Rozay Dodges Givin’ Up An Answer After Asked If He’d Head Back To Detroit!

Rick Ross Tick Tick - Detroit

“There was supposed have been a mob gang… and that’s totally false.”

Rapper Rick Ross’ explanation for why he skipped performing at Detroit’s Summer Jamz concert couldn’t be further away from the promoter’s word. While Rozay sticks to his story of it being a ‘peaceful protest’… the promoter’s previous statement places 150 goons on the scene — who “threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds.” One thing’s for sure… somebody’s not telling the truth.

“A decision was made from Mr. Ross’ team the conditions were becoming threatening and posed a security risk.”

Here’s what Rozay had to say to Miami’s 99 Jamz:

“We went over to the gig and my team is always in front of me. Just to make it clear, I never made it over to the venue.

Me and whoever this gentleman is, we never crossed paths. He never spoke with Rozay and I expect him to clarify that. I expect him to tell ya’ll, ‘We never spoke to Rozay.’

So we get there, to the venue, and someone has locked the gates to the venue. Padlocked, or however they did it, the gate was locked. There was gentlemen supposed to be here. This, I didn’t see myself. But there was gentlemen there supposed to be gentlemen talking with the police — and it was very peaceful.

You know, for my team that made it… “

Q: There before you?

“Right… they didn’t even know there was a problem. That’s the promoter’s job, you know what I mean?”

Q: To guarantee that it’s a safe situation?

“Right… so the promoter himself said, ‘Let’s get it fixed.’ So we said, ‘Let’s go to the casino.’ Shout out to Greektown Casino. So we went back to the casino. And, you know, that’s where we chilled. And that’s when I got the story that there was supposed have been a mob gang… and that’s totally false. And I let that breathe for a whole day just for somebody to step up and say that’s not true. No one spoke to MMG, no one.”

Q: So what happens now? Do you go back to Detroit? ‘Cause your fans out there, they wanna see you…

“I mean… I mean… I mean… for me personally, it ain’t personal… because I was paid… and I was paid well. I just feel bad for those kids that stood out there for six-hours that wanted to see Ricky Rozay and couldn’t see the boss because someone padlocked the gate. So for whatever reason they did this, I don’t understand it. Because it’s somebody supposed to be from the jungle. In the jungle, you don’t lock the lions out — you let the lions in and lock ’em in. That’s when you get the confrontation you want, if that’s what you want…”


  1. Sounds like Rick Ross is trying to tell his story and he wants to stick to it aka lying as usual. I want to hear from the people who were actually there.

  2. To answer his question: No he won’t go back he’s paid is what he said in so many words.

    • Exactly…I was there and I live here…err’body knows you come to the D and you gotta pay tax..especially if you shooting off ya mouth like Fatboy…I cannot wait to see this played out on the Boondocks…LOL.


      Don’t believe me..ask Trick Daddy….(who?)

      Trick Trick don’t play dat!

  3. This dude need to stop with all the ruff talk, he manages to dodge everything that’s not coincidence.

    • Thats a compliment to him, watch he’ll be on the next track saying he’s hoova.

  4. Well thats what he gets for taking the name of the real gangster Rick Ross. I believe he was sued by the original Rick Ross for using his name and image.

    • Freeway sued him but it was farfetched that he’d win that lawsuit because RickRoss used his name as a stage persona.Now if he’d stolen his identity in Real Life and used it as his own then it would have been a different story.Using someone’s name just to Rap is not valid grounds to sue.

  5. I dont know if he ever squashed the beef with the gangster disciples in NC. He was due to perform in Charlotte a few years back but had to cancel. Same thing in Alabama.

  6. come on if 50 low rent cent and officer mac-fat fat got in a fight who would win?????

    • 50 easily. Not only was he an amateur boxer prior to rapping, that ‘Roid rage ain’t no joke! All Rick could hope to do is either strangle him with his bra or try to eat him. *shrugs*

  7. None of this bs is worth Rick Ross dying over. The suits that run the music industry don’t cherish black life…They Don’t!

  8. Q. So what happens now? Do u go back 2 Detroit? U have fans out there that want 2 see u..
    His Answer…I mean…I mean…I mean…LOL!

  9. Can someone post any proof or a usa boxing amateur book showing Curtis Jackson’s amateur record, if not how do we know…anyone can say they was a boxer by going to a gym a few times!

  10. Did this sloppy jelly roll really refer to himself in the third person? Please take your FBI Cointelpro behind elsewhere. These “gangsta rappers” make my eye twitch.

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