Beyonce & Jay-Z Renewing Vows Following Cheating Revelation

beyonce jay z renewing vows

Now that Jay-Z’s past infidelities are out on the table, he and Beyonce are reportedly looking to wipe the slate clean by renewing their vows.

An insider told sources:

“After going through a really tough couple of years they’re planning to renew their vows in late summer, in front of the children and 10 specially selected trusted friends. Beyonce wants to wipe the slate clean and bring the family back together. They’ve experienced some seriously difficult situations, but they’ve pulled through it.”


  1. They can have a “new beginning” all they want; that camel is going to cheat again.
    Rinse and repeat.

    • LOL!!! You’re so right…a Leopard can never change it’s spots. Get over it Bey, once a cheater always a cheater. You can have a hundred ceremonies and more children but if he doesn’t want to change his behavior the marriage will not last. I’m not a hater but I really don’t see this marriage lasting.

      • It still will last though. Bey wil give jay a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance. As long as it’s not too blatant. Lol they are a “power couple” after all.

        • They will be married until one of them dies. Their marriage is like Apple or Microsoft…there will be no divorce.

          And according to the Wall Street Journal, Jay Z is going to be a billionaire within a year, and his fortune will surpass Oprah’s by 2020.

  2. All marriages go through stuff. So is everyone supposed to renew after the stuff. Imagine folks that have done 50 years together. Vows are only words.

  3. Why are they looking like that? I thought money, status, and power was supposed to make you glow from within. hmmm…..GOT JESUS?

    • It’s hard to look happy and smile all the damn time when you always have a camera in your face. I suspect they are as happy as the average Joe.

  4. It’s hard to stay with a man (Beyoncé is a man)camel knows it too ( above picture)

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