Ciara Refuses to Say Future’s Name

ciara future name billboard

While announcing the nominees for the Billboard Music Awards, Ciara refused to say Future’s name. Instead, she paused and let her co-host do the honors.

Although Future is the one with the gag order, I guess Ciara didn’t want to give her ex the pleasure of hearing his name come out of her mouth.

Peep the video:


  1. That's just petty, Ciara needs to remember without Future's help on her "One Woman Army" Some of Her music would of flopped. Body Party that song is banging. Plus that's her baby's father, does she speaks his name in front of her child??

  2. First, there is litigation going on between the two and a gag order is in place…so legally she had to fall back.

    Second, as bad as he has disrespected her publically, the MOTHER of one of his many children, I'd never say his name either.

    Folks always want to drag the woman and dismiss the so-called man. It ain't that deep. I'm sure he'll live from not hearing her say his name. Geesh.

  3. OK he is the one with a gag order not her that is childish and stupid as a woman and mother you could of just said his name that it you couldn't be the bigger person and she a lot of women that just because your baby father is a dumb ass you can still show you have class

  4. Where was all this rah rah when he was calling her out of her name? When will we as women stand up for one another instead of tearing each other down? Future ain't M L K or Malcolm. So what she didn't say his name. Folks act like Future has been the epitome of dignity and grace. He's a hoodrat, baby daddy with a gazillion children he should be concentrating on…not whether or not Ciara said his name.

  5. OK if you really want to take it there she was the one cheating on him and she was also the one who was trying to keep up with the Kardashian life style and at that time he wasn't looking for a woman like that if you don't believe me just go back and read why her and 50 cent did not last.

    • It's cool, Zelma. Some stuff just don't end well. She's moved on…I'm sure he has a couple of kids on the way, and everythang is everythang. LOL.

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