Lebron Exposed After Sliding in Instagram Thot’s DM’s

lebron james instagram thot rachel bush

Lebron James was just busted after sliding into an Instagram thot’s DM’s. The woman, Rachel Bush, is allegedly dating Cleveland Browns’ cornerback Jordan Poyer, but that didn’t stop Lebron from hitting her up!

In true Instagram thot fashion, Rachel took a screenshot of Lebron’s message. It’s pretty innocent, but it makes you wonder….what’s a married man doing private messaging another woman? But not just any woman…this girl has an  IG profile full of nothing but azz shots…

lebron james rachel bush

lebron james instagram thot



    • Yes, his wife is aware of his side THOTS! I recall reading several blind items about his different THOTS! The most recent one which was mentioned on Myra Panache's Facebook page indicated that his wife was fine with his behavior because she wanted the lifestyle! This doesn't surprise me at all considering the agreements that SOME of these celebrities have in place when it comes to other men or other women.

  1. He is very careless and very stupid to be so brazen that shows he doesn't know how to vet mistresses I am sure he is being played for his money by all of those gold-diggers.

  2. I don't blame Savannah for staying. She probably thinking she'd rather put up with a cheat who maintains her lifestyle than a broke ass 5 baby mama having cheat like future. Black women have slim pickings in this world

    • Let me correct your last sentence black women have slim pickings: if they only date black man OK there are billions of other man in the world just a much needed correction black man sure the hell aren't loyal to black women so please quit that narrowminded thought thank you.

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