness and independence” (Cherry, n.d.). Many African Americans believe in the African proverb that exemplifies our collective culture, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So I would think that the same village would serve to protect children and hold perpetrators responsible for their crimes. We know that communities of color tend to work together for the greater good of the community, and yet there are these trends of sexual violence against children that are not being sufficiently addressed. The reason the black community seems to be plagued with this issue, despite our collectivist culture, is unclear. I believe it is most likely related to a convoluted web of systemic oppression, intergenerational transmission of abuse and personal culpability.
    We also have to recognize the influence of the systems in place that do not allow for true healing or treatment of black youth. When black children have been victimized and they exhibit maladaptive symptoms of their abuse, they tend to be labeled and stigmatized for their actions. This phenomenon is demonstrated by the "school-to-prison pipeline” that has become more and more prevalent in our nation’s school systems. The American Civil Liberties Union describes the school to prison pipeline as “a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems”(School-to-Prison Pipeline, n.d.). Many of the children that are affected by this institutional trend are students of color that have learning disabilities or histories of poverty, abuse or neglect (School-to-Prison Pipeline, n.d.). Very few take the time to look past the overt behaviors and really examine the covert pain that emanates from a history of abuse; which unfortunately places black youth in the predicament of getting punishment or remediation rather than receiving effective help to heal.

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