Six Shades of Drake: Jock-Stalker, Side-Liner, Bench-Warmer, Locker Room-Crasher, Chubb-Ster, Hotliner …

6 Degrees of Drake

HSK Exclusive – Drake has apparently taken it back to crashing NBA locker rooms again. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, who had Drake denied and turned away from entering his team’s Toronto locker room, back on November 25th. Since then, Mr. 6 has reportedly set his rouge lips on the noted “greatest shooter in NBA history” — Step Curry.

“Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha thinks Drake has a man crush on her husband.”

Just days ago, Drake was in San Francisco where he and the Golden State Warrior hooked up over post-game burgers. Video of the pair and crew made it to social media, revealing a less than impressed-lookin’ Mrs. Curry *see pic below*.

Drake Steph Curry Wife

Dig the Drop:

“Drake likes to attend to NBA basketball games and after the ball game the Hotline Bling rapper likes to visit the team’s locker rooms.”


  1. Jock chasing sniffer. Only interested in the winning team / players or whoever is in the limelight. He did this when the Heat had Lebron, getting himself invited to after parties in South Beach. It doesn't matter the team. He'll do this with the winning Super Bowl football team.

  2. These days 'artists' switch lanes so often it's hard to tell where they are headed

  3. Black brothers and black sistas, Drake is Gay! Drake is the product of racist, white Jewish men who took this gay kid from Nickolodeon and make him a rap superstar! Aubrey gets all of the attention because he is half Jewish and gay and took it up the ass! Drake is not a real rapper, he is a f*cking fraud! Real rappers are Jadakiss, K-Rhino and Immortal Technique. I urge all brothers and sistas to stop paying attention to this hollywood DL sex toy! That gay, Canadian piece of shit is destroying hip hop and at the same time, the gay majfia is destroying his asshole! As Corey Holcomb once said, "Drake's breath smells like boobooic blood!"

  4. Comment: Looks like he goes into the locker room to recruit for his sexual fantasies and his masonic brotherhood. I heard countless stories of him being gay, but when I saw him hosting the ESPY awards and saw the bitch come out of him, I knew he was hella gay. I don't think men can be bisexual, I think he uses women just as a beard.

  5. His wife looking like hell naw bish.

    The tall dark skin guy looking like this dude here…

    • I'm sayin!!!! A chick can smell estrogen 50 million miles away if you're checkin for her man. ROFLMAO @ drake

  6. I swear at anon 14:46 the security guard looking like ninja please…yea and Currys wife knows exactly what Drizzy on. Yea Gay, Gay, and more Gay

  7. Yea Drake is gay, but what about this Stef curry, what his name is Stephen but he like people call him Stef, a girls version of the name, Mabie Stef gay, And what brother would hang out with gay drake if he was not gay himself, this Stef guy is not paid to eat with Drake, this is. not business so yea STEF IS GAY, and he is NOT THE FIRST OR ONLY GAY NBA PLAYER

    • Never was game stands for gay men which is why the majority of athletes are gay which is why some players pat each other on the ass all these gay hints tight ass pants and shorts and wonder why bruce turned he was fagging then drake like basketball players cause they know how to dribble a ball

    • All of them have to take the Faux Masonic initiation which is getting done in the Ass. The Sports world is apart of the InLUSTry. I saw Curry on some commercial shaking his man cakes. And he's not getting all these endorsements for nothing.

  8. "drake like basketball players cause they know how to dribble a ball"
    this killed me. hahahahaha

    that picture is so suspect though. damn

  9. I thin yall be making too much out of things and overstating shit. Just because Drake is friendly and personable does not mean he wants to get in dudes pants or shorts. Stop making every Black man out to be undercover, on the down low……you play right into our enemy hands. Drake is a very friendly and warm person and he does not deserve this hate coming at him. Most of you people who bash him are nothing more than jealous people who did nothing with your lives. Drake is one of the coolest dudes i know.

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