Sisqo Sacrifices His Goldie Locks For Baltimore


Sisqo Baltimore Protest

“My hair has been my signature around the world since our careers started hand n hand with being a Baltimore native good,bad, or ugly.”

Unrest across Baltimore has given birth to varies means the people have chosen to make their message heard. While some have turned to a spending shutdown, others have taken up public protest. As for Sisqo … he says he showed his support by having “sacrificed” (his words) his goldie locks.

Check out how Sisqo put it:

“I sacrificed my hair as a symbol of support for the struggle that Baltimore & most inner-city youth face everyday.

It wrenched my heart when I saw the way that we were being portrayed to the world media. The fact that I was unable to march on the streets of my city with my brothers & sisters physically made me feel as if I needed to make a statement that couldn’t be tainted, twisted, or misconstrued.

I have worked with local schools, churches & youth groups in the past. Myself & DRU HILL are working to do more in the future. So hang in there young people…and remember think outside-of-the-box. Be better then the best & always remember intellect over emotion.#Baltimore #FreddieGray”


  1. just like sisqo sacrificed his ass to the fags.

    funny how blacks only show pity to each other when its whites killing us.


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