Benzino’s Chick Blasts Nikko For Lyin’ About Layin’ Up With Her

Benzino vs Nikko

LHHATL’s Althea apparently has what it takes to check MiMi’s boy toy — after Nikko tried to pull an ‘I hit it first’ on the soon-to-be Mrs. Benzino Scott. There’s just one thing… Althea Heart may not be the smartest cookie around…

Peep the IG bombs:

Benzino Girlfriend vs Nikko

Benzino Nikko Beef


  1. Well she sure ain’t that smart a cookie.

    “peddle back”? I think she meant back pedal.

    She would make a nice pair with Katt Stacks the retard who critiques others’ grammar/spelling. smh

    • I just don’t understand brothas! Invest in someone who has a real career! This chick been on the block a minute! She is a basic looking chick especially without the weave!Am I missing something? What is it about brothas who date women that can’t help their brand grow!

  2. I don’t understand people my age who can’t write/speak well. This country is too competitive to be dumb.

    It’s sad.

  3. bytch needs to go back to school is “their not “there” it’s the same word but a different meaning

  4. she random as f*ck anyway! i never heard of this bird until she landed on BEZINO’S NECK,talking bout she was signed to Defjam…yea as a label escort smh at these birds

  5. Dat slut will make a movie with any damn body just fo 2 seconds of fame look who dis tramp with no neck benzino lmao these hoes lookin fo fame in reality tv

  6. I hope he did not marry her if he did I will not feel sorry for him when people will be coming to him say I had your girl why they won’t find a woman that all his friends did not hit she slept with all the men on the show.

  7. I officially turned LAHH off after watching Rasheeda “crying” outside the club with Kirk. That killed it for me. They don’t even try to pretend that the shit is real anymore. Oh, well. I rather enjoyed watching these well-dressed crackheads.

    • If you need a dose of ratchetness orange is the new black season 2 is good. Will tide you over until Frankie Lons and her litter invade the tv with their Family Therapy episodes.


        Yes. People cant often distinguish my humour. By end of season I predict that poor Dr. Rosovsky will be sporting cornrows and sippin’ Lean.

        Glad Benzinos nephew didnt aimed for his shoulder instead of his neck :). Men love dumb broads.

  8. Im wondering about the person who corrected that meme. I believed she spelled the word correctly, she used bad grammar. So it’s a epic fail, for the person trying to clown her. Understand the difference between spelling and grammar. Lol

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