SNL Slowing Breaking Down Entertainment Industry Racial Barriers

Michael Che SNL Anchor

Lorne Michaels has hired comedian Michael Che to be the first Black SNL cast member to anchor “Weekend Update”. Che previously was a writer for SNL, before leaving to appear on “The Daily Show”.

Here’s what’s reported:

“For the first time in the history of Saturday Night Live, there will be two men anchoring the Weekend Update segment. And for the first time in the history of the show, one of those anchors will be black.”


  1. Lorne Michaels is a far guy, he listened to the people who wanted a Black Comedianne on the show, not SNL has a Black Woman regular on the show, see what happens Black People when we stand up for righteousness, we get things done POWER of UNITY

  2. SNL is wack, an as soon as the ratings start dropping they want to bring in a Black person to boost ratings with our “colorful” humor. I won’t be surprised if as soon as the ratings skyrocket they’ll be ready to recast for a new anchor.

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