Shemar Moore’s Friend Robs Him of $60K!

shemar moore robbed keith tisdell

Shemar Moore met Keith Tisdell when Keith was given a small role on the CBS show Criminal Minds in 2013.

The two became friends, and Shemar immediately began showering Keith with cash and gifts and letting him tag along to industry events.

Shemar bought Keith $10,000 rims for his car, funded shared vacations and gave him up to $20,000 to help with expenses.

But that wasn’t enough for Keith, and he wanted more of Shemar’s cash money!

He began stealing from Shemar through his retail merchandise company called Baby Girl, LLC. The company gives a portion of its sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society…but Keith didn’t care about that, and he stole up to $60K from the company.

It wasn’t until an internal audit when Shemar discovered Keith’s thieving ways!

After being confronted, Keith denied everything.

“In my mind, he wasn’t man enough to look me in the eye and fess up,” – Shemar Moore

According to the NY Daily News, Keith was arrested in January. He pleaded no contest to felony grand theft in July, and he was sentenced to three years of formal probation and 45 days of CalTrans labor.

When Shemar spoke to the job, he explained how hurt he felt by Keith’s actions.

“I’m not here for money. I’m here because he betrayed a friendship. This is not OK. You don’t do this to people,” – Shemar Moore

After the sentencing, Keith’s lawyer gave Shemar $5,000 worth of money orders…but Keith still owes $56K more to meet the terms of his probation and avoid jail time.

Hmm…Shemar sure did a lot for this “friend” don’t you think?


  1. gay lovers steal a lot from each others that's a known fact
    Shemar won't ask for the missing 56K or Keith wil reveal that Shemar is gay

      • So he'll do it then, not before getting to summoned to court, sued, losing, paying 5,000 and being embarrassed all over social media, as a liar, crook, and someone who steals from the disabled. Wouldn't he have declared that before any of those things happened? So… does anyone make a sound argument or just try to twist the truth to their own minds' personal narrative.

    • @first comments you're absolutely correct!???????For some reason gay males, don't trick on their male lovers, like they would on a female! Lo!! They probably feel like, aye nigga get a job! Lmao! Oh! And just for the record, no one has to reveal that miss Shemar is gay, that revelation has come to pass, a looooong time ago! Okay!

      • I usually agree with all your comments, but male gay lovers trick
        1000% more on their male counterparts !
        I know this as fact cuz I have 3 male gay relatives, lol
        I dont know if its to keep the affair a secret or if its just knowing from 1 man to another on how to get loot or performing sexual favors
        But they get much more then women
        Believe that or jus ask Ms Hollywood (Kerry the football player's undercover lover)
        Lol, just google

        OT: Im surprised Shemar went this length with this guy. I guess he is ready to come out of the closet

        • You know what! I believe you whole heartedly! The gay niggs that I know are young, and semi closeted! Lmao! That homo shit ain't in my lane! So you got it homes, AIGHT! Lmao! ????????? Them niggas do steal, and lie aslot though! They seem to be a bit more petty than a straight man, due tonne afflicted with bitch shit, you know! Just a couple of my copper coins! But you're correct about that other shit boo!???

          • Homosexual men seem to be a bit more petty than a straight man, due to them being afflicted with that bitch shit! (Words jumbled) had to repeat sentence! ✌

    • No, it's not a "known fact." Calling something a fact, does not make it a fact, what the hell.

    • Well Anon, he sued him and took him to court, so… wouldn't that have been the time to do it, or are you just going to ignore that part.

  2. Well, it has long been a not so quiet industry secret that Shemar is a frolicsome fella. So, him buying gifts for his friend doesn't seem that far fetched. RIP E. Lynn Harris, you could have had another great storyline for your best sellers.

  3. The both look like downlow brothers.. Shemar has always been suspect to my eyes..
    One thing people need to understand, if you hire someone to work for your business, you must also be involved in that business, if not they will definitely steal from you…

  4. Miss Shemara Moore's butt buddy, took a little something extra, out of girlfriends purse! I would too, if you f*cked me in the ass perpetually! That's priceless, shit! That's our money, you heard!????

  5. Quote from Notorious BIG, "Money and friends don't mix like two dicks and no bitch. Find yourself in some serious shit."

    • But B.I.G did pay for a lot of people's stuff, and he financially supported his entourage. so…
      While it is easy to say, never a lender nor borrower be, that's never as easy to bring to fruition, otherwise people wouldn't have been writing about it for at least the last 500 years.

  6. OK…. I ll say this for a third time…….. What kind of relationship is this?……..Its gone waaaaaaaayyy past friendship….. WTH?

  7. According to these comments, he wasn't hard up for a friend and trying to keep one, he was gay and it was a lover's quarrel. WOW, okay. Shemar was definitely not smart for letting him anywhere near his foundation but that doesn't make him gay. So it's okay for him to spend his money on total strangers, in the forms of gifts and donations, but using it to help your friend means your having sex with them? I don't get these comments the only way for a person to be generous with their money, is by having sex with the recipient, because people only give money/gifts if they ave having sex with you right? Either a lot of people in this comment section want to be messy, or you don't have any real friends, just people of convenience.

    • Marcus? Baby!…….Shemar Gay!??? Not because we say so, but because it is so! He's not as very kind man, and he's used countless women, mostly Black women, and treated the harshly! This goes back to the 90's! So, payback is a bitch! He's not a victim, he's just been victimized, there's a difference, okay! It's called an (L), and he shall hold it high, because he has earned it!?????

    • @marcus got no gaydar or he's being obtuse on purpose. Shemar is so flaming you can see him from outer space!

  8. Sounds more like they were in a relationship to me. Shemar Moore… "how U doo'uh???"

  9. I'm sorry but disability person you know needs rims?…..I can see Mr.Moore donating time and money to the disabled but rims?……..Okay……….Yeah right……..

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