Charlamagne Stormed: Should The Breakfast Club Be Held Accountable For Lil Duval’s Comments?

Charlamagne Tha God is catching heat for the interview this past Friday with Lil Duval on The Breakfast Club. During which he laughed along while the comedian made jokes about trans women. Including a joke that trans women should be jailed for not disclosing their gender.

Tensions boiled over as some LGBT community activists stormed Charlamagne at a Politico event for MSNBC, in protest of the shock jock.

IMHO, Duval is a comedian…He tells jokes, either get over it, or tune into something else!


  1. Satanic gay mafia owns hollywood. If you piss them off, your hollywood career will die. If you don’t believe me, ask actor Isaiah Washington!

  2. This show isn’t professional journalism and the guests know it. It’s a place to perform.

  3. Can folks have an opinion in this country anymore? Gay folks have to get over trying to MAKE everyone accept and like them and their lifestyle. They’re becoming the BIGGEST BULLIES in the world.

    • The LGBT activists are now controlled and run by the trannies. Most gays and lesbians aren’t having it either.

      And please believe, trannies are mentally ill and they are trying to force everyone else to go along with their delusions. Gays and lesbians are not trying to be anything they are not. They feel that they were born that way, but trannies want you to accept that they are something different from reality.

  4. Tricking men is not sway. Sorry, but if I date a man who was born a woman, there will be some furniture moving up on that bitch. Believe dat!
    These trannies are out of order!

  5. WTH. These sensitive ass poeple. They dont fight this hard for anything else. Bullies is right. I saw a post on facebook the other day that said trannies want people to accept them when they couldnt even accept themselves. Theres some truth to that. Us hetero’s are gonna be the minority and looked down on if these fools have their way.

  6. Trans and gays are cowards. They will pick on The Breakfast Club, but they didn’t say shit when Trump banned the trans from the military!

  7. Lol I doubt Charlemagne or Lil Duval give a flying f–k what any Gay person thinks. They’re comedians and I know for sure lil duval don’t care. Lol like really?????

  8. And they should be jailed for not disclosing there identity and men should also be jailed for lying about being married or having girlfriends. And woman should be jailed for sleeping with married men

  9. Several states are about to pass a law which makes mis-gendering a tranny a hate crime. In other words, if you refer to a man who looks like Bubba Smith in a dress as ‘HE” instead of “SHE” you are guilty of a hate crime.

    This is one concept that I agree with the Republicans on. Less than 1/10 of 1 % of the population should not be bullying the rest of us to humor their craziness.

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