Shemar Moore Exposed Using Scouts To Bump Aspiring Actresses!

Shemar Moore Dog Park Mackin'

HSK Exclusive – Shemar Moore is being exposed as playing one of the stalest games in Hollywood’s book! I’m talking about dropp’in that ‘So You Wanna Be Famous’ card on female new-comers to the city!

“You won’t believe how many chicks fall for that bullsh*t line,” spills our source.

But that doesn’t mean the Criminal Minds actor is doing it himself. According to our insider … “Shemar Moore sends his scouts to the dog park above Lake Hollywood to pick up women and bring them back to his house.”

Check it:

“Shemar has his scout going to the dog park to pick up chicks to bring them back to his spot to get smashed. The scout pick up lines is ‘Are you new to Hollywood? Shemar could introduce you to the scene.'”


    • Most of them are gay or bisexual at best.. But they all act like they are straight males..

    • I thought that he was corny as hell with that horrible bottom tooth. I didn’t know he was gay until reading this site. Figured people just disliked him because light-skinned cats are generally considered soft and effeminate.

  1. I think he likes both, he’s not planning to wife’em he just wants to run up in’em lol then he goes to his place of comfort after he’s done, careful shamar don’t get in trouble

  2. On here, everyone is gay or bisexual, even known womanisers who are married with families. i swear people take leave of their senses in online.

    • for real. dude is the biggest p*ssy hound in hollywood. never been linked to a dude and has never shown any effeminate tendencies, but he’s stamped gay on here

      • Never shown any effeminate tendancies? I guess you missed dude Butt Ass Naked on that Gay Beach a couple years back right?BTW,the bible condemns the effeminate as well as the gay lifestyle.The first red flag that dude is sweet is he’s never been married has kids nor has he ever had any real long term relationships with any women.In The Words Of Keith Sweat:Something Something Something Something Just ain’t Right!! Ha.Ha.

        • If you know Shemar, you would know that’s a lie. One thing I can say about most of these pretty boys Chris Brown included, they are not into men they love women. I had a gay friend style him once in the pass whom said he wished he was but wasn’t. And I know a few people who goes to his house all the time for parties and also said he’s not. Please don’t hate because he’s fine.

        • I’m gonna tell you whose gay, all these men that keep talking and saying other men are gay. They don’t want to feel alone being gay, so if they keep shouting out everyone else as being gay so they’ll feel okay with self. Surprise on this thread your running gay alone, Shemars not gay.

  3. This dude does NOT like women unless paparazzi are around. STOP PLAYING, you must mean, ACTOR (as in MAN). Or his agent/manager fed this site a fake story, to keep him relevant.

    • MY TAKE ON THIS..IS ..SHEMAR IS a man who loves women BUT does not want to settle and does not want baggage,kids drama and baby mama/daddy drama at his status..once you get a certain age and your 40 with no kids and drama…Your accustomed to that freedom of life and your set in your ways and he is also wealthy…he wants to date and have fun and wants his free will at his age of 45. nothing wrong wit it. im over 35..and don’t want kids and never desired it or been prego or married and im not gay. to each is own!

  4. It’s crazy how people are quick to call this brotha gay, but the only proof that they have are blogs and gossip sites.

  5. Why does he need a middleman to pull chicks in LA? According to popular opinion, all the ladies love them some Shemar Moore. As to the gay issue, which has been nagging him for years. Yes, he’s dated various famous Sistas in the biz…Okay! But some will say he’s never had a steady girlfriend blah blah blah. Again, this man is the end all be all for menfok. It makes women ponder the obvious… Is He Gay! One vital fact we lose sight of as a people. The same clique of corporate turkey vultures that hover over both genres of show business are “Romans” in every way. Money will break a man down when millions are at stake. Why are brothas forced to put a dress on to get over? Jamie Foxxx, Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, and others. And, we’re told by their reps that machismo is all them…What The Hell? Alright, we gotta let all sanity flow like the wind? My personal opinion, only a few bonafide brothas in the industry. It’s always been like this. Entertainment is not for strong brothas. They have to go along with the powers that be to make it, which is the fundamental problem. Time for us to open our eyes, don’t lionize these men trapped in Sodom. It’s not worth it…Really Not! Common Sense

    • I agree. In order to make it in hollyweird both men and women have to offer up head or various sexual services
      Doesnt matter if you’re black or white, gay or straight or young or old
      U must offer up degraded services in order to maintain status in hollyweird

      • Being an actor is a hellafied way to make a living. Shemar is a single man, he doesn’t need a fallback guy to pull women. Who is the bogeyman in the closet? What external party is keeping tabs on him? Denzel does the same thing, but he’s married. I don’t envy these dudes. If walls could talk? Appreciate The Feedback!

  6. This site is becoming worse than mto. You write articles about how he Is gay and now a story about how he picks up women? THIS AINT ADDING UP! YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS, HSK!!

  7. He definitely likes women even though I read a blind item about how he is planning to come out but all his beard girlfriends are worried about being exposed. You also said rick ross is gay which I don’t believe. The bawse is one of the few guys I think is straight.

    • The boss Rick Ross is probably straight when he does not have to do the gay for pay thing or when its sexual ritual time
      When he doesnt have to do those assumed things, he is as straight as an arrow
      Best to believe if the whites have to go thru the rituals a black man most certainly have to too
      These rituals have been going on way b4 rap/hip hop
      So Im sure just because Officer Ricky has arrived
      They did not stop

  8. This is the same site that said justin timberlake f*cked timbaland and now they’re writing about how he picks up women even though you tried to expose him for being gay…

    • Ok, drop me your info and my scout will come make sure you get here. First I’m going to snake your drain then I’m going power blast your system. I hope you have an extra back because the one show up with is going to get broke. Im a knock that p*ssy into the New World Order.

      • Your dick ain’t big enough to do all that. Stop pretending like you packing something with that kind of talent,remember we all saw you naked. We all know the truth. You can’t act your way out of this.

      • Look, everyone has their preference, some like long skinny ones others like girth. And just because your puss has been stretched out and and torn beyond repair does not mean that every woman has been run through like highway toll booth. I’m sure your snatch looks like Iraq war zone, because like a war zone, your snatch is in desperate need of repair. If you snatch died and had to have a funeral, it would have to be a closed casket. Go get a hot water bottle fill it with uncut vinegar and commence to doucheing.

        • Penis size doesn’t matter as much as love and attraction. Chasing size is like chasing the wind. Sex is nothing without love.

          • Its apperant that you have or are experiencing true love. You are dropping some wisdom, but the people who don’t know or believe what you just said, it’s safe to say they have yet to experience that kind of love.

            • My heart goes out to anyone that has not experienced that, that is when everything about sex feel good.

            • Well when i experienced that type of love and closeness the man was well endowed:))lucky me. I’m going to keep it 100 i don’t know if i can get off with out good size, i need that heavy penetration. It’s not about clowning small penis like some women do,but some women are stimulated differently. Not to push the love aside because two people can bond and become inseparable and learn how to please it each other like second nature.

            • Well that is what you need, a lot of my thick friends talk about size. That has never been a topic of any of my conversation until now. I’m good either way:P

  9. Black women are quick to call a goodlooking brotha gay becoz they know he has the pick of the litter and they have to work harder for his attention.

  10. Shemar gets a WHOLE lot of tail. I think most men are intimidated by his looks. Not my type but he obviously has no problem getting ladies of all races. He’s definitely a metrosexual.

    • Thats the problem
      After dipping into ladies from all walks of life, races and
      Mutiple sex, mutiple times/ orjies
      Some of the industry guys get tired of the p*ssy and want to try something exciting, new, and opposite and after trying, most time they like it

      • All you have to do is flip her over to get the other side. I don’t get the part about something different unless you want to suck d? Even then you can buy one to suck on. A man can not offer another man more than what a woman has, we have the whole amusement park. And some of us are more freaky than others, so yes we’ll take it take there.

        • I agree Anon 13:13. It always puzzled me why some of the more “flaming” gay men call women ugly bitches and derogatory names. That’s like a dyke/butch getting mad at a male construction worker or a marine for being so masculine. You’re trying so hard to be like me, but yet you’re critical of what I look like. smdh.

          No man can offer a man more than a woman can…unless that man is looking for a man and not a woman.

          • They also call women fishes. I’m not offended by the comments as long as they do not put their MAN hands on me. At the end of the day I’m LADY and wouldn’t want to be anything else, period and all. Lol

    • Sis, real men don’t identify with soft prissy Trey Songz type niggaz like Shemar Moore because the the Lord only deals with strong men and the bible condemns his type.Women may love him because he’s the male version of a woman.I’m sure a real woman would love fighting with this nigga at home for Mirror Time.He only gets women because he’s on TV and if it wasn’t for that he’d be just another soft pretty boy that women wouldn’t give two shits about.

      • @BA, and the things that’s funny is he’s always trying to act HARD. lol…in all the movies he’s been in and even on his show Criminal Minds…he tries to portray a tough dude. I remember when he hosted Soul Train back in the days…then he wanted to be known as a pretty boy.

        I agree, a lot of dudes that are musicians, rappers, actors only get a double look because of who they are. If they were walking down the street a woman probably wouldn’t even notice him…but I’ll tell you this though BA, as a woman I can tell you that he is an attractive brother that works out, takes care of himself and can hold down a job and that’s what a LOT of women look for. So even if he wasn’t famous he could most likely get it out there.

        LMAO @fighting with this nigga at home for Mirror Time.

      • The bible says no such thing. Stop lying! In some cases the strongest hardest men are gay. Check the prison system, stop spitting that bull. Normal is having a soft side and if you don’t feel you have one, it’s probably hiding in the closet with the rest of you.

        • @Anon 13:19 Corinthians 6-9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not decieved:Neither fornicators nor idolators nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind.(Take That Bitch!!

          • @Anon 13:19 One thing for certain I can back up anything that I say unlike your dumb stupid Ass!

            • I’m pretty sure Jesus never said, Take That Bitch!! After preaching a sermon, or Take That Bitch!!! right before he passed the bread in the last super.

              Practice what you preach, you hypocrite. The whole point of the bible is to be an example of the faith.

              Intelligent people can debate and disagree without resulting to insults.

            • Why do that? Your mind is fckd’ up enough for the both of us.

              But your response is predictable. “And you shall know them by their fruits”

              Later, hypocrite.

            • BA on some real shit, you use to drop a lot of knowledge but now your delivery is uncalled for. You are letting your message get lost in foolery* you have a real chip on your shoulder as of late. Your aura use to be bright and positive(you use to curse a ni##a out when needed) lol but now your aura is nasty. I don’t know what’s up with you but your keyboard is telling a tale.

  11. His name is fcking Shemar.Only some closeted crossdressing nigga would have a name such as that.I guess that was his Edomite mothers idea.

  12. I send scouts to approach females to weed out the undesirables. It is a privilege NOT a right to be with me.

  13. Sexual Deviancy knows no sexual orientation. It doesnt matter if your gay straight or whatever.
    There’s a huge difference between love and lust

    Whether Moore is gay or straight isnt issue, because a sexual deviant is a sexual deviant. Just like in the same respect a crackhead knows no lows when it comes to getting high, a sexual deviant knows no lows when it comes to getting a sexual high. If that means a woman, multiple women, a trans, a man or even children thats what they do.

    Wake up!!
    People are much to old to be so ignorant towards sexuality.

  14. there’s nothing like getting freshly f*cked in a park!!!!
    My sexual appetite is coming back y’all

  15. What I cannot understand bout shemar is that doesn’t he see what is happening to Cosby?
    I guess he thinks is mulatto status will save him

    You know, tis could all be a side hustle, lie what drugs were to Cosby’s bank, pimpin’ is for shemar

  16. I don’t do mansion parties. I prefer small intimate get togethers with a fee close friends and friends of friends. No cellphones or pictures,I want my friends to live in the moment.

  17. Honey,i have seen Shemar naked and he is not working with much,so if it turns out that he is infact gay then let the homos have him. Literally it will be no big lost.

  18. Shemar is fine as FUK. You can call him whatever you want out of hate and pure jealousy, but he’s fine as hell.

  19. Gay or not Shemar has never been or will never be attractive to me. His personality seems kind of forced and that bad acting is a complete turn off. He seems to solely rely on his looks instead of honing his craft. He’s been in the game far too long to STILL suck like he does.

  20. Fake story! Shemar Moore is gay! Jacky did the story about his NH parties. This story is just as fake as George Clooney’s marriage. You can’t fool me! Shemar likes sausages, not kittens!

  21. Go to Google and then choose images…..a bunch of pictures of him will pop up. There are a few i see of him kissing some white dude with his eyes closed. Maybe they are photo shopped but they look real to me.

  22. I looked up his nude picture and his dick is kinda small. Maybe he’s a grower and not a shower.

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