Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Cheating With Akon’s Brother

bow wow joie chavis bu

Poor Bow Wow can’t keep a woman for sh*t! The rapper and actor ran back into the arms of his baby mama, Joie Chavis, after he ended his engagement to Erica Mena.

Things with Joie seemed to be going pretty well, until Bow found out she was cheating on him…with Akon’s brother, Bu!

It all started when Joie made Bu her MCM.


Bow got in his feelings of course, and called Joie a c*ck hopper! Allegedly, Joie had plans to move in with Bow, but those plans have been squashed!

bow wow joie chavis cheating


Bu dated Tracee Ellis Ross for years, but it looks like that relationship is over and he has moved on to plow down Joie.

Hold this “L” Bow.


  1. Damn, in this day and era, cheating is the norm, but there is also karma!
    Bow Wow isn't innocent, didn't he cheat with Erica, on Cyn Santana?

  2. Well Joie made it very clear that she was not with Lil Bow Wow, she disowned that f*cker every chance she got. And he a bitch made nigga to talk about his child's mother like that. Midget Cunt

  3. Imma say this one time. Like my family said about Joie a loooooonnnngggg ass time ago. Just as long he take care of his daughter and don't put his hands on neither one of them, he will be left alone. If not, that's his ass. The best thing BW should do is leave Joie alone. She is already hard headed.

  4. Karma always comes back to tap that azz! When Joie was pregnant and had the baby, Bow Wow was with Angela Simmons. Then he tried to get out of paying child support by saying he was broke. Then he goes and gets engaged to Erica Mena, they split. And then it's on to Keyshia Cole (allegedly) they split. Then he claim him and Joie back together, it was crickets on her end tho!

    SN: Blu said in an interview that Bow was the homie and Tracee Ellis Ross was bae!
    Oh the lives of celebrities…

  5. This is why you must never have a baby for these niggas ladies! He treated joie like crap when she fell pregnant now be thinks he still owns her just because she birthed his baby. I repeat. Ladies stay away. Rather a childless life of peace than having a bitch nigga own you like you a pet.

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