Snoop Dogg Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger a “Racist Piece of Sh*t”

Snoop Dogg Arnold Schwarzenegger racist

Snoop Dogg just went IN on Arnold Schwarzenegger, and called the former CA governor a “racist piece of sh*t”!

It all stems Schwarzenegger refusing to spare the life of Snoop’s friend and fellow crip, Stankley “Tookie” Williams.

Tookie was convicted of murder, but had changed his life behind bars. He authored several children’s books that were geared toward anti-gang and anti-violence topics. Schwarzenegger had the authority to reject Tookie’s execution, but he refused to do so. The former gang banger died by lethal injection at San Quentin prison in 2005.

Now the “Meet the Blacks” star is calling Schwarzenegger out because while he stood by and let Tookie die, he shortened the sentence of another prison who was convicted of manslaughter!

Esteban Nunez was released from prison 10 years early thanks to Schwarzenegger. He is the son of Schwarzenegger’s friend and CA State Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez.

Peep the video and hear Snoop going off!

Do you agree with him?


  1. Johnny Deep and The Dixie Chick etc, helped and freed a convicted killer!!

    Snoop is still a coon.

    • That "convicted" killer was innocent you dumb twat.

      He was convicted by a backwards red neck southern jury who were gullible enough to buy the DA's strategy that the defendant was a satan worshiper because he listened to Metallica and wore black clothes. It was later discovered that it was the little boys' stepfather who raped and killed the boys.
      This was the Memphis Three murder case.

      • No need to call me a ? "Dumb Twat" it was an example, there are innocent black men in prison, who needs somone to fight for them.

  2. Snoop can miss me on his love for Tookie, whose actions, in MY OPINION, contributed to the BLACK GENOCIDE we're seeing in black communities across the nation.

    He was no role model. And no amount of children's books and nominations for Nobel prizes can change that fact.

    • I agree 100% Fuck Tookie. He helped influence countless numbers of black people get killed over stupid shit! I'm glad he is dead!

    • Agreed !
      Snoop's crying for the death of his boyfriend…so what ?!?
      Snoop is no less racist than Arnie btw that's like Coca-Cola complaining against Pepsi-Cola for being a chemical beverage…

  3. Come on now people can you see what is going on for them to open up something that happened in 2005 this is one thing and one thing only to start a race war for us please don't give in its what they want look at everything thing from January to now April this is a war be smart and don't give in.

  4. Remember Mr Snoop Dogg is one of them he knows what is going on .what to say and when to say it. They get paid to start this crap sad when money can make you do some real evil shit.

  5. I understand Snoop calling out the disparity but I still have a problem with seeing this man as a "Hero".

  6. I agree w/the D. O. double G on this 1. I hate Schwarzenigger because of this, I remember it. Snoop, others, ( & myself to a degree), campaigned for Tookie's clemency because we felt he was innocent, & tried to turn his life around/do good in jail. At most, it's hypocracy; depending on the situation, then all murderers should get the death penalty. I don't feel some should walk while others don't. It should be straight across the board. Anyways, Schwarzenigger can go to hell, I've hated him ever since, & boycott his movies.

  7. Grown men who need to be in gangs sadden me.
    What's even worse is the man he's rallying behind. Tookie and his crew were horrible people who did terrible things, all because they didn't like a bunch of simps a block or two over and then more simps follwed then and here we are today. That man single handedly caused so much damage to the black community. Mexicans and Asians taking over LA is their karma for not taking advantage of what they.

  8. You guys are aware that Schwarzenegger's dad was a nazi. Anyways Schwarzenegger did what damn near every governor in Amerikkkan history has done; help one of his friends. That is to be expected of people who are in a position of power. Speaking of people in positions of power, What the f*ck has that black President done for black people? If I were Snoop, I say forget about Schwarzenegger, and focus your anger towards the black President who refuses to help black people.

    By the way if you live in the sate of California, Kamala Harris (Black woman) is running for senator. Are you going to support her? It's important to know that Kamala Harris is married to a white man.

    • Obama is doing a lot more than we think.

      March 30, 2016

      Today, the President announced 61 new grants of commutation to individuals serving years in prison under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws. More than one-third of them were serving life sentences. To date, the President has now commuted the sentences of 248 individuals – MORE THAN THE PREVIOUS SIX PRESIDENTS COMBINED. And, in total, he has commuted 92 life sentences.

    • Kamala Harrus is half black and Indian her father is African-American what's your problem again with what she's doing with her personal life?

    • Being that Kamala Harris is mixed, I wouldn't hold any hope. We'll know people like her would love to be associated with the other side, despite Indians not accepting her as one of theirs. Who she marries is important when it comes to mixed people we always mistake as black because it indicates who they are more like. So in short, she's mixed & we need to stop claiming people who don't want anything to do with us, let them have their own group to identify with, let's not accept that they're black by default

    • @NBA 16:48 Obama is NOT black, he is a golden mulatto. He came out of the incubator of a white female – that makes him a hybrid. Hybrids change sides depending on their mood for the day. That's just the nature of the "beast". The joke is on those who keep trying to make a hybrid Black. You'll be disappointed and confused by their switch-up EVERY TIME!

      • Obama is black and all blacks are hybrids! Don't believe it…get your DNA tested, you'll be surprised what pops up. And the so-called "mulattos," never benefitted from that designation like they thought they would.

  9. One more thing, Schwarzenegger f*cked Vanessa Williams. That is how she got the role in the movie Eraser. Schwarzenegger hates black people, but he obviously loves black p*ssy!

    • Schwarzen tiny dicc and a bunch of other body builders pulled a train on a black woman in the 70's so he is no different than any other neanderthal..they take by force what their barbarism and uncivilized nature couldn't get under normal circumstances.

  10. Rookie started a legacy of death and violence of course snoop supported him because snoop is a part if that legacy and both served Satan so yeah I don't feel sorrynfor tookie caused he hurt a lot of people and his crew started chaos and death and black america hasn't recovered yet kill

  11. Snoop serves the same devil rookie did him protesting is an insult to everybody who died for gang violence you might as well say George Zimmerman is a hero f*ck rookie, suge knight, Willie Lloyd and Larry hoover they all served Ty he devil

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