Movin’ On Up: Black Chyna Moves From Tyga’s Digs



Strippers Makin’ Ends Meets!

Blac Chyna is officially out of her fake ass. The ex-King Of Diamonds dancer turned Kardashian friend recently took to Instagram to debut her new Tyga-less home, which according to her, is a 5 bedroom, 5 bath house somewhere in So-Cal (probably boring Calabasas).

She started off by showing off her kitchen, cars and backyard.. Perfect for the snooping burglar looking to scout a mark before they hit.

black-chyna-new-home-2 black-chyna-new-home



  1. dumb bytch showing off!! even showing her new adress not very smart black rhino…maybe hanging around with kim made her dumb

    if this bytch wasn’t getting d*cked down by britsh bull dog none of this shyt would of happen

    blame it on the kardashian who cheat on their men

  2. Bitch talking like she paid for all that with her own money.We all know Tyga dropped some cash for that crib/cars,but being she trapped that nigga with a kid he’s still gonna look out for her.Bitches like her be the first to scream that independent shit but got a couple of trick niggas hiding in the shadows.GTFOH!!

  3. my logical intelligent question is what does black rhino need to have a 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom house for??
    she’s a single mother with 1 son??

    what does this bytch need to have a big house for????

  4. Why she moved into this basic looking house from the outside. She better be careful with all them windows the burglars got more than one way to get in. I think an apt. or condo would have been a safe choice for a single woman with a baby.

  5. Y’all gotta remember, she was stripping & tricking before Tyga…if she was smart, she would have banked her money & spent his. IJS..

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