Is Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Corey Gamble Bi-Sexual?

Corey Gamble Angry Bisexual Man

HSK Exclusive – Sheree Buchanan has apparently put Grandma Kris Jenner’s 33-year-old boyfriend on blast.

The Atlanta Exes reality star is reported to have spilled word revealing Corey Gamble as “a violent, undercover bisexual man,” according to a friend of Buchanan. The friend says Buchanan told her she believes Corey Gamble was being promiscuous with other men while the couple dated.

Check it:

“Kris Jenner is attracted to bisexual men and that’s one of her attractions to Corey. Corey is Justin Bieber’s road manager which is another name for an errand boy.

Kris is dating Mr. Benson.”


  1. I’m not shocked, kris will f*ck your dog if his dick is big enough, kris is a old ass used up Hollywood whore, who hasn’t run a few miles in that raggedy busted used up ass old dilapitated and destroy and contaminated coochie? you could stand up in it, so I’m not surprised.

    • on topa thangs baby u a damn fool lmao rofl ur so damn right dat a ola hoe with a contaminated p*ssy dat will f*ck a damn skunk she a nasty bitch

  2. Road manager is not another name for errand boy, that would be a ‘personal assistant’. I’m not a fan of anything Kardashian but this story is reaching.

  3. Benson DuBois was a butler then became lieutenant governor.

    You must mean Farnsworth Bentley.

    This Gamble dude looks like such a hanger- on and celeb suck up, he’d probably do anything or anyone just to be close to the fame..

    • Word! girl i remember some years back i was an aquaintence to this guy that was trying to pursue me. We were on the phone and he was like “I just got back from getting my metro-sexual on”. I said your what? He was like oh i got my eye brows waxed, this waxed and that waxed. A pedi and a mani. (Basically full treatment at the spa). He kindly got the brush off after that. I like a man that takes care of him self but a dude can’t be in the tub talking about’calgon take me away! Lmao

      • Out of all the beauty regimens that a metrosexual indulges in, the waxing of the eyebrows has to be the one I despise the most. IT’S SUCH A TURNOFF!!!! lol

        Like you, I love my man to have that “SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN” look. But if your eyebrow’s arch is higher than mine, we got a problem…I gotz ta go!

        lol @Calgon take me away!

  4. I’m sure she has done her research on this turd. She no dummie..she’s looking for an idiot who is willing to stoop low for their manding fetish foolery. Then she will used him up and spit him out.

  5. I’m not shocked and of course Justin Bieber is hugged up right next to him. Seriously, does the Biebs even bother hanging out with straight guys anymore?

  6. i know one damn thang…he ugly then a muhf*cka. but despite the fact that he may be bisexual..Sheree’s super-manly-face, 1lbs of horseweave wearing ass is just mad and jealous that she’s a washed-up nobody whose once-was-NFL man left her ugly ass…so of course she’s bitter, and gonna say ish like this dude being bisexual. so what if he the question at hand. that’s a woman for u i damn swear. the first thing that’s uttered out of the reject-heffa’s mouth after the man dumps her ass is that “he gay or he bi.” she probably said the same thing about her once-was-hubby the NFL player. with her hard-face-looking self. she’s bitter on top of bitter for countless reason – due to having a nothing-worthwhile life.

  7. When men take photos head position is very revealing. Heads go nowhere near each other. Lovers lean their heads in towards each other. Faggotry right tearre.

  8. Corey Gamble is a typical hollyweird groupie that is always on the prowl for a Sugar Momma. Him being a switch-hitter in that town is not earth-shattering news. Okay, the ATL connection conjures up all kinds of generalizations in our dome. Atlanta is the gay blackman headquarters in America… A Fact! Graduated from Morehouse…Men Only! In the company of whitewomen. DL blackmen hide behind white females because they will go along with the lie… Eddie Murphy Dynamic! All they see is the cash, she not sleeping with them dudes like that…Trust Us! Kanye exposed all of this to us, nobody is fooled anymore.

    • I think that’s why Marc Lamont Hill got that full-time job at Morehouse as a full-time Professor from leaving his Ass’t Professor job at Columbia University..due to Morehouse having all boys slash men in attendance. he’s another that needs to come out the closet and admit that he likes the boys too and stop the hiding…he’s already admitted to knowing a great deal of frat brothers whom have gotten married to their same-gender partner. so come on out Marc…sexy-lips ass f*cka – dont be ashame boo.

      • WHAT????????? Oh no please do not tell me my celebrity crush Marc Lamont Hill is sweet!!!!!

        The most beautiful eyes in the world and sexy as hayull. Oh damn. I give up.

        • He is fine, but my gaydar always goes off on him. Don Lemon on the DL ass Marc.

  9. I think Justin Bieber likes getting f*cked by Black dudes. Just a funny feeling i have about him. I think he has been passed around a lot in the industry and his parents looked the other way for the sake of fame and fortune.

    • that Beiber-sissy is just a pure fag who does loves getting f*ck by black rappers. that good-looking rapper guy who is his ace-boon-coon buddy, he kinda light skin, done tagged that white pancake a**numerous of times on the low. Beiber is gay…it’ so doggone secret, which is why he loves being in the company of all black rappers – to suck their pipes, and in return, they let him have his lil way by letting him use such terms as the n-word, and let him get away with it. his wannabe black, hardcore twitty lil b*tch. wish he’d take his twink a** back to Canada or from whence he came from.

  10. Justin Bieber is a little white bitch, if he keep acting tough mabie he go to jail

  11. I think he is gay. There are pics of Gamble on TMZ. He has hips. He walks with a switch. He looks flaming without facial hair. I don’t believe he is in any way, shape or form having sex with PMK. I do believe that she paid him to be her hairy leg (male version of a beard). I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris is a dyke. She was at dinner with Gamble, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, but Faye Resnick was also in the photo with PMK and Gamble. Everyone who ran with Nicole Simpson back in the day was a whore.

  12. Men who speculate on other mens sexuality with that much detail are gay…im sorry but most of the men on here gossiping are dl, no real man would be on here writing essays about “twinks” and transexuals, i would never date a guy whos on socal media and blogs all day reading up on industry fags

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