Slim Thug: “I think ima need a diaper”

    Old Rapper Slim Thug

    This grown azz man didn’t only just say he pissed himself… he actually took the time to tweet it too! Don’t believe me?

    Check this:

    Slim Thug Wears Diapers

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    1. Is Letoya Luckett still dating this douche? If so, I feel bad for her. She probably had to clean up his pee with her tongue! Slim Thug is one big nasty nigga!

    2. they been broke it off he tweeted years ago he was masturbating off Alicia and beyonce saying he got the Vaseline and the Kleenex.

    3. I don’t believe him. He probably needs to wear a diaper so he does shit himself. Disgusting.

    4. Damn shame grown azz sorry yung kat pissing on his damn self smdh did da n*gg* piss n the dentist chair? lmao dude stop tellin all your damn business with kno u slow having babies by relatives

    5. We were once respected as a dignified over coming race. With kneegrows like this on worl wide social media, this is what we look like to others. smhAnd i t woud be different if this kneegrow wasnt half way sucessful in his craft or if he was piss poor and couldnt afford become educated. No its fools like this that are leaving lasting impressions

      • 4real,4real! These dudes(& females) today be proud to look dumb and do dumb shit.

    6. when ever your this pinned up for attention your resort to telling folks you wear diapers its a wrap.his career his music his image its a wrap.

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