Rachel Dolezal 1 Year Later: “I Have No Regrets”

rachel dolezal still black

A year after Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP Spokane chapter president, was outed for trying to pass for black…the delusional white woman is back at it again!

In a recent interview, Rachel is still claiming to be black. Although she acknowledges she was born white, she says doesn’t have any regrets with the way she identifies herself.

“I don’t have any regrets about how I identify. I’m still me,” ~ Rachel Dolezal

rachel dolezal baby pictures

She’s also planning on writing a book about racial identity. Peep the interview:


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  4. A white trash bitch who couldn't get a job or a husband. What does the ugly white bitch do? She gets her hair died and her skin darkened and pretends to be black. Her reward was receiving a high level position in the white owned NAACP chapter in the state of Washington. This white bitch took a job from a black woman. Sistas you should be disgusted at this white bitch! Not only did she wear black face, she practiced black face. This shit is much worse than what Al Jolson did.

    • So graduating from Howard University with a degree in African studie makes her white trash? Running the NAACP in Washington makes her trash? What is your definition of white trash? I'd like to hear it.

      You may not like her, but trash? Really?

      • Im black and I like her
        Who is not against us is for is and i hate to say, but some of our own is much more evil and hateful toward their own kind (blacks )

      • @ 22:32 – The trashy ass bitch took my spot at Howard U. Lying her ass off using the very same affirmative action THEY complain so much about.

    • I'm an AUTHENTIC Black woman. My ancestry is unquestionable. I am not offended by Rachel Dolezal. She looks like a MIXED RACE woman–NOT a Black woman. She looks more attractive with hue–in my opinion. I don't have any emotional investment in how Rachel identifies herself. Even if she had ONE DROP of AfRAkan blood, she is still NOT a Black woman nor will she ever be. Her DNA and blood type contains the forensic evidence.

      I must say that I am fascinated at her persistence in identifying herself as 'Black' and living her life as a "mixed race" person of AfRAkan ancestry. I want to know WHY and what CAUSED her disassociation from her heritage? To me, this speaks VOLUMES!!!

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  8. If men who "feel" like women can transition and we have to accept them in order to be politically correct, why is it any stranger that someone might "feel" like they are of another race?

    This is the era where feelings are more important than reality.

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  12. Rachel looks like a person of MIXED RACE–NOT Black. And…she actually looks BETTER in this appearance. It is an UPGRADE from her regular white GERMANIC look. Ethnicity looks good on her. But…her thinking is still dominated by WHITE PATHOLOGY.

    • @ 08:06 A bit schizophrenic much??? A *LEPER* can never change it's spots! This bitch can put tar all over herself and she will still be a neanderthal through and through. DNA has spoken!
      Nuccas need to stop trying to paint something brown to feel better about accepting it.

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  13. The bottom line is this ugly, white woman couldn't get a white man to hire her and couldn't get a white man to marry her. What does Rachel Dolezal do? She gets a tan, curls her hair and pretends to be black. She instantly gains a high level, high paying job with the white owned N- A-See- Me- Pee, and gets national attention from the white owned TV Networks. This reminds me of three other white trash women who couldn't get any love or respect from their own race; So they promoted themselves to the black race and became multi-millionaires. I'm talking about fake ass (Emphasis on the fake ass) Kim Kardashian, pimp mama Kris and fat ass King Kong Khloe. Damn! The ugly white woman is truly the black man's kryptnonite!

    • @ NBA 16:07 – You aint neva lied on this one! It's the truth and speaks to the psychopathy that so called Blacks buy into loving and worshiping those who are damn-near-white.

  14. @Anonymous 12:42pm – Work on your reading comprehension skills before you attempt to diagnose someone else's mental state. Thank you.

    I will state, again, that Rachel does NOT look like a BLACK woman. I'm talking about AfRAkan standards–not American One Drop Rule.

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