Ludacris Checks Toddler Daughter into REHAB!!!

Ludacris Bad Father

Fatherly Fail!

Not too sure what Ludacris was thinking over the weekend, when he picked up his toddler Cai and had the 15-month baby girl tag along with him to a Sin City pool party … where sources say “the turn-up was reeeeeaaaal.”

“The party was the scene of a giant melee, where several people punched each other’s lights out.”

It all went down during Rehab at the Hard Rock, with Luda playing host. Being that the bash was complete with booze, blow and brawls, it doesn’t appear Luda was even thinking at all!

Check the word:

“Ludacris only took Cai to Vegas because he didn’t want Tamika to be able to spend the weekend with her. Cai had been taken away from the pool party just before the fight broke out. She spent most of the weekend holed up in her daddy’s room. Luda returned Cai late to daycare on Monday.”


  1. Ludacris sounds like a lil bitch. How did he ever get custody? Let’s hope that this can be used against him at the next custody hearing.

    • It won’t.
      Tamika has to set her game up. Get a better paying job so she can support her family. Plus, she’s in the system with her first child…child neglect.

      • She didn't neglect the first daughter. She got pregnant in her Senior year and her parents raised the little girl so she can get an education

  2. both Ludacris and Usher used Their celebrity powers to gain custody of Their children

    both Mother’s got the same name ain’t that a funny!!

    Usher’s son nearly drown in a bathtub while He was away on tour, Ludacris probably promoting He’s chitty music left He’s baby in day care? come one!!!

    can’t You see there’s something wrong about this, leaving a baby who can’t yell out or scream who can’t defend Herself!!. a Nanny would of been better

  3. We can’t go nowhere without some funk dropping off. Was more entertaining than the Mayweather fight though b

  4. It’s disgusting what these so called celebrity get away with on this earth.. But I know for sure there’s a man that sits high and looks low, he knows what we all do. So ALL of them, will have their day before the The Lord my God, they will have to answer to him as well as all of us.. I will praise will all thru the day n at night… I KNOW WHO CARRIED ME WHEN I COULDNT CARRY MYSELF. we are all sinners seeking redemption, but they are worshipping THE LORD MY GOD AND SATAN. that don’t work with JESUS.. JMO

  5. What’s wrong with him taking his little girl to Las Vegas? I’m sure he had a nanny with him, and if he really took her to the ReHab Pool, he probably had a cabana so she could be indoors and out of the sun/away from the wild crowd. I don’t understand the problem with this.

    • you are an idiot to think its okay to take a baby to vegas with a nanny instead of her being at home with her mommy

    • Same here. I never saw or heard it mentioned that his baby was there.

      • See, that’s what I’m saying. I bet she was hidden away in a private cabana. He knows better than to have her photographed among all the drunk partiers. And if he doesn’t, Eudoxie does.

        • I wouldn’t let Eudoxie babysit a dead bird. She might through it out the window and say fly birdie. She can’t even take care of herself.

  6. Keep it up Luda! Why dont you take her into a strip club next time? Tamika will have custody in no time. Yay!!

  7. cai should thank the judge who made the awful decision to give him custody

  8. LOL he is a joke and I bet his crazy aggressive music enticed the drama at that bullschet party

  9. Lol! You what? Over here in Dublin, Ireland, it is spelt as ‘ criticise ‘,so I was correct.

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